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How Judie Dietzler Overcame Neurotoxicity & Mold In The Brain


Today’s survivor story comes from Judie Dietzler. She describes her story about mold toxicity and how it affected her brain and neurological health.

This is very interesting and can help you deal with any issues with mold you may be having, so please read the entire article. If you have a story where you overcame a particular disease or chronic health challenge in a natural way share your story with the world! Click here to find out more!

Describe what you were diagnosed with & when.

I was officially diagnosed with Neurotoxicity and mold in the brain March of 2014 but I had self diagnosed one year earlier.

I had been going to traditional doctors for over 23 years with no diagnosis and no relief but many tests and many drugs which only made my symptoms worse.

My symptoms were the exact symptoms of a major stroke. I couldn’t talk, think, or walk. It affected the right side of my body. The symptoms would last 3 or 4 hours and stop. I would be fine until the next time it happened and it was impossible to determine when that would be.

Tell us about what treatments you tried

The doctors would run blood work when I was having the symptoms but all of the texts came back normal. Finally they decided I must be depressed so I was prescribed antidepressants which was worse.

I did my own research and thought it was exposure to toxic chemicals. I asked for a toxicology panel but eventually had to go to California to get the test. The tests showed I has vasculitis throughout my body and the tests also showed toxins in my blood.

I came back to my home state armed with new information expecting to be able to get treated and on the road to recovery but that didn’t happen.

I couldn’t find a doctor that would pay attention to either what I was saying about my symptoms or the test results. They only wanted to medicate me so at that point I made the decision that if I was going to get my life back and begin the healing process I would need to research and find the solution on my own.

I had a friend that was almost as determined to keep me alive as my determination.

He added the following ideas to the many I had tried:

  • I made a fermented mushroom and drank the juice every morning. I used it for approx. 3 months.
  • He bought an ozone machine and gave me a space suit. I climbed into the suit for 20 minutes and put the tube with ozone fumes running into the suit. The only problem is I smelled like a chlorinated swimming pool which didn’t help me gain new clients. I tried putting the ozone in my body from the tube through my ear but I broke out in white bumps all over my head. The ozone treatment lasted about 3 months also.
  • Another one I tried was some “BARLEY GREEN.” It might have worked but it tasted so bad that I dreaded getting out of bed so I never got through the entire container. I tried a ton of different vitamins and nutritional supplements over the years but none of them made a difference.

What natural treatments did you try & which ones worked?

About four years ago a friend told me I needed to tell my story because she felt I could help others that were struggling that had also been exposed to toxins. She died a few months later of Cancer. I decided to honor her and write a book about my ordeal, hoping to help other people.

While researching the book I finally got a diagnosis of Neurotoxicity and Mold in the brain. In my book I share what I found to help me get my life back. When I was researching I discovered that it only takes 26 seconds for some chemicals to enter the blood stream.

There are over 80,000 chemicals in use in the United States alone and many of those chemicals were in my home. I was cleaning my clothes, body, hair and skin with them. I went thorough my entire house and if a product had any warning or caution labels on it I put it in a BIG BOX for the SANITATION department to take to the DUMP, and placed it by the curb.

My trash man put a BIG YELLOW LABEL on it that read “HAZARDOUS WASTE, DISPOSE OF YOURSELF.” My Lysol and 409 cleaner was too hazardous for the dump but I was using it every day.

I replaced everything with products that were “TOXIC-FREE,” and slowly over a period of months my symptoms started lessening.

I found a wonderful company that has Toxic-Free cleaning, Body Care, Hair Care and Skin Care at a great price. I order when I want and they have free shipping.

A couple of other things that I did that made a huge difference was I purchased two Bio-mats and use them daily at 159 degrees. It is an FDA approved medical devise that helps remove toxins from the body and so much more.

I also take a product that helps remove toxins and heavy metals from the body called Pure Body “Zeolite”

I recommend removing any mercury fillings and root canals and replacing them. If you make that choice you need to find a biological dentist.

I have been symptom free for almost 4 years and for that I am grateful. The reason that prescription drugs did not work is that many of the drugs had the same chemicals that was already in my body.

These days I find I stay much healthier if I use alternative doctors because most traditional doctors didn’t train in toxic chemicals. For 23 years my husband had to go everywhere with me. Now it is good to have my independence back.

The name of my book is “Your Toxic Enemy, How to heal and thrive in a toxic world.”

What websites, podcasts, books, products or centers do you recommend?

Healthy Home Company

Zeolites to pull chemicals, toxins and heavy metals from the body

Medical Biomats for healing

“Your Toxic Enemy, How to heal & thrive in a toxic world.”

Share your contact details, website, social links, email etc

Judie Dietzler
208 344-2133

Image: Black Star /Alamy

  • Amber says:

    Just signed up on Patreon, keep doing what you are doing! I noticed that your site wasn’t compatible with my phone when I went to click on the Patreon info. I had to find you on Patreon directly. Hopefully that change will make a difference! I’m dealing with Lyme, thyroid issues, and heavy metals like Kate. Your support and information is invaluable. Thank you!

    • Amber you’re so freaking awesome. Thank you for supporting us via Patreon and letting us know about the cell phone issue. We’ll try to get that sorted out! Thank you for your kind words and support. I appreciate you! Have you heard of The Marshall Protocol for lyme? It’s controversial but interesting.

  • Yessi says:

    Glad to hear you persevered and found treatments to feel better. Have you tried IV ozone as well? This is the only form of ozone therapy I have used and it works great.

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