Extreme Health Radio – Weekly Natural Health Radio Show To Improve Your Life!

Stop focusing on things that don't work!

When you reduce oxidation while increasing the mitochondria's ability to create ATP, your health challenges will be solved. 

On our weekly radio show, we talk about ways to do that. "Best of" shows 6 days a week, with new shows on Sunday night!

Increasing energy, getting better sleep, balancing hormones, improving digestion & increasing motivation are our core areas of interest!

Get The Protocols

Each Month I'm creating "health protocols" on exactly what I'd do for specific health conditions.

No fluff. Just hundreds of links to resources, articles, studies, products, books and more.

These protocols are the result of over 20 years of research with substances and healing modalities you may have never heard about before.

I'm also offering once a month live Q&A sessions, bonus audio companions, my yearly cleansing schedule, access to the community and much more. 

All my best work is going here now.

Visit Our  Store!!

We only focus on things that work.

Browse our store for the most powerful supplements, kitchen appliances, water  purifiers, cookware, biohacking tools, saunas, blenders, air purifiers, fitness tools and so much more.

We carefully vet all of the products we recommend so that we only offer you the best of what's out there!

Introducing The K0N\/|D-1984 Database!

This is the most dynamic (updated DAILY) and comprehensive Cv resource you'll ever have access to!

Need PROOF to share with family or friends? Want to get censored factual evidence not on the mainstream media?

Feel confident in your personal decisions, and get the information you need to feel empowered sharing with others.

Shows 7 days a week! 

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