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How I Remineralized My Teeth

remineralize-teeth-articleAbout 11 months ago I realized my mouth was showing early signs of tooth decay after 6 months on the raw food diet (emphasis on fruits). Not knowing what to do and reading tons of submissions on the 30bananasaday website, I stuck with the raw food because for some reason I trusted these peoples opinions, over my bodies natural calling for help!

Needless to say my tooth decay progressed, fast! They became so soft, I could scrape off the enamel with my fingernail. My top two front teeth were so thin that I could see the pink of my tongue pressing from behind. Discoloration occurred and they became sensitive to everything.

I’ve always been one to try and fix the cause on my own and not rely to much on doctors so I started studying. I was in shock that after being on such a strict vegan diet for so many years that I now had to rely on animal products to have any chance of rebuilding my teeth.

I began researching anywhere I could and ordered Ramel Nagel’s book, “cure tooth decay“. Being the extremest that I was, I dove in head first and went straight for the Bone marrow, raw milk, etc etc. The only improvement I saw at first was the sensitivity levels went down but I wanted more. I wanted my bright white smile back. I started experimenting with my own “protocol”

I am writing this email to you because I felt that the interview with Will was very vague. He didn’t seem to give very many detailed instructions on what foods to incorporate, and what foods to avoid. I wanted to share some of my experience and knowledge with you guys so that I could shed a bit of light to ANYONE dealing with similar issues regarding the health of their mouth.

Here is a list of things that have helped me through my healing process, as well as some things to avoid! Feel free to share this email with anyone and everyone. I’m also sending some pictures your way of my teeth progress!

Through this entire 11 month process, I haven’t been to a dentist once. I haven’t used any bleach or inorganic materials in my mouth, what so ever!

Foods and supplements to add IN!

  • Pasture raised duck eggs became my best friend. I not only used these Raw in my smoothies for a HUGE vitamin D boost. But also love them Soft boiled in my salads!
  • Duck Egg Shells! These have also been a huge help to me. I dry the shells out, use a coffee grinder, to make a powder, and toss a tsp or two in my smoothies each day!
  • I learned to make my own Kefir! For me, Goat milk works the best, as its easily digestible, and full of calcium and phosphorus!
  • JUICE! Cucumber, Celery, ginger, cilantro, is my favorite combo! I stay away from any goitrogenic vegetables in raw form, such as broccoli, spinach, kale, etc etc. A small amount of carrots and beets are also really good too!
  • Wild caught Salmon eggs!
  • This isn’t a food or supplement but Waterpiking has been a HUGE help for me! I don’t floss anymore, too hard on the gums.
  • If I eat meat I make sure its Organic and Grass fed! I only order my meat from I really love making bone broths with their bison bones, and also making soups with their bison kidney fat!
  • Lots of sea vegetables! including Spirulina which is a great addition to anyone’s diet, and I’ve loved how it makes me feel.
  • I make lots of vegetable bone broth soups that have helped tremendously with remineralization.

Foods to Avoid

  • Nuts, beans, seeds, grains All of which contain Phytic acid, which affects absorption of vitamins and minerals.
  • Sugar, Including Fruit! (this doesn’t mean using splenda is the answer either, ew!) a few times a week I will have blueberries, or sweet potato.
  • Anything artificial!
  • Anything packaged that has ingredients that aren’t food sources, if it says it contains citric acid, agave, dextrose, etc just stay away, its not worth it!
  • Pasteurized dairy. Again, If I eat dairy I make sure it is grass fed, organic, and Raw. I also like to turn it into kefir for its probiotic effects and easier absorption.
  • Wheat, Gluten

Something else that has helped with my healing process greatly is using visualization techniques, to create my desires. This is the fun part because I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing first hand my dreams becoming reality. Staying grateful and positive is the best supplement one can use. I know this seems like a lot of work, but trust me, once a routine is made, its easy to stick with.

This is MY protocol and what has worked for ME! everyone is different so have fun experimenting with what works for YOU!

And remember, The only thing your body wants to do it heal. If you are diligent and patient you will be amazed at how quick you will see results.

These pictures were all taken within the last 4 months. That’s how quick they regenerate. The last pictures were the most recent and about 3 weeks ago!






with Love,


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