Why You Should Start Drinking Your Own Pee – The Many Benefits Of Urine Therapy

I know that by after reading the title of this post you’re thinking how disgusting it would be to drink your own urine. But to be honest even if you’re reading to this point you’re probably slightly intrigued by the idea.

I first heard about Urophagia often referred to as AUT (auto-urine therapy or amaroli) from David Wolfe many many years ago. I think it was the way he explained it that sounded intriguing to me.

I’ve even heard of people fasting on their own urine in order to treat their cancer. I probably would do much more than just drinking my own pee if I had cancer but humans will try anything! There are many viable options for cancer these days and some include urine therapy in them.

It has been a part of the ancient yoga tradition Ayurvedic for thousands of years.

People don’t realize just how powerful it is to drink your own urine. I know it sounds gross but if you learn more about it with an open mind, I think it will really blow you away.

The Romans did it, the ancient Chinese cultures did it and it’s one of the most healthy substances you could ever drink. Drinking urine for medicinal purposes can be traced to societies in ancient Egypt, China, Hindu and Aztec histories. Advocates also cite a prominent verse in the Bible: “Drink water from thine own cistern and the streams of thine own well.” Proverbs 5:15

I’m not exactly sure if that verse in the Bible above is talking about drinking urine but who know?!

What’s In Urine Anyway?

Urine contains enzymes, vitamins, minerals not to mention it’s completely structured hexagonal liquid. Because it is created by your own body, it helps to re-educate your immune system as what is foreighn and what is domestic. It helps to teach your system and fine tune it to recognize pathogens and invaders. It’s similar to reading a book for the second time or watching a movie for the second time.

You catch so much more and learn so much more by reading a book all over again. It’s the same with drinking your own pee. Besides having so many life giving and essential qualities, it becomes a teacher to every cell in your body.

If you think about it everything in life is a cycle. We’ll compost using old scraps of food, manure and newspapers and feed that to organisms who biologically transmutate that into mineral rich soil. We’ll take that soil and plant plants into it. Then we’ll eat the plants and the cycle continues.

Think of urine therapy as composting for your body.

The best part is this medicine (urine) is free and I’ve even heard Dr. David Jubb talk about how you can consume your own urine even if you’re on chemotherapy! Can you imagine that?

Why Drink Your Urine?

The reason for drinking urine is pretty simple really. Scientists know that urine is just a byproduct of the filtering of blood. It’s not just excess water. When blood cells, filled with oxygen and nutrients go through the liver, the poisons and toxins get pulled out and are eliminated with a bowel movement. This filtered and cleaned blood go to the kidneys where excess nutrients get taken out of the body. Plasma ultra filtrate (Urea) contains perfect ratios of nutrients, urea, enzymes, hormones, vitamins, antibodies and minerals.

It’s also antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial. The reason it is this way is because it’s a byproduct of the body trying to balance sodium chloride with water. Since urea can kill bacteria and fungus and drastically lower inflammation you’ll find it in many creams and lotions for use on the skin and hair.

Ever wonder why it’s a good idea to pee on your foot if you ever get stung by a sting ray while swimming in the ocean? It’s precisely because it is antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral.

If you’re ever out of water and in a survival situation, drinking your own urine can be great way to survive.

Urine therapy has been used to overcome diseases such as Arthritis, Cancer, Hepatitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Herpes and adrenal failure. It is commonly used to combat venom from snakebites, jellyfish and beestings. Urine is the main ingredient in infertility drugs.

Also the drug Premarin is widely known to contain urea from horses.

Other Uses For Urea

You can even use a drop or two of your pee on your skin (for dry skin, candida, toenail fungus etc) and put a dab of DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) right on top of it. The DMSO will drive those powerful antiviral and antifungal properties deep into the dermis of the skin and allow the healing to take place.

Urine therapy is powerful medicine and can be used in many creative ways!

It’s widely known in the medical community how great urea is for treating certain diseases. But why have we never heard about it? My opinion is that it’s very taboo in our culture to admit that you drink your own pee.

I think the main reason you haven’t heard about it is because it works and it’s 100% free. If there’s no money in something, the medical industry will avoid it like the plague and then demonize it so you won’t try it.

They have to protect their brand.

But better yet, instead of waiting until your in a survival situation or you’re dying of cancer to try it, how healthy could you become if you made it a part of your daily practice starting right now?

Why not be preemptive in terms of health? It can help regulate hormones and even has the ability to re-introduce vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat, back into your body. This is a way to make sure you’re absorbing and getting the full benefit from all the healthy foods you’re eating.

Books on urine therapy

Videos About The Power of Urine Therapy

How To Drink Your Pee

Sometimes people get grossed out by the thought of drinking it. I’ve been doing it for years and I’ve come up with a great method of not tasting it at all.

First of all the best way is to start very small. I’m talking just a drop or two in a glass of water. Try to get urine from the first time you go to the bathroom in the morning, mid stream. The first bit of urine that comes out usually contains more toxins.

Consider doing a couple drops of your first morning’s urine mid stream. If your pee is very yellow (like a dark yellow) that might mean you’re dehydrated or you’ve eaten very poor quality foods. You want the urine that you drink to be more clear when first starting out.

As you are more comfortable with drinking more of your urine, you can add a teaspoon or tablespoon of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. This stuff is so strong and powerful that you won’t taste the urine at all.

There has also been talk that taking an oil right after the urine will help release all the fat soluble vitamins from your urine. You could consume a spoonful of olive oil to accomplish this.

The vinegar is a great way to mask the flavor of urine.

The next time you go pee just realize you’re wasting nature’s most perfect medicine!

So the real question is, do you have the guts to try it?

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  1. Bill says

    I have been drinking pee for a long time and for the most part like the taste of it. Occasionally its a little strong but I think that’s related to what else I drank or ate the previous 24 hours. Some people have asked what pee tastes like. It doesn’t taste like anything else I am familiar with, it tastes like urine. I have also noticed that I sometimes have a headache afterwards and my blood pressure goes up. This may or may not be directly related. One thing I am a little concerned about, and maybe some of the others here can help, I see some small whitish looking particles floating around the glass right after I pee. I know for sure its not something that was in the glass, it has to be something that came out with the urine. I gotta wonder if whatever that is if its safe to be drinking. Maybe its just a little loose tissue that got washed out, who knows.

  2. Hita says

    Urine Therapy is very new to me and in Bhutan, I guarantee that I am the first person getting deeper down everything to learn more on this with utmost interest and curiousity. As I have heard some bit of urine therapy practiced in India, I googled out the benefits of drinking urine. I have started dring with much of hesitation. The results as I learned through the posts as above are yet to be worked out by myself to accept them as real life fact and information. I am finding a bit of difficulties at the moment. I feel, if I speak with others after drinking, they will catch its smell and pass disgusting comments and defame me in the society. Let’s see what happens.

  3. ronny says

    Hi everyone. I’ve reading all the comments posted. I have been drinking my own urine for about three months now, I love it. But lately I have found myself drinking more and more each day. I’m up to about a quart a day . Can someone tell me, how much is too much? It don’t seem to be hurting me, I just love the taste of it so much I can’t stop drinking it.

    • John says

      I have been drinking my urine for the past 15 years.Sometimes every drop I produce. It’s a fantastic way to lose weight,keep healthy and looking great. There is no limit how much you can drink.It will clean your gut when you drink enough of it.However,you MUST keep yourself hydrated.MUST drink water if you are to drink urine all day.You will not believe what comes out of you when you drink it for a few days,every drop you produce.There is no harm in drinking every drop.It will get clearer and taste just like water as you loop your urine.

    • DBROWN3640@CS.COM says

      Hi Yall: My grandmother was 100% Cherokee and she always said that a few drops of urine in a childs ear canal would in fact cure ear aches. I’ve told this to numerous people, over the years, but always received an “eeuuuwww” reaction. Regards, DB

  4. Mike says

    I gargle every morning with urine and swish it through my teeth. Great for making healthy gums. I also drink some and regularly use it in a netti pot. I never get sinus or colds and sore throats anymore. It’s a real healing miracle.

  5. Shah says

    Can i drink my wife’s pee? cause i don’t like taste from my own pee?, and 1 question how long time’s pee can drink? if i save my wife’s pee on a bottle if i wan to drink, seriously please reply

    • John says

      Shah; It’s best if you drink your own,before you know,it will taste like water.There are hormones in your wife’s urine that does not belong in a man’s body.Keep drinking your own and you’ll see how quickly things will get better for you

  6. stevo says

    I have been drinking at least 100mls every morning for about a month. What would be the the correct amount to gain any health benefits and what would be the acceptable time you start to see or feel results.

  7. Sires says

    I read in one of these comments that it isn’t recommended to drink another’s urine! (opposite sex) But, my wife and I enjoy this. Should we stop this as another form of intimacy and divert to self production consumption? Please advise?

    • John says

      why not enjoy your own urine with your wife,you drink yours and she drinks hers. Hormones may effect the opposite sex

    • Janet R. Perry, MA, ACN says

      There is much mis-infromation in this comment section. Find someone well versed in UT that has actual long term experience and has committed to a course of long term study in order to not be mislead by current misconceptions about his very ancient therapy.

      It’s a traditional practice to increase bonding and intimacy between couple to exchange urine for oral consumption. Hormones are NOT absorbed with oral urine therapy, the molecules are too large to cross the gut wall. This is why John Armstrong in his 1944 Water of Life book about how he cured his own and many others Tuberculosis insisted that urine should be used topically any time it is used orally, at least to the bottom of the feet. Hormones will absorb across the skin.

      For more information please contact me through the Urine Therapy List on Yahoo that I own. You can email me as the list owner if you wish to contact me privately or simply post your questions to the list. This list has been active for a very long time with many experienced members and UT consulting practitioners who have much reliable information to share about this therapy.



  8. johannes says

    M gona try this UT cause I’ve heard abt it long time ago bt I couldn’t bliv bt nw as iv read sum testemonies then m gona try it thnx very much for this sharing

  9. zengirl says

    Well, since I don’t know whether my first comment got published I’ll sum it up I am new to UT and I’m trying it for arthritis in my knees because I’ve tried other really invasive things like injections of hyaluronic acid right in my knees and proliferation therapy, neither of which have gotten any positive results. I feel I have nothing to lose drinking my pee. at first I was grossed out by the idea then I tasted a little bit and I kind of liked it I haven’t tried mixing it with any apple cider vinegar because I don’t mind it I just don’t know how much to drink I don’t know if I should use any aged urine and if aged urine is ok how long can you keep it and does it have to be refrigerated I keep mine in a little glass jar with a cover on it on my bathroom sink to use as a cleansing agent for my face and hands I also have noticed that the age spots that I was starting to get on the tops of my hands are diminishing from rubbing my pee on them. I would really like to know how long I can keep the pee and doesn’t lose its potency or become more potent as it ages? and of course the refrigeration aspect. Does it need to be refrigerated if you don’t drink it right away? since I’m new at it I’ve been taking baby steps and have only drank 2 ounces at a time and not every day because I forget sometimes. I want to make it more habitual. If anyone has any suggestions for me I’m open to them all. Thank you to everyone who comments here, because all of you have helped me with your inputs.

    • Graham Booth says

      Hi Zengirl, look at the boron conspiracy on the computer, great read. I know of many people that have tried it with great success. People who have their life back. Boron is as toxic as sea salt, but the site will tell you how to proceed from hear. Blessings Graham

    • John says

      Drink your urine as fresh as you can produce it.Aged urine is great to rub on the effected area,in fact you should do it every day 2times a day with aged urine.You will be pleasantly surprised at the results. You do not need to keep it cool,it will not go bad.It does get more and more potent as it ages,and it can do wonders for your arthritis anywhere.Rub it on your neck and feet and your face.Keep your knee rapped with it with cotton t-shirt or something. Everyday. The effects will be amazing.I promise you

  10. zengirl says

    Hi everybody I am new to UT, but I’m extremely excited about it and more hopeful then with any other form of treatment for arthritis in my knees they are so bad I’ve tried Prolotherapy I just recently had hyaluronic acid injections in my knees and now I’m going to do UT.
    I have also since I started about a week and a half ago, saved some of my urine in a little glass jar with a lid on it that I keep on the bathroom sink. this is what I use to clean my face I also put it on the tops of my hands because I had some dark sun spots or liver spots as some people call them but they’re fading I wasn’t sure whether I should use age urine because it is so pungent but I kind of like the smell I really do now I haven’t been ingesting the aged urine I only use it topically on my skin. I would like to know from anybody out there how to keep urine do I put it in the refrigerator or do I leave it in in a jar outside of refrigeration and how long can I keep it and does it lose its potency or does it become more potent the longer it sits?

  11. Ahazem says

    hi am really amazed abt UT efficacy and from the testimonies of people I bliv its really real. but my question is can it work for Staph aureus infection? and how abt using it against eye problem such as glaucoma? please kindly reply thru my email. thank you ..

  12. Askoorba says

    I would like to say UT is best way to save yourself from different diseases and infections, infact some people may deny to UT due to lack of knowledge. I don’t need to share it with my friends, because that is very difficult to make them understand if something is not in routine.
    This is personal and I love UT, at start I was feeling its taste was not good, but gradually I use to.
    So now I love to to drink my own body created medicine and I love its taste. Some time it make me erotic and I love this.

    • Fola Debo says

      i heard about Ut some days a go. I Wnt 2 Know If It Can Cure Fibroid & Infertility? If Yes Pls Hw I’m I Going 2 Be Taking D Urine Therapy.

      • John says

        Fola Debo;
        If you do it right it will help with both your issues. You will need to fast for as many as 14 days on urine and water only,NOTHING ELSE.I know it is not easy,but that will correct the issues in your body and the body will take over and correct it. Do not send your body into a shock a stop all foods and start tomorrow,Try it for a while,reduce your food intake to ones a day the fast for two weeks on every drop you produce and clear filtered water few minutes a part. You will notice a great change in your body in the first 2 days and it will only get better from then on

    • Janet R. Perry, MA, ACN says

      Actually third trimester pregnant women’s urine is highly valued by those in the know in the AIDS/HIV community for its healing components that are more concentrated than in normal urine.


  13. NGOLASHI says

    Wow! This is awesome,I enjoy all your post,thanks for the information,you guys are too much. HEALTH IS INDEED WEALTH.tnx

  14. Gerry Warman says

    I learned about this practice some 35 years ago from a Buddhist co-worker, when I was having trouble sleeping at night. Seems that the kidneys filter out enough of the sleep hormone to allow one to be alert to danger or threats, and thus after a period of sleep, one’s urine becomes a potent sleep aid – likely between midnight and maybe 7 AM. Thus, the most use I have found is 6 oz of urine when insomnia sets in in the very early hours of the morning. A piece of fresh pineapple chewed or pineapple juice swished around in one’s mouth quickly eliminates any undesired but mostly salty taste. The male urine is apparently more potent when used for this purpose according to some opinions.

  15. Queen says

    I have been doing UT for a month now. I have found out that when I drink urine just before I exercise then I can go a long way. I swear my jogs are much easier now! I wash my face with it every day and my skin tone is even. The stains on my teeth are disappearing. This stuff is great. And I put a few drops in my blocked nose and it was insantly unblocked.

  16. victorio de guzman says

    I am a Pastor from the Philippines and I am looking for a group of people who drinks their own urine for health maintenance. I learned about the health benifits of urine to a taxi driver. He told me that he was already rejected by doctors in the hospital because of his hopeless condition. A neighbor visited him and gave an advice that if he want to recover from his sickness, try to drink his urine. He tried it and within a week, remarkable improvement happened to his body. within a month he was able to recover from his sickness. I was not interested on what he was saying until he told me that it was in the Bible, book of Proverbs. He was not able to give the exact verse but he gave me the phrase, “drink waters out of thine own cistern”.
    He got my interest when he said that it is in the Bible. When I arrived home, I get my Bible and concordance to look for the phrase and I found in it Proverbs 5:15. I found it hard to understand the text and its context nevertheless, I tried it and to my surprise when I woke up, the pain on my knees are gone. Within a month my hearth palpitation, high blood pressure, bleeding of gums, falling hair, weak body are all healed and became normal. It happened on 1999. For 16 years that I am studying the Bible about urine, I learned from the Bible that Jesus Christ himself taught it. He even use it during his 40 days and 40 nights fasting witout bread and water (ordinary water) I have books written with complete biblical support and my desire is to publish it to the world to help the suffering humanity. I pity Christians who are deprave of this gift from God because of lack of proper Biblical interpretations.

  17. Iza says

    Great site, been looking for articles like this lately after I accidentally read something in a blog. Though I didnt see the result yet, Ive tried applying it on my pimple. I wanna try driking it with apple cider vinegar, hope this will help me cure my pressure urticaria. My urticaria just started on 2012 and my doctor said its cause is unknown. Ive also read that Madonna is doing this too. Will update my experiment! Great article by the way! Hope to read some more.

  18. gajanan says

    UT is indeed a fountain of youth! No government or medical fraternity will encourage it as there is no business and money involved in it!

  19. says

    I am glad to have found this site / article. I have been drinking my own juice for about four years. Many days, it is just the first wizz in the morning ( from what I read, it is the most beneficial …. right? )
    I have a friend plagued with kidney stones …. He has several bouts with them every year. Does anyone know if UT could help him …?? Also, any info as to if UT would help someone with immune system problems such as HIV… Another friend is HIV+ …. is doing pretty well – the viral load is undectable ( which is very good ), but his CD4 count is kinda low. Any ideas if it would help in these two cases??? Thanks for the info.

    • John says

      I hope you do come back and read this.
      Your friends MUST do urine and water only if they want to recover from these illnesses. No food or anything else but urine and clean water.It will take a while,but they will recover. They must drink every drop they produce and in between drink clean filtered water.I hope this does not scare them away,but it may take 45-60 day for your friend with HIV,or a little longer,he can do enemas if he wishes too,with urine. Kidney stones will take a couple of weeks.But one must follow the rules exactly as it has been for centuries.Drink every drop,rub fresh and old urine on the neck, face and feet every day 3-4 times a day,let it air dry,wash off with warm water. I hope you will report back to this great site.This is the only one I was able to find to open up to people without worrying what they think of you.

  20. Miki says

    Would the same benefits apply even with drinking others urine? For instance, my monogamous boyfriend of 6 years? If he were to take a medication, would there be remnants of the medication in his urine?

    I know excess vitamins and such are expelled in the urine, but I don’t know about pain medication or anti-depressants.

    • says

      I’ve read where you don’t want to drink the urine of other people, especially of the opposite sex as it could disrupt your own hormones. In terms of medications, if you’re drinking your own, it’s still completely safe (according to what I’ve read) but I haven’t examined it under a microscope or anything. I would do your own research on that one!

  21. Robert says

    Let me tell you .. If you drink a glass of water with a slice of lemon rind and all and a slice of beet .. It will detox your body .. In 1 hr…Bob

  22. Andy says

    I have been drinking my own pee for over 20 years and have never seen a doctor ever since. I am perfectly healthy. My family has a history of diabetes and heart by-pass but now at 44, I am still going strong. I drink it up to 7 times a day and it barely has any taste or colour. Every night, I add 1 teaspoon of Fenugreek seeds to a tall glass of boiling water and let it set overnight. In the morning, I strain that water and drink it up. Although not sure, I think this is the reason my urine is tasteless and odorless. I drink a glass of fenugreek water every day due to it’s health benefits. Sometimes there is a mild sweetness to my urine. I have also not sensed any odor. I have been told that my skin is soft and to this date, most people can’t even tell I am in my forties and think that I am still in my late twenties or early thirties. I first started drinking urine not because of UT but one day was just curious to just taste it. I got hooked on to it ever since and never knew that it actually had any health benefits till I read your post. I guess it explains the reason for not getting sick in the last 20 years. I also drink lots of water to hydrate myself. Now that I have read your post, I have reason to believe that I should drink it more often than my 7 doses. Thanks for the excellent write up.

    • says

      Hey Andy. Very interesting about the Funugreek seeds. So you do an infusion of this tea each day. I’ll have to give that a try. I go on and off of drinking my urine myself. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I think this will help other readers!

  23. Catherine says

    Just started urine therapy a few days ago and I can see the effects already. My skin feels smoother and my rashes are slowly disappearing. I hope it can cure my ulcers as well. I drink it daily and keep some for over 10hrs then apply it on my skin as a cleanser. It’s all good. I love it.

  24. Josh says

    Just tried it for the first time today! I’ve had a strange, chronic pain in my left kidney which flares up every now and then and I’ve never figured out what it is! Hopefully this fixes it up and I’ve also heard great testimonials from people using it topically for acne and scarring so will be trying that as well. Currently tastes disgusting so I can’t fathom how some people are saying they’ve actually come to enjoy the taste, but surely a healthier diet should fix that haha

    • says

      Hey Josh!

      I agree with you. It tastes horrible to me as well even if it’s clear when I eat clean and stay hydrated. I carry on and keep doing it though. Maybe it’s a strange aversion I have. Have you tried combining it with Apple Cider Vinegar yet? That seems to help as well.

  25. Alex martha says

    I was seeking about it, well today i am gonna give it a try,
    maybe a sip in water first, rinse it in my mouth or gargle.. lets see 😉

  26. Linda Dyer says

    I’m drinking my morning issue mixed with green tea and lemon.I have COPD verybad.On the 5-th day Im better and can now lay down to sleep. Thank you for your site keep giving us information. Linda Dyer

  27. mark says

    Hi everyone now iv been drinking my pee for about a yr now it great i love the taste now i drink it hot or cold and i drink it when ever i feel like it or can come jion me and tell me about what u think

  28. Eric says

    I’ve read lot about urinetherapy and would like to know whether a diabetic person under medication can try this method and is it beneficial?
    Also if a person has any urinary tract infections can it be harmful?
    Awaiting reply

    • says

      Hey Eric. As far as giving health advice I can’t do that. But I have heard people doing it even when on medications. I have read that it’s not harmful. If my body had those health conditions I would feel comfortable trying it but that’s just me. You should listen to the episode we did all about it and perhaps contact our guest and see what he says. Don’t forget to check with your doctor! 😉

  29. Mónica Schütt says

    Oh, I LOVE THE URINE THERAPY!! Thanks for sharing about this fantastic possibility! It worked for me!! :) I got cured from kidney malfunction and from so many other small and big ailments along my life… I’ve been practicing it for over 17 years and always with wonderful healing results! It has been 100% positive for me ♡ – It basically cured anything I came up with over all this past two decades (almost two decades)… from vaginal infections to a cyst in my right ovary (right fallopian tube), menstrual cramps, candida, food poisoning, intestinal infection, flues, colds, fevers, headaches, etc, etc, etc. And now that I’m practicing it more diligently, meaning drinking all the urine (or almost, up to 90% of it) my body produces during the day, I haven’t had a physical complain for the past 3-4 years. I’ve also changed my diet to a 100% vegan one and I mostly eat everything raw, in it’s natural state. Mainly fruits. This change, plus my habit of drinking all my precious liquid (urine) has made me feel like a SUPERWOMAN! No kidding… it’s true! I’m experiencing a state of vital force, energy and especially HAPPINESS that I never thought was even possible… it’s so HIGH that I feel I’m in HEAVEN all the time… or mostly all the time… when I eat something cooked this changes dramatically, it’s impressive… but I’m realizing that cooked foods are really not good for me. When I am eating only fruits and drinking from my own fountain of youth (I forgot to mention that urine rejuvenated me! I’m 41 now and I’ve seen myself grow young again practicing the UT – urine therapy), I feel the BEST EVER!! Oh, and I have also witnessed a case of cancer being cured by the UT. I was very close to this person during the whole process… from being deteriorating and almost dying with the chemotherapy treatment to starting the UT and getting back to perfect health within 8 months. The doctors couldn’t believe it, because they had given her only a couple more months to live. She had first breast cancer, but it metastasized all over her body after the breast surgery. Then chemo and radio, but she was decaying even more and doctors gave up on her… it was amazing to go through the process with her of regaining her health back with only the help of the UT. Her husband did the same treatment (UT) to give her emotional support and he also got cured from kidney malfunction/failure and 30+ years of diabetes 1! I know a lot more cases of people in my family and circle of friends, who got cured of so many ailments thanks to the UT…. but I don’t want to make this comment too long. All I want to say is that it really worked wonders for me ♡ And thank you so much for bringing this up… it’s a fantastic possibility!! :) All it took from me is to be mind open and willing to give it a try. ♡♡♡♡♡

    • says

      Wow what a story. And the best part about it? It’s 100% free! No money involved. I’m curious though, did you ever get used to the taste? Do you do anything to be able to tolerate it better over time?

  30. redpoppy says

    I confirm the validity of drinking ones own urine. I dring ia with a dash of pear juice, can’t taste it at all

  31. Karl says

    Personally, I don’t know if there are any health benefits to drinking my own pee or not. And even if there were, I could never prove it to anyone but myself. However, I did begin drinking my own pee many years ago, and have been doing it on and off since that time. I just happened to like the taste! However, I recently quit smoking, and was totally surprised by how much better it tasted than it ever had before. In fact, it’s so good now that I’ve been drinking four or five glasses a day. And I enjoy the taste now as much as anything else I drink such as tea, milk, soda, etc. I suppose if there are health benefits, I will come to know these in due time. What I’ll never be able to understand is why so many people have such negative attitudes about something so normal to so many people. If it’s not harmful, if it tastes good, if it’s a relaxing drink throughout the day, what could be the harm?

  32. WhatMoreCanISay says

    I tried this for the first time yesterday, and I’m going to continue. I’ve heard too many positive testimonials not to. I also got the biggest burst of energy and almost euphoric feeling right after. Also, people should realize that they only think it’s gross because they’ve been conditioned to. Also, the fact that it could cut the pharmaceutical market in half makes all the sense as to why we’ve been conditioned to feel that way.

    • says

      I totally agree. It’s so so powerful. I do it every morning. I know people that recycle all of their urine. How are you going on it now?

  33. rose pendejito says

    I was very interested in this topic because me myself drink my own fee for quite a long time now. I read the book of Harald w. Tietze from Australia.. I felt great and have a beautiful skin .:-)

    • says

      There’s lots to learn here and as you can tell people are leaving some pretty awesome comments. At the top of this post, you can click on the blue text and I’ll send you a full interview we did on urine therapy if you’d like! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  34. Upharah Yisrael says

    My husband and I ran into UT about a year ago. We are strong believers of this technique. Baby’s are in their urine for 9 months, so it has to be beneficial for the baby. Secondly for those who are scared to try it….if you’ve had someone’s private parts in your mouth, meaning their fluids…..but won’t take your own urine???? Pretty out there don’t you think??

    • peterclaver says

      Well I just came about this UT for the first time, please how strong is it to fight years of infection and if the urine contain so much that it cures infections how come is there urinary tract infections? Isn’t the urine suppose to prevent it? ( Just wondering)

    • extremehealthradio says

      Hi Lisa. Yea I don’t know why the pictures are changing. I changed our profile picture recently in Disqus but then it messed up the pictures other people were using. I can’t figure it out. But rest assured these are all people part of the discussion. Don’t forget the apple cider vinegar trick as it makes it WAY more palatable!

  35. Pee-ter says

    A little experiment that I have tried.

    Self employed and business really dead this winter has left me to wait to see a dentist to fix a broken filling. now five months later, I have developed a tooth abscess that made me discover the real meaning of PAIN! Using extra strenght tylenol at max allowed, still could not eat and even hardly touch the tooth, I decided to seek the “net” for help. Found a site that spoke about someone using urine to sooth the pain, disinfect, and stop and eliminate all swelling. By swishing the fresh urine in my mouth like mentioned in the post, a few hours later the pain had diminished so much that I was finally able to sleep. First thing the next morning swished more fresh urine and that kept the pain at bay! After two days, swishing four times a day, the swelling was almost all gone. What a relief, and now just thought I need to look more into using urine medicinally, and looking for the danger of doing something like this, but could not find much dangers other then if your drinking it all day long and not drinking anything else at all. Only as a life saving situation would it be ok. Now taking the mid-stream fresh urine in the mouth four times a day and reading about people drinking it, made me realize that morning pee was actually very tasteless compared with all other times. So, my thought from reading more on the subject, had me now starting to drink a few sips of morning pee. It has been almost a week, and now I sip about 6 ounces of fresh morning mid stream pee, and doing so quite easily. I do though have problem with any other time, for the taste and smell are really much more pungent so I keep it at the morning fresh brewed.

    Now your thinking why would he consider drinking more when he has been somewhat healed from that tooth abscess? Well just like antibiotics you have a minimum of days to use your treatment, and as long as no swelling, pain, fever or any other symptoms associated with an abscess re-occurs does not mean all is ok. You could still have the infection in you, so be aware of your symptoms and your body. Do not be fooled, this can KILL you if you do not pay attention to your reaction and your health. If symptoms continue or get worse, even with urine treatment, go see a doctor right away!!!!

    OK, so now I’m looking everywhere for a DO NOT USE URINE because of the dangers involved, right. Well, not much found that was really negative, except for people that are so close minded, that they would not even think of trying this even if it meant they would suffer and die without it. But I’m not writing this for them. For all I care, they should just stay away from sites like this, and keep their closed minds to themselves, and let others benefit from using a method of help that has been around for thousands of years, and living people to attest to the possibilities of urine therapy to help and heal with no SIDE EFFECTS unlike many drugs and antibodies. Do your own research and be amazed at all the possible cures that can be obtained from urine, inside and outside body uses.

    I am not medically diagnosed with celiac disease (intolerance to gluten, lactose, nitrates ,etc.), but from learning on the “net” about it, and of course looking for the foods that I consumed which caused me to have IBS and diarrhea, it was easy to diagnose myself with it. Too many foods that I am intolerant to. This is the reason why I began drinking it now, because it also helps to put the intestines back to proper working conditions. Remember, there is NO cure for celiac sufferers other then not ingesting trigger foods for many years to get back to normal, as the body will heal in time. They say it heals much faster with urine therapy (UT). So I”m gonna go for it. They say that when you drink lots of water and eat properly, there will be less bad tasting urine. So I”m going one step at a time and will eventually bring myself to try fasting with urine and water. They say that the urine helps keep hunger down therefore a big help if you need to loose weight. I do. I have put 60 lbs. in four years trying to eat as much rice as possible to keep my diarrhea at bay not knowing I was celiac.

    Anyway what have I to loose, it will not kill you if done properly! In a couple of months will get back to you about my new life. Yes, new life as I never thought I would be doing something like this. Urine is also called “water of life” so if it does to me all that it says it will, it will be a new life for sure!!!

    Will re-post my results in six to eight weeks, till then good luck to all who take the leap and try. For me so far I am very surprised at how quickly the pain from that abscess was suppressed. One to two hours, that was all, and from that moment, the swelling, the infection and now hardly nothing left but a tiny bump at the bottom of that tooth’s root. I also did warm salt water flushings incase, and only a few oil pulls when the swelling came down enough so that it was possible to do.

    Talk to ya soon
    Pee-ter (LOL)

    • says

      Hey Peeter! :)

      Sorry for the delay in getting this posted. We were having all manner of issues with our commenting system which is fixed now! I’d love to hear some of your latest experiments with urine therapy!

  36. Albin says

    This is the most stupid shit I ever read. Cure MS, to bad modern medicine think drinking pee is gross, otherwise they could have saved a lot of lives! No… This is bullshit, drinking your pee will only make you a fucked up person who drinks their own pee, not more healthy.

    • extremehealthradio says

      I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t use profane language on our site. How do you know drinking it would not make you more healthy? Please explain.

    • EDDIE LEONG says

      Only a stupid person who has not even tried or research this topic can write this kind of vile rebuttal.

      I have tried it for 12 years at least. I am in excellent health. How many times do you fall ill in a year? How many times you have seen your doctor in the past 10 years? For me….no need. I have been in good health except for a few short episodes of colds where I could self-medicate. No fever, no cough either.

      • Rajeev says

        Dear Eddie,

        Please inform whether anyone you know has tried auto urine therapy for MS (Multiple Sclerosis). My wife is suffering from MS and nothing is helping her.

        I will like her to try urine therapy, but before that I want some reference from someone who has tried this for MS and has benefited from it, before I can convince her to try this!

        Thanks iin advance.


  37. steve says

    ive been researching this a few days and ive already tried it. Its not even that bad. I rub some in my eyes and on my scalp and then drink the rest. I have no bad side effects so far and I don’t believe I will do. Im planning on doing this daily.Give it a go people

    • EDDIE LEONG says

      Have used UT for over 12 years. Have not been to see a doctor for sickness for 10 years. No more supplements and saving me lots of money.

      No need to drink according to the late Prof. Takao. Just hold in the mouth and spit it out. Rubbing on the skin is great. I am 66 but looks 10 to 15 years younger.

      My skin looks really young due to years of skin massage done each morning. I will say loudly…I am not afraid of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimeir and many more disease. Just live my life sensibly, eat sensibly and I will postpone the day of getting any dreaded disease.

      BTW, I still have a full head of soft hair unlike many in my age group who are bald or have hair that are like dried grass. I put urine on my scalp but I also do scalp massage daily. Health is Wealth

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