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Ep #504 – Dr. Kelly Starrett – Why Sitting Is Worse Than Smoking & How You Can Include More Movement Into Your Life To Improve Your Health!


Dr. Kelly Starrett is the man behind Mobility WOD and the author of Ready to Run: Unlocking Your Potential to Run Naturally, Becoming a Supple Leopard 2nd Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance and his latest book is called Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World which is mostly what we talked about today.

What struck me as interesting was that it didn’t matter really how much you excercise, if you sit for a long time each day. I’m big into personal fitness, exercise, sports and outdoor activities.

I love to surf, play basketball, tennis, go hiking, do jiu-jitsu and basically anything outdoors and fun. I also love working out in the gym or in the backyard but none of that has any effect on our health if we sit for hours on end each day.

That was a blow to my ideas because I thought I could just workout more or harder if I sat for a long time. Turns out that’s not the case.

At the beginning of the show I referenced an article I wrote which can be found by clicking here.

With that said, sitting is dangerous not because sitting is in and of itself bad but it’s because you’re not active, your body is sedentary for hours at a time and this is not natural.

Human beings were not designed this way. We’re designed to move. We’re designed to experience this 3d physical reality through the movement of our bodies.

I hope this show inspires you to look into getting a standing desk. The one I have can be found here and there are many available over on Amazon.com as well.

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Kelly Starrett

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Kelly Starrett is a coach, physical therapist, author, speaker, and co-founder of MobilityWOD.com, which has revolutionized how athletes think about human movement and athletic performance. His first book, Becoming A Supple Leopard, is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller and was one of the 100 Most Notable Books of 2013 on Amazon. Kelly also co-owns San Francisco Crossfit – one of the first 25 Crossfit affiliates – with his wife and partner Juliet. He is the co-author of Ready to Run, which will be available 10/21/14 and Deskbound, available in July 2015.

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Okay episode 504 going to be brought you buy Rapid Release technology Pro 2 this is an awesome awesome thing to have in your Arsenal for your family for yourself it's a tool that uses high vibrational therapy to massage trigger points to get rid of trigger points to to really really bring deep relaxation into any area of your body that you have pain and I use it on my lower back I use every single day actually now that I've been doing a standing desk and I get on my knees my joints I believe it helps to decrease a calcification of the joints on I use it after my workouts as well to break down lactic acid I use it to relieve headaches I use it over all of my organs at night before I go to bed I stimulate all of my organs I'm you can use it and so many different ways and a lot of people use it for relieving joint pains injuries people use it after surgery to speed up healing and to stimulate organs that helps to calm sore muscles a lot of chiropractors and massage therapist around the country and I'll using this tool I highly recommend it's the only tool that got me out of debilitating back pain a few months back and so will put it like that on this page and we're also brought to you by the bellicon rebounder bellicon is awesome it's amazing amazing piece of equipment fitness equipment I used to think the only people in the seventies what do rebounding but I love it I love it it helps to increase bone density and during this episode we talked about the pelvic floor and helps to strengthen the pelvic floor and helps to stimulate every single muscle and selling your body no other exercise can do that and helps to detoxify lymphatic fluid and and I do it before I go into the sauna this so this particular bellicon is some has foldable legs it's got a bar you can use in case you're worried about balance and uses flexi rope so it's silent the legs fold in it comes with a warranty it's the best way down there on the market today and it's so beneficial for your health I highly highly recommend rebounding on a daily basis to prevent disease to Stanley stimulate the body increase circulation and increase cardiovascular flow it is awesome so if you're interested in the bellicon rebounder OR the Rapid Release technology Pro I will put both those Links at extreme Health radio.com / 5:04 and they'll both be available in our store as well


Let me pull those up it says here as soon as you sit the electrical activity of the leg muscle shuts off this is talking about house sitting Rector body calorie-burning drops to one per minute enzymes that help break down fat drop by 90% And then after 2 hours of sitting good cholesterol drugs 20% and after 24 hours I don't know if anyone's ever said 24 hours I guess maybe they have a insulin Effectiveness trucks dropped 24% and risk of diabetes Rises and people with sitting jobs have twice the rate of cardiovascular diseases people with standing jobs this is crazy right let me say one more thing here sitting increases risk of death at the 40% sitting for six plus hours per day makes you up to 40% likely or to die within 15 years and someone who sits less than three even if you exercise and that is the big thing that really got me because it for me when I first realized it doesn't matter how much I exercise if I'm sitting for such a long period of the day it really has no effect of the exercise that is has no effect on any of that stuff so weird to talk to Kelly but had a fix all this stuff and them some of the dangers of sitting down so thanks so much for joining the show today that laundry list you just scared that's sitting stuff right dude I know it's crazy that was the thing that really got me when I realize that because when I first realized that I know cuz I'm a big Jim person I love working out I love surfing I love hiking and being all this kind of outdoor activity stuff and I figured you know I'm doing a lot of that so you know obviously if I said a lot of won't matter but that really is not the case is it smoking and jogging at the same time because I think the risk is to say sitting is bad and standings good very much that's a little bit too to simplify 2 over simplified for our taste the same way back and say what are we supposed to do with human beings what what environment did we come up in when diamond shaped as I know what are the conditions allowed to collect Leandro Professor physiology explo you can sit all day long and chain-smoke and you eating chocolate done it once a while and still be the best in the world at something like we had this extraordinary physiology is badass, turns out that the real question is not staying the real question is am I moving you're not a factor that you started with this whole reset an electrical current electrical look at your life it's awful turns out when you sit there and you really just don't need your money musculature and so it's just so gross dormant in Vaseline just an indication of the application error that happens when we stopped moving and I think that's that's really going to remind you about should have the distinction between Center non sedentary but when you some sample and you stopped contracted your leg musculature you stop pumping your lymphatic system which is how you decongest how you clear swelling ankles fluid I use circulate your Wii system but you've ever flown or that long time and had cankles but as a direct result of not who likes Riley to the hospital to have to put on me special boots that pump your legs for you because you're not leaving because you're in the hospital but I'm sure someone that I can that's sitting was about not moving its permission to ask a different set of questions right so it's not about people who are sitting long periods of time have a problem with people's were enacted and we had a really nice little threshold that perfume solder a one-and-a-half metabolic equivalents which is true of the word metric of oxy consumption that allows us to say that you're how much energy wrote We renewed producing are using light energy expenditure and that's what that you would have been on Old School the treadmills like that I'm working at 7 let's I don't know what that is but I'm very hard and it turns out that we can Define Sumter behavior is any Behavior The Falls or one-and-a-half metabolic equivalents and it turns out that sitting is one of those behaviors that sits down special from sitting serve on supported and not active so we can start to be a little bit more clear it will hate sitting or engaged Center activities more than sick Above the Rest Home Because by the time we had in all the meetings I had to sit in commute to work like dinner lover the Quick Office lunch coffee I had to have got to have all the sudden what will reward that just crept up and the recommendation remember that the World Health Organization now this right you're the people who look into epidemiology have been Global level are saying Center lifestyle is the fourth biggest Global cure Amy Lee and she said was that ultimately the problem is that we're not just being weird human beings wrapping good stewards of our physiology and the solution to that is not complicated it's too much more but we really cherries heard you're moving options and then you said well then you have lots of moving options sitting down what you do is not moving for long periods of time talking to me in one of your prettiest talk to us this idea that I think you would like it sitting down or using a chair as like a almost like a crush on our way to mobilize your spine instead of the muscles around your spine doing that work itself out those really want but I think about this structure body gets braced becomes weak right so if I break your ankle and you don't have to use your ankle and knee supports the temptation to a foot problem where the structure of the foot is collapsing but if I don't have to rely on the intrusive musculature of my connective tissue in the mechanic support before going to fit becomes weaker we saw this as a large-scale experiment with in the late nineties Monday There's that big fat or everyone in the warehouse had a belt on a number that turns out I go back injuries in warehouse workers adult sky rocket cuz you know what happens if you wear a belt all the time you don't have to do anything the belt is acting like an exoskeleton abdominal suit and so you just leaving to the belts and subsequently become we can we can we can we can we look at the chairs for the same way it's no I have the surrogate spine who's doing all the work and then I just shut off all my dumb and musculature and remember when I start turning the lights off on the body I start down-regulating physiologic functions burning less calories I'm I'm not being active I'm not supporting my structure I'm sure if you know using a big brace like I you know there's like that kid who broke his back in middle school and it wasn't a brace all the time and that's what we're doing all the time unless that's great when I have to drive that's very useful right it's great if I'm an astronaut and them experiencing huge g-forces that's good to support the spine was position but otherwise what we want people to realize this and do so he will be as often as you can and the only thing you need to do is move forward in your chair so don't use that you're a moaner exhausted and you need to take a break and think we're back feels good then come back on and be awake and attention so but you know once again I think the problem is now we're able to before this to some extent in the 56 T70 history has there were few additional Cemetery inducing behaviors around this through is not Netflix and chilling when I was in the email when I was little kid around at work and Mindy Flipper the Gilligan's Island that was it and now we've got you know the research is that the average of Joey spending two and a half to 4 hours down there smartphone and that kids from 8:18 or about on Front Street and averaged about 11 hours a day and not schoolwork home TV messaging homework in the mine daughter specific connected middle school and it's a bit switch call Don Google school and everything D's on the Google drive right so they're all the Google Docs in the everything's connect that was so we have a Chromebook that goes a lot of places in a lot of her work and communication and and steel screw work is done to the Chromebook and so it's really more I can't go into the school be like no we're going backwards you know that we're pulling out the screws in fact I love how do I love TV shows you know that Larry was just lock that watching the crown But realize is that all of those two environmental changes have aggregated into some significant changes in our fundamental moving behavior that is not moving as much as we used to know I think search for Martin County extend tastic don't think ourselves hey guys my physiology his wife is also we supported by this environment or am I just confirming the physiology to the environment nothing that really is with the station so the house for Snapple we watch tv logos cross-legged on the couch like supporting themselves like it was the ground or I literally sit on the ground and when I'm watching the TV with the couch sure if it was you or for someone else that I was listen to a couple years ago talking about this idea of like a cast and all of these modern conveniences like you don't have any heat in your home and before the show was just talking about you know you look up but you know North of San Francisco so it's cold and you know people having all of these modern amenities you know and being indoors breathing indoor air sitting on couches and things like that and this this person I forget what they they they should have likened it to a cash in this that everything you do in our modern culture is causing us to contest the only be able to move within a certain restricted area like inside a cast you can't really move your arm and so in the same way this is like a life cast and so everything that we're doing is making as we can we can we can put the but the real issue is crazy is that when you sit down you don't feel bad you don't feel well you don't feel anything and so that's what's the hard part about it is that at some point it's important to recognize that we had this is the ology that lets us get away with murder it's fantastic you can do a lot of amazing things that this is the ology we have to we have to recognize that a lot of the muscles go problems a lot of the dysfunction we see down the road is really late today and in a snowman recall self organize criticality and the problem is that the time frame all all of these experiment and of one your I can drink a Coke every single day and my teeth will rot in the year so I don't have to floss now but blessings probably important to me eventually when my teeth fall out why was difficult to serve court papers with with with dysfunction and that's really important switch is that the worst kind of been selling Health two people inside his way or else exercise or else you know you're going to get cancer elbow cancer will will hit you you know and that's not really the scare tactic is really aspirational I got a lot of friends who like I'm the best in the world like no I don't have to sleep cuz I'm in the world and I think what you need to do is point to the fact that if you engage in changes in behavior that regulate the physiology of The Human Experience greater output today you will sleep better you'll be more Lucid you let me know drink water because it's important but if you drink some water this week you're going to look like you have a facelift by the end of the week and your skin will be clear by the way like I was, you know if you sleep better than you will be able to train harder or being a rooster at work know you don't need that caffeine bump at 4 o'clock and so I think what we have done a poor job of is connecting loss of capacity with changes in Behavior so if you're sitting down listen to this and I am breathing I bet you're not breathing well that makes sense and so if if if you're sitting there listening I said you take a breath and what you'll see is that you just took a breath up in your chest up in your neck which is not what your diaphragm it turns out that when you sit down you compress your diaphragm and you actually showed up down regulator diaphragm functions so now you start breathing in the place we were still able to breathe with his up in your chest and if you're not what we call a pickle or accessory breathing and their excessive breathing this week Spencer meta Barkley the same officials at my neck. Triggers movies in my brain that brings I call your breathing in your nephew must be stressed because the only time people grew up in the next is Remora breathing hard and running away from grizzly bears and I'm sure what is a Poppins you turning this really and if she's breathing shallow breathing not accessing the diaphragm effectively you're not accessing your parasympathetic decision to challenge The Citadel radiation function when I can change my position and await my function a much more important argument and a little bit more honest than Pastor bad posture causes pain won't back posture causes loss of function and that may or may not mean something to you like the second by game to you in something to you when you need it so sure what are your thoughts about people texting and in getting that what they call text neck I don't have a phone but I do have an iPod touch it I'll use for Instagram and stuff but whenever I use it always sort of squat down so that I bend in my hip and so that my my spine in my neck are all sort of this trait and one in a straight line so I'm not I'm not telling my neck what your thoughts about that the whole texting thing in the text back whatever tell you is that if I sustain any position for a long time body begins to recognize that position as default that's only named position and then I'll start to see Associated tissue changes that support that position because I'm here with the Mac then I'm going to see that much or Netflix just turned off and then my traps get stiff and pissed the other day and I make it headaches right I mean My by Johnny not function well etcetera etcetera bikini here is understanding that no one understands that changing Behaviors real in the brain a difficult right difficult to change of patterns differ which is better Aaron or go with out a way to stop smoking on way to stop sometime when we talk very difficult to change your parents because our Consciousness my back arches Bohemian a brain or thought patterns are laid down in a way that when the Hebrew happens or 30 process and a brain that process gets happens a lot gets ruined first through a concept called my relation okay so physically bring up milk halfway that's costly leaned on the body's fast smart enough to say hey we can reinforce that and make that a more efficient pattern while in Meyerland and grade insulation around those there's neurons you can you prove there's not together so we say that neurons that fire together wire together we start to see superhighways of pot and stirred up the shortcut that's great that's why it's difficult to change patterns and change change your habits what turns out the physical Behavior movement is just a manifestation of baking powder and so practice who wrote doesn't make perfect practice makes permanent and so how are you and how I default and I spend most my time I bring the kids to think that this is Who We Are this is how it goes this is how we force and it will not be using the whole living room for my bones like I was living the corner and that corner is good so we will just reinforce that corner and so I understand if my position I'm always looking down on them and am I sitting sucks that would be my default when stressed that we might be fault when I run that will be the place I go to a nicety because that's the place what cost the least to be myself that make sense yeah that's good! Understand that you should not feel looking down but if you spend two to four hours hunched over and looking down there until you're going to be a little bit stiffer you next fall off now but you may have a hard time putting your arms over your head and when your jaw clicks and grind your teeth at night we have to ask just going over there what's be curious about that and it's interesting because you never sure which is sort of been co-opted 43rd and just basically falling and I'm putting my phone in my center of mass right pushing pulling over the language you're using it turns out that the spine handles that vertical oscillation actually from the head down remove facial and if I suddenly remember back put my head forward know my spine has to support the head in a weird and strange way so we're not be a problem for you to ride your back and walk around but assuming jumping or surfing or swimming or running and that becomes a problem that make sounds exactly like to say is what he will understand that maybe not cause pain dysfunction there that I can tell you I wasn't going to the supplies class or yoga class or a removing Trish's martial arts Olympic lifting a power so we're going to have a conversation about your crappy body position and that's one of the main issues with people that are doing deadlifts and and all of these mechanical lives where they have to have a good Form and Function wanted to ask you about the idea cuz I have a standing desk here and I've had it for a few years and it's interesting that this just sort of happened it wasn't like a New Year's resolution somewhere around the beginning of this year I just decided I'm not making sitting down an option cuz the kind of thing that I have is like a it's like a crank and so it takes a little effort to pull it up and down and see what I was doing was I would sit for like I would sit for maybe like a break today up in two thirds and so I would I would stand and then I would take a middle of the part of the day for three four hours that would be my sitting time but during that sitting time I would sit and every 15 minutes I get up and do a little stretch with in overtime when I realize what I was doing I was just getting lazy so I would just in all the sudden II whole second half of my day would be sitting instead of broken up into and so I was off and thinking is it still damaging to sit for so long if you're breaking it up every 15 minutes let's let's back up a standing still is also a problem nothing more calories once again I'm not moving and there's a whole host of dysfunction if you've ever worked the factory job where you can not move left or right one foot and you can understand how gruesome that it reality is right we don't have an answer to take Matt and one side and c-14 not doing your feet allows you to change position because it's soft enough in his kind of squishy that's what that's working with her she says that's not a standing desk it's moving desk and get some movement base desk on that when I'm up I have more moving options I can figure that I can put my foot up on something like I'm drinking at the pub right I can purchase and stay still and said it's a lot easier for me to have a lot to maintain the Integrity of my spine and breeding mechanics and head with carrots orientation should cost less than what you left dysfunction it also gives me a lot more moving options to same thing is really look at sitting is damaging and sitting is not as efficient or not as actually good as moving the better position to work a lot harder what you just found was most important part is moving more and so there's a great study that showed a big office worker and they compared to smokers to the non-smokers and guess who was more healthy in that group he's got to go with the non-smokers I know what is the smokers and the reason is that the smokers every 30 minutes I get up and walk to the smoking section and have a smoke and walk back and sat around then it turns out that the smokers and stop smoking for moving more and then had a bigger impact on the overall health is not what I'm advocating radio smoking habit is the way right now I just pick up smoking because I get to go outside and hang out for a few minutes when I do find myself in a situation where I'm sitting down every 15 or 20 minutes to get there couple minutes and move around and then no one we've got a solution to the reality that the world to set up for us to sit but I've no just introduce what we call a certain that decision grow after I get decision 41 I'm praying and end in one of the properties that of course unless I have your iron discipline I'm Leslie more responsible for you to move out and so they didn't do it if you keep you know that I can love you like but you need to stand up and walk around and it happens was we saw big changes in culture so they took the option away hey you've got to move more we're going to create a culture that supports that I don't put people were talking and taking a break you know they're moving a bit more and out we were friends this guy named Jim lesser who is the CEO of head the big marking from here in San Francisco called bbdo and all of his workers have options to be at a movie with desk under the things that have any questions too damn right we give him the moving options sit down stand up the movie which environment is really our goal and he has a company policy which is a call that walk call and click so if you need to talk to someone the first thing you need to do is get up and go to the desk will see them then you call them then you email them and show that picture of all the email and get your lazy communication to get to her face-to-face and built into that is a lot more movement so when things that you noticed about yourself is that hurt him to get lazy because I had the option going up and down as it started to come in no towards that I just like now I came back from lunch and I guess he's already down to recommend for people who have high blood tests or dynamic this is to throw away the key making high take the crank out the crack in the other room so if you need him sit down you're going to go get up walk go get the crank and put it down right in the wise we see faults because we are occupied other things and she would try to lose we try to block The Haven we try to take away people's choices around making bad decisions and wish people could too so if there's fruit in the in the guest breakroom just for people looking for some fruit if I put Donuts out yesterday were going to eat doughnuts if I have ice cream and cookies in the house again to you I'm eating ice cream cookies tonight guilty so it's easy for me not have ice cream and cookies in there and I think this is what we want people to understand about their moving if I am if you if you give yourself lots of good choices I'm going to have your stomach so I'm a bar stool I'm going to push then becomes very easy to make the right to show or making better decisions that supports my physiology than having to say or I need to stand up at school too because I'm done what you did I don't know what it was it was something every now and then you just something snaps in your brain and you just decide okay this is it I'm not going to eat this kind of food I don't know I just checked and them and so I just did that I said alright I'm not sitting anymore I'm just not going to do it cuz I've been sitting in the following it is bad patterns and working long hours and stuff like that so it's cool though is that I used to know when the phone would ring I would stand and take the phone call standing because I was sitting but now everytime the phone rings and I'm talking on the phone what I'll do is all set or I'll stretch while and I'll give my feet a bit of a break and so now the majority of the time is sitting I'm sorry standing but then all use a little break so I gotta every 30 minutes or something I have to stretch or do something with my feet and I got a little little lacrosse ball that I I rub on the bottom of my feet to make it more easily able to do that but I'm fighting now I'm standing all the time and I'm just looking for a little interested throughout the day to sit or stretch you get myself a little break and then I go back to stand and I'm good let me look at my daughter's one. Who's never been at a desk at her school she's on the third grade and my daughters are local elementary school became the first all movement desk Base Elementary School in the world we don't have any whenever tradition that so he said take their school and why this happened a couple years ago and what I'll tell you is that the Destro individually size for the children we just wondering and we're just a test on Monday and on Tuesday really here's how you can get home find out if your desk is high enough you're going to sleep your hands up hanging by your side let her hands and Bayside forms of parallel to the ground measure from your elbow to the ground then go up one inch that's how how you're standing station should be paleo brownie not the whole food so let's make sure that the best that she fits you so all of these deaths in the kids and now he's moving that support then they get to lean against another hips against them they're supported with it at the correct height for the arm and they also have a swing bar so the kids are in constant motion there's a frigate bar on the bottom of All That Swing so they can be in constant motion and you put your foot up on a bar box you basically take some of the extension load out of your spine which makes it a lot easier to send somebody tell people as it's not a standing station in time have a place to also put your foot just like to the Captain Morgan pose Miss Robbie Captain Morgan pose as the captain one cuz because that guy has a bad back and allow him to get out of the extension when the when the photos up which is why every Pub on the world is all about height not desk height and everything every Pub or bar has a rail at the bar they put your phone off because the bartender's figured out if it made it the right height and give you prefer your friend you can drink all they want to pay attention to what's interesting about the research coming out around 4 is that you can take everything that you care whether its productivity weather engagements whether it's calories burned whether it's you choose something that you care about it turns out that he was seeing Improvement will respect the physiology of the human SMS really should be that simple no would seem that a no test scores go up there was a good study those Publix last 6 months but show the call center that had a when they made a cell that was a run when they didn't make a sale on a call that was a zero so they have the trackpro to be very easily this time away and it turns out that they basically said 40 million dollar increase in sales a 50% increase in part to 30 people that move the grass because their brains working better than one gauge that shouldn't surprise us what is a DD or ADHD or movements or there's always things come back to the fact that our brains work best when we are supporting movement and what we try to do with our kids for example of the school is anytime you want to take a break they sit on the floor which is totally fine and it turns out that watching have structures in in positions that support expands more effectively and when you sit on the floor were taking her to forward motion another phone to this ugly weird category of like looking around and seeing know what all these other set of data sets what are ever seen experiences in cultures that totally on the ground and sleep on the ground fall risk in the elderly drops almost zero their fault why because they're costly getting up and down off the road to sleep in to Pete and Pete right hip disease lumbar disease starts to 50 and culture that. I'm going to sleep on the ground one reason most of us will end up in a nursing home so we can get up and got off the ground. There's a really good study that came out not so long ago that correlated you were busy to get up and down off the ground without using your hands or that using give me into a high heel with early mortality and you can go on and in taking a breath and I have to do is observe someone getting Boston down to run it for every point of contact every year every hives every that you need to get up and out there and you're more likely to die early cuz it's actually an indicator of range of motion as soon as I can and function Triton strengthen core truck must have heard about the pressure and some people can get up off the ground with just one leg you know they can really balance and and I've got strong legs strong ankles strong thighs and all of that and that was it when my mother comes and works out of my mother-in-law what's that works out of the gym and they will we have a master's class and sweet about 10 minutes in their sixties and seventies to come and they could press yesterday night so they're busy with bench pressing you doing for press and because there's a lot of correlation to Christian strength and function and then use the Porsche that because it's four plus every single time everything except the have to get up in that off the ground in a cup of them was struggling to get up and off to bed we end up having a conversation about strategies to improve getting up an ounce of an area like this is the best class ever had I just got them Daddy was but it's like you know you're busy to do that is directly correlated with your health your cardiovascular health and all of that to go into those find I think we're getting someplace we can have some new room Vital Signs and you know what we have done for a long time especially from the Western medicine side which is larger reactive know if you physical therapist for shoulder pain the physical therapist will often saying the notes for example your within normal limits or punctual which means you can feed yourself and do it but that's not full capacity supernormal gymnast level stuff like junk love on down between two trucks I'm talking about the normal range of motion we all should have an unarmed to maintain and I think it's important for us to understand that you're really what is what do we say is functional blood pressure 120 over 80 like that's great I just need this function right that's not a red flag we don't have the same capacity we will have the equivalent in cardiovascular capacity we're starting to see that cardiovascular capacity vo2max is an accent indicator mortality and instead we can invite Vitality know how fast can you walk a mile locating something we haven't really establish those ones in the same with example you should be able to squat with your feet together whole way down to the ground with the out your heels coming up often and it's a really real yes or no why because that's expression of basic in the range of motion the ankle and basically commercial to help putting just I think it was the Washington Post our house possibly just put out an article where they were seeing a radical increase in Hip dysfunction insert Millennial athletes coming into physical therapists and doctors because whether they're singing on the same page ran into an Abrams as engaged oldest high intensity exercise and of course what turns out his we shouldn't have that size like that but we don't have the requisite rain your motion to exercise at that it's like you know where I'm going to go waste my car but I'm only going to stay in 3rd gear and the handbrake is a little bit I can do it it's not going to be great and so subsequently I think we have done a poor job of explaining to people these are the base lines move and function and here's what you should be able to do if you can't get panic have to work all weekend that's why things I do almost every single time with just about every single time we if we watch a movie on Netflix or something like that I'll bring my lacrosse ball I just sit on the ground and I'll do a series of massage on the cross one on the lacrosse ball as well as doing some stretching and then by the time you know I can leave early watch like an hour of something before I just start losing and I got to go do something else I can't I can't I just don't like being being sedentary for that long but what I'll do is I'll just stretch and I'll do the lacrosse ball the entire time and and then if it if anything all lay down for a few minutes at that time but I'll just stop using the council together just like you I just don't do anymore I love your couch and it's not going away but I will tell you you're absolutely right that time can you use it we can actually see what is the best ways to improve your sleep and quality listen to Total it's a soft tissue mobilization Royal crossbow roller roller one something before you go to bed it has a large parasympathetic kick on your body that when you do that soft tissue work you're telling you nervous system it's everything is cool here and you actually sleep better and wouldn't find was that that email them into the bedroom is really cute on people are on their internet there watching TV hanging out so that's a perfect chance to work on some of these these things these types of movements when I am actually working what do you think you can you know if you look at them and give you many pages of options of changing position around that's the best you can share you can lay your leg across you can pigeon you can know so much you can do to be changing your position even figuring side to side left foot Up by Fall Out how can you create a movement lexicon write a vocabulary of positions that you can come conser moving and not about the desk cuz it's not a standing desk but it's a movement that says opportunity to move her I guess you have more opportunity to know what are your thoughts about like them putting a treadmill desk I'm not going to get a whole Corporation to buy into by $5,000 and I don't think I don't think we need to I think if you want to go for it if you want to ask knock yourself out I think we don't need that and some really scary expensive solution to a problem that doesn't require and I just need to move more you know where people so rude expensive chairs without optimize are sitting position with him so you know $1,500 chill that's great but you know I have 500 elementary school kids who also so you're about 15 and the whole time I've been talking with you I'm staying at my counter I'm figuring back and forth I've been late you're my legs on the counter do pigeon pose I love to play with pigeon game back in for work and no I've made a choice by dividing my day into sitting that's optional and sitting that's not optional during this call at a choice between option so you know I'm still sitting and I'm taking them to the fact that I don't have to say it but I forget to call me go jump in the car and that's that's not optional sitting so I'm doing this they can head I can just talk reload right and make these decisions about our side control and that he hears the allegory sometimes an email like this cuz you know a lot of the offense to this but then you go to like Christmas parties in holiday parties show up and you know it's going to be like cheese dip and bread and stuff that I eat sometimes but stuff that I don't want to eat necessary and sometimes they're going to good protein source of these things so what I got into the habit of doing was promoting a little protein before I eat like a ham from the turkey before me to a party right right right by my wife and actually she calls the phenomenon pork cheeks because one time I was in the elevator you know we're losing her her mother and I was holding my baby daughter and like a man about the stroller or something and I had huge muscles of pork tenderloin from the night before she's of what was wrong I was like you like a chipmunk holding pork and I was like we're going to a party I can't control how much pork is in there so let me just control what I can control I know what your stuff in my mouth for pork chop with the pork cheek phenomenon is hey I know I'm going to have to sit later on at home so right now I'm choosing not to set up choosing the base of the stuff that you should pork as I talk to you and that's I'll go first and it's really help me because my first started standing as a regular discipline and just doing it every day and having no other option might just killing me and I think so what's a four-day trip across them like they're dealing with their crap at home on the road and yes they can take his mail crosswords they want and they are so cheap and I'm kind of keeping sitting around your house right but what's important now is that we don't cross paths with a gateway drug to roll to the more sophisticated tools that you can draw their crossbows to round to square too hard to soft to Vegas too small so many have a few implements that in your own kind of wonderful and you will find that you're different tools for the things in the crosshairs of hammer and you can so we got a lot done with a hammer but it's not the perfect tool you know it's really cool to think that like you know if you're going to make that commitment like I have and then you start looking for ways to make that possible in town so you start thinking okay I get an anti fatigue now you know those little mats on the ground I can get a lacrosse ball I can move every every 15 minutes I can get up and do some stretching so I'm not getting this standing one position I could do all these things to facilitate been able to make that time has now I've gone and see what is a now what's the day today is like the 20th day so maybe like maybe 18 days I haven't sat in a chair to work and my feet still hurt but I'm getting through it so what you're saying is that you're hurting because you suck you would trade your body not to do this so this is important that moving and stories are both white as human beings we were supposed to do with what happened to us some of my feet hurt when I say we're on our way out and realizing are tissues and take some time we recommend that people put themselves on the shaking grade you know that moving to a movement base workday as train for Marathon we want 1.6 miles today we're going to come from afar to let's do this make you come today to try to stand and move for 20 minutes during the day and keep that 20 minute goal for week or so let me for two weeks and then gets old when do after two weeks will go to 30 minutes today I got this is no problem I feel fine after a month you're standing an hour to hour moving truck what's happens you just put a whole bunch of more movement in I'm pretty sure it's not a big deal to be on your feet and moving although she's not it's not a big deal and I think the problem is we go all in and the best doesn't fit us and we're on a hard surface instead of you know an environment that is conducive to do with an entity that is your simulating movement right you're coming back to that idea you know you're so ready uneven surfaces on the ground which is which is right now is you really shift you're changing your fashion roads you changing your musculature you're releasing the static holds on your feet and that your Poppin fresh blood black back in the movie friends and that's called movements right that's what we should be doing so well I understand all of this is really just surrogate for Howard be in the world when we will never just sit down and she said that would squat or we sit on the ground and even then we can get up and moving constantly at least that's what I do here is to think about plugging in your moving richness and then when you do have to say there's some techniques around that and we're I thought about that on the book that how to optimize are sitting in life to let you know you're making funeral body compromises in that situation that comes up and it's much easier to me at least to realize that my pastor is not good I'm leaning forward a little better but when I'm sitting I just I don't have that awareness like it after a couple hours I'll realize I'm doing it where is when I'm standing I realize it almost right away it's crazy list of the graduation rates grad school special School varsity think the police have a larger connector I have to move and girls girls have to move to course have two daughters their meal Digital Monsters but I like to hear is that we're seeing that was the in trouble for visiting at school remember sweetie Ridge elected by saying I need you to move now I have to move to make you go into any classroom show me a poster that your grandma would be is Trisha sitting in a classroom go in and show me against pirate ships of your grandma wouldn't, that and you're going to you know you're going to see that they are bent over the rainbow and the question is who basically start your car wash systems of stability like are glutes like our hips there's things go out and so I'm left with just a few men isms to support myself and that's why I'm the defaulting working so any time you find yourself kind of pics Tumblr or your overextended are you doing some kind of slow to think what you're looking for is your we really call tension hunting is it really looking for stability instead of cream that stability order through and your feet that's crazy what is going to be a good floor dysfunction know if you and Ashley or woman who who has your bladder incontinence with this is a real problem and what was really really had company send us maxi pads like things for women athletes and was called go girl and so there is someone thought it was cute to say Hey look it's totally normal for women to pee and some exercise and they're saying no it's not part of the reason we see so much pelvic floor dysfunction is that one not out of the way back to the hopes that under public pressure it's the only way I can actually truly be activated and truly Beyond up and support it so I don't have crater dystonic pelvic floor is to wait there for the hips that's a crucial aspect of reestablishing the relationship between the lumbar and the pelvis which helps of my pelvic floor dysfunction that's how it was all pelvic floor dysfunction we will establish normal relationships I would happen and standing and I dysfunction sitting and two people right thing again and then we can start to solve this this year bladder dysfunction and it's crucial understand that our bodies are miraculous and short-circuiting on normal circuit so we can go on like we can just lay out of almost any problem but once again will I do here is where we're supposed to do this room is always supposed to wear high-heeled shoes all the time are we supposed to be a perfectly flat surfaces all the time no we're not I'm being friends and one of them on my favorite cereal acorns is a company called gold ribbon and we have no sociation their mother than they are good kids that make something that's awesome but it's not that looks like a spaceship on the outsides was Kyle has a ring has a dome in the middle and it's basically are anti-fatigue map that has all of this curiosity and angulation built into your feet so you can stand on one surface anthracene actually create sort of moving there ability and that's really cool how do we create movement richness, I was supposed to be moving all day long right we're not supposed to be even standing or doing anything sedentary at all first in a such long periods of time it's it's it's it's crazy is crazy and yelling and I knew it usually wins but I wish it was okay and that you're the mall and parking is a thing and I never we park in the English shopping I park as far away from the doors I can so I just forced to walk more yeah she's always a quick call for well you didn't and we have the same ongoing battle but I just program that in so they have to go walk it said if we take care of ourselves and we do things on a daily basis where you where we don't get stuck in his run and we don't we don't do things in a sedentary way for a long. Of time every single day for moving all day long Liam Payne's even use more about the physical properties of 24 hour practice including in my drinking water and my Wings Express do I sleep enough and one of those pieces is moving more and you're my wife and I went through so we didn't recognize I would like to see people in some sometimes the day gets away from school and I might try hard because I we love the train my wife is a world champion iPad on the national team we are we are we are nerds ratchet I said hi Julie I tried to move and train but some of them get to because my break away from your family this is about my wife and I walk our daughter to school every day it's about a mile and a quarter every so often wonder what means by the time we're back its 8:10 in the morning or are you back by 8:10 so we can jump in the car and roll everybody walk the 5K basically almost the 5K walk, and what happened yesterday I have already walked four kilometers or witches for Juliet winds up being about 67,000 for 10,000 steps because that's in the morning I can control that I now have put in a whole lot of movement Into the Dead but I don't have to worry about later on so when can I see if I programmed my environment to the New Movement which them if I don't go to the gym I'm still covered because I've done a lot more movement so it's not so desperate need to get there let my body still have made up something that happens is that when I move my work self when I leave my family so I'm better set up and better prepared to go leverage my time to go ride my bike could stand up paddle go Outrigger skeet right whatever it is that I do that allows me I don't have to sort of yours that positions and structured motorcycle ever I don't have to do that I'm already warmed up in my boys ready to go have a sister I love it I'm a big fan of it and I'm just starting to see the results myself after haven't been doing it probably 18 19 days to check this out my wife is a great case that it was a typical know anyway champion 40 through a woman couple kids right CTL turns out that when she stands during work loser what doesn't sit through some send Terry movement she brings an additional hundred thousand calories a year hundred thousand calories she should be 133 marathons she could lose more than your work day and I don't know about you but I weigh 235 and I'm pretty lean and then I'll tell you was that $100,000 and that's for me to be way more than how much ice cream hundred thousand calories is $500,000 lice come on the table you be like no way that's a freebie the right off the freeway because I just said that ice cream moving at work and so that means that I have a little bit more slap on my diet or options that I recommend eating on your desk as Westwood I understand but it's a significant metabolic cost to move more and that's fantastic so amazing thing to is now getting to the point where I'm starting to see all these benefits and so you know I don't even want it anymore not even a desire for me to sit I mean I mean I love sitting in the tent in the sense it's a nice little break for a couple minutes if I go get a snack during the day during my work day but it's not something we're like I would come back into the room and intentionally lower my desk knowing that I would sit for 3 or 4 hours I just not only do I know what it does to me but I also don't want to deny myself the benefits of standing and so it's better I think I think it really ultimately were talking about is a change in consciousness interdigital for experiment that because I think you'll be shocked that I know your hips hurt your back doesn't hurt as much air they were three little spending your 5K times decrease and whatever it is that you're naked whatever is important to you. I've got you can turn that around some out what kind of stuff you have going on on Mobility what.com what's so what's there for people and I see you have a bunch of course is what's one of those about or we can keep the course for about 8 years to cultures and people that have a movie and about how to restore movie theater mobilization to soft tissue on how to resolve old injuries and those kind must go sledding with his problems that we do in a great while that's really fun as we do it follow along video that takes that tell if it's red so you have to worry about to do you can push play it's like having a yoga teacher in your living room that a part of its like this is this when you're home so what you do at the gym and then you can just call work and we do have the program before you leave about $2,600 on a site called categorize from famous athletes to new problems so you know it's true and try to create a primer for the end of the month so that's that's what we've been doing to the site for the last time I was writing a 2011 2010 2002 RVs course is a someone would sign up here one time fee or is it an ongoing thing and I get access to it how to spell right one time if you want if you want to drop it drop into our world and little bit more about how to coach you know your little league understand how to manage your tennis elbow you know all of those things are so be dressed in there and that we recognize that we could come up for job culturally of empowering people to take take a crack at fixing themselves over someday little very low level 9 skill no pieces left her talk to run you should just a doctor you should take a crack at fixing your self not injured you just have a problem or your butt off and I noticed you have no idea what to do until then we just go down this rabbit hole will stop running you know I'll go see 17 specialist but you just had, you paint running you should know that grandma said you should do to fix it right that's what I'm trying to get back to that's probably what you talked about in your book ready to run right a lot of that stuff that's what the people are and I forget themselves The Grateful because people are a lot more professional and super easy yeah good stuff right so Mobility WOD. Common that's mobility and then WOD., work out of the day that's right. Thank you so much talk to you soon


Well episode 504 dr. Kelly Starrett would you guys think about that I was a cool show I think that was like a kick in the pants kick in the butt for a lot of us that really need to hear that kind of information I thought it was interesting I like the way she speaks about so passionately about what he's doing there and and I think it's so so important how many people do you see that are walking around with their heads down there looking at their cell phones and if you don't Airporter bus stop or any public place like that everyone is looking at their phone and they're sitting and the effects that these are these this type of Lifestyles having on our health is I think it's a cumulative effect and I think that it really does affect us in sin weird some with some strange way that will probably never be able to Scientific we verify or study but it affects our health on a cumulative level and I think that you know it kinda gets back into the work the Daniel Vitalis does over at the survival we have his products in our store they're great products but a lot of his work is based on the idea of rewilding and that is bringing ourselves back into alignment with nature and that's really what it's about that really is what it's about cuz if you look at what we've been doing I'm even going to a gym that's not natural nowhere in the wild will you see like a flat smooth surface even something as like a pull-up bar and you don't find smooth surfaces you don't find right angles and nature I mean this is all this this contract and this society and culture that we built for ourselves is so disconnected from nature and that's what the work that we're doing here and that's what the work of Danny Vitalis does dr. Kelly Starrett does over Mobility WOD I mean this is bringing basic movements back and basic philosophical mindsets back into our Consciousness because we've been disconnected right with the disconnected from God within disconnected from our spiritual path I've been disconnected from the earth from the environment from everything and in most of all we've been disconnected from each other and from ourselves to write I've been disconnected from our own ability to understand what's going on in her own body right we live in her head all day long all we do is we think and think and ruminating and then think about things and it's a mental this mental that and weird always trying to compute and use our mind and use our head to navigate life when we're in reality we should be listen to a body wish me to living in our body in l&r head is just taking over control of our lives and have everything and so I know from it's a constant reminder to make sure to bring back some natural ways of living and I know I really do think that we as a society is a culture isn't be a lot of blowback I think a lot of people are going to finally wake up and start it's a really wondering if know is this Modern Life is this really what it's all about and is this causing us to be sick I mean you look at how many people are sick these days young people getting diseases and you know older people coming down with diseases that dying earlier 6575 years old I was supposed to be living a lot longer than that you know you believe in the Bible it says there that the curse that God gave man was 120 years that was the curse prior to that if you believe the Bible men were living to 900 years old and maybe that's true maybe it's not I don't know but I mean it's interesting right whether or not any of that's true as it remains to be seen but you know that I find it interesting that we were cursed to live $220 like the low and what were you know 50 years slower than that so what would we doing wrong what's happening in our world what's happening in our culture where are we going wrong or is it too much stress too much toxicity is it how we're using our body got to be all those things I would think you know so you know I think it's important to start chipping away at different areas of life that you can really look at so you know what I think I can have dominion over this area of my life I think I can get my diet under control or I think I can get my my ability to use my body and new and new and unique ways I think I can get that under control to get a standing desk some people or maybe that same person would find it very difficult to to change their diet right so I think it's important to have strategy you know much in the same way that like a boxer or fighter would have a strategy or any pro sports team they would it would say they would look at their opponents Achilles heel and realize okay that's their weak spot let's go after that so you look at yourself what are your strengths what areas of your life could you have success and then you start working on that so maybe it's it's this ability to to get a standing desk until this completely change how you use your body and then what use are having success in that than you tackle another. Maybe you know you know you find the next thing that you can that you can conquer with relative ease and then after three or four of those then you finally get to the hard stuff that you thought you'd never could fix and because you had success and you know what that success feels like that you like okay and I maybe I can working on this area and then you always said you have success with something you never thought you could overcome and so that's the work that we're doing here is trying to help people wake up a little bit more and for myself to wake up a little bit more and to start doing the things that are important for us to get reconnected with ourselves with each other with nature and with God you know you if you're disconnected and any one of those areas you're going to have an issue in one of those areas in your life and so I don't know it's important I think to really look into you know the direction that your life is going and how you perceive yourself and what kind of person you're going to be in 20 30 40 years in are going to be sick you to be enough in a bad people to be taking care of you or you know how are you going to be moving in a throughout space and time when you're 70 80 90 years old what are you going to be doing that we got to be helping people on so I think that's real important I want to share with you just one of the things that I don't know what it was that caused me to decide finally to just so you know I'm not making sitting an option and I have to say I like I said during a show I've been doing this for like I don't know if 18 19 20 days now and my feet still hurt everyday my feet hurt so I have to know right after this I'm going to stretch but it's cool because it allows my body to move that allows me to move because one of the things that I try to do every day's I try to stretch every day every single day so I try to do passive stretch it like during the show I was stretching you know what I had my eyes balancing and you know I was moving around I was using that Mobility or that lacrosse ball but you know if you can work it in during your day it's it's the best and so what school is that I can use the standing as my default State and then I can use everything else has like a like a tree like okay I can finally sit now and so you know after I'm done recording this I'll do 10 minutes of stretching whereas if I wasn't in my chair I would just I wouldn't do my stretching because I wouldn't need to because I wouldn't feel like I was getting stuff so it kind of makes you it forces you to move which is really cool I just decided you know what I don't want to know have a disease or no I don't I don't want to have any health issues as a result of sitting and another rebounder Works your parents give me your pelvic floor like he was he was talking about your pelvic floor and this adult diaper industry that's not booming and we don't ask yourself why we need these things and so I do I read under everyday one of the one of the things that they really helping me with my pain in my knee and my ankle and my feet as result of standing more I'm just I'm basically changing my whole way of life because essentially what I'm doing is going from the standard American diet to a raw food diet raw food vegan overnight I mean that's kind of the comparison of going from Lifetime of sitting to now standing and so it's very shocking to my body and I'm just starting to see now the benefits and I'm starting to get to the point now where I want a stand I don't want to sit and that's where you really want to be because you know the benefits like I know the benefits of working out so I want to work out and I feel good and I don't feel good when I don't and I don't want to not feel good so I work out so I can feel good and not feel bad so it's a double-edged sword there but what I was going to say about one of the tools it's been having a lot of that Rapid Release Pro that we have in our store I bring circulation it brings all these amazing is it in my feet feel like I just got a massage it feels really really good that Rapid Release is pretty it's a pretty awesome too and so if you have any pain on your body you could use it you go to our store this video there and you can learn more about what it can do for you and if it's something that you think would be good for you I use in a bunch of different ways not just for pain but accounts of vacation break down in my joints for stimulation of my organs and all kinds of cool stuff so that's been helping me a lot with this whole standing thing but I think the idea I just remembered who it was that I heard that from of the cast and that is a Katy Bowman and I forget what her name or her website name is let me see if I can find it really quickly she's like a movement specialist as well she's cool Katy Bowman let's see nutritious movement.com nutritious movement.com and she was talking about the casting and it's so true it's so so true if you think about metaphorical cast that is not physical but works and operates in the same way that a physical cast works you start realizing that everything is a cast you know looking looking at something if our eyes are only designed to your eyes are designed to look at far distances but we're looking only short distances were we're putting a cast on our eyes and by not exercising and letting it letting it operate under the full extent of what it's supposed to be doing and so by all of our modern Comforts and our modern conveniences were putting a cast on ourselves and by not exposing ourselves to cold by not exposing ourselves to warm but not exposing ourselves to the elements by walking barefoot by not exposing ourselves to Sunshine without glasses and lack of clothing in the Sunshine by by protecting ourselves from the modern not well I guess it would be the best way to say that by protecting ourselves and insulating ourselves we were making our our physiology and our genetic makeup weaker and that is rampant and every area of our life you know we we use light this really really damaging kind of light that we use in the evenings you know and everything that we do is basically a cash in and it's it's it's causing our jeans and our genetic expression to only work within a limited bandwidth you think of like a pie a piece of the pie are genes are supposed to be the entire pie and have the ability to express itself in a variety of ways but when we do all these modern things it's like we're only operating within that one slice of the pie and so it becomes a cast and so you become genetically weaker and that's why we have no degenerative diseases which is literally are being DG and so that's part of the work that we're trying to do here is bring Health practices into our lives that allow us that full expression of our genes and our genetic expression and so I think that standing is it's a real challenging thing because I'm doing this right now my feet are hurting a lot but I'm it's important to me to to continue to do it it really is because I understand the long-term benefits of it and down so I really was a big fan of Kelly I love his work that was really cool I'm glad he was on the show we finally got him on the show I want to tell you about one thing two I found this the other day I don't know if you guys will be interested in something like this I for one am not but it all depends everyone has their own thing I don't I don't really I think if you just use your cell phone I don't have a cell phone but this is something called them it's a posture coach and it's called lumo bodytech lumo body body tech tech lumo body Tech. Calm and basically it's like you put a little electrode on your on your shoulder or maybe you put it on your neck somewhere and then it connects somehow to your smartphone and it and it rings every single time that your posture is out of alignment and you're not and you're leaning forward personally I'm not into those kind of things because what it's doing is taking the place of our own ability to be connected with our bodies so and all of the different functions of a by and if we continually give those up to modern technology I think something's lost that right sort of like how no one can remember a phone number these days because the phone numbers are all in their phones and so you're not using your mind and your brain in order to to memorize numbers I'm some would argue that you know that data that information is not necessary and it just takes the place of more necessary dad and information it should be in your room or your mind however you want to call it but my contention is that that stuff is some you know it it does too much of the work for you so anyway but for those of you that are interested is called lumo body Tech, may want to check into that and I also wrote an article about the dangers of sitting and you know I estimated that the average person if you can combine if you can find sleeping on top of sitting you're doing both for about 18.8 hours every day out of a 24-hour day you either sitting or lying down or 18 almost 19 hours that means only five hours is spent being erect but not crazy that is both more and less physically active or 94% and 40% more likely to die during the study period respectively compared with those who reported sitting at least and being most active women have a 94% higher mortality rate if they sit all day than men who do not 98% or 94% so it's it's crazy this is really an epidemic and I am invited to go over and look at his website Mobility WOD., hope you guys enjoyed that show that was a real eye-opener for me I hope you guys learned a lot from it I'm going to start implementing a lot of his practices and the things he's got going on there and if you if you do the same let me know how goes for you really love to know more about that and how you are going with the stand-up desk that's really I think very very important so right thanks guys for your support thanks for listening we love you guys so much thank you for your support on Amazon if you would like to support the show on Amazon it's one of the best ways to support the show we made it even easier for you to do that too so now all you have to do is just do a one-time thing go to our website and on the right hand side you'll see a link that says or am a banner for Amazon on the right hand side below that this and blue text if you click and drag that blue text to your desktop that will create a and icon and now I have to do is use that icon every time you make an Amazon purchase I probably rename the icons so you and I rename an Amazon Extreme Health 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learn about ozone and get access to all the webinar replays that he's got going on about how to use ozone and it's really easy it's like 5 minutes every single day you got all these different protocols for leaky gut digestion Crohn's disease cancer he's got all kinds of protocols some fibromyalgia and you can get access to all of that so we put the link over to that and them are still got lots of cool stuff so thank you for considering going through our store any time you going to buy like a juicer or blender a rebounder dehydrator any of those types of things we have our son is on this on the store just to let you know and what else thanks you guys for your support picture on you guys are awesome I really appreciate it picture on his way to support the show and we appreciate that a lot you can donate a couple bucks a month you can also do it on PayPal as well but you like we're doing considered doing that and we really could use it and our goal is to help a billion people and we're growing like gangbusters and we're helping so many people in so your support allows us to do that and so we're really excited about that so thank you for supporting us in our efforts to help more people that really is appreciative on our and that's just great so we have the best listeners in the world you guys are amazing too so honored and blessed to be able to do this kind of work for you guys and what else what else what else what else any other shows me just to give a little rundown of or upcoming shows let's see here got some shows no one of our calendar next Monday I'm going to be doing a whole show on the Rapid Release technology that will be really cool and then on the 24th we're going to be doing a show with Andrew Fletcher and he talks about the inclined bed therapy and climbing the the head of your bed and he talks about circulation and blood pressure glaucoma disease prevention he's had some pretty impressive research about all of the amazing health benefits from Simply raising the head of your bed up six six inches or so or 30 degrees or so if I forget what it is they're really talking to him about that and uncover the research he's done there and then we have dr. Kevin Conners will be talking about Rice Technology we have a rice machine will be talking about that will be talking about rice and cancer and all kinds of cool stuff them. Kevin Connor's he's been on our show before 2 so you can search our archives and just search Connors the way you spell his name is it may just make sure you get this correct Conners Connors dr. Kevin Conner so we got a lot to other shows coming up to good stuff going on here so thank you guys for all your support really love you I really just so grateful and honored and humbled that were able to do the show for you and to hopefully help your life out and some way so it just feels good feels good to be able to be a part of humanity expanding your Consciousness and waking up and taking control of their health and taking control of their lives and hoping making the world a better place it's just you know we're doing one small piece of it and we all have our own piece and it just feels really good to be a part of that you know something uniquely satisfying for that so I'm also one of the things I want let you guys know to is that we were to be starting a membership community sometime in 2017 and we're laying the groundwork in the building the foundation for it right now for this exclusive private membership community that were going to be building and it's going to be a place for people to connect with one another and possibly in the future will do like Live Events are conferences and be able to meet up in person but it's going to be a place for us to connect with each other and for me to be able to connect with you guys more cuz that's what I really want to do but right now it's really challenging with all the work that I have to do to produce the shows and so I really want to come up with you guys more into what would it be doing in this community is building a place where we have different doctors come on and give protocols and create videos and we're going to be taking Q&A questions and doing webinars and lessons and all kinds of cool stuff to really allow you have access to cutting-edge information that you won't get anywhere else that's that the covers everything like you know so you guys know but I have the same as I do but your read an article online about you know maybe how to let's see how to overcome the flu or the cold I know some kind of sickness and you'll realize why they left out so many pieces to that right I think to myself what about tapping into the emotional Freedom technique what about the emotion code what about Rife machines what about Energy Medicine what about using frequency generators what about using homeopathic smell when you know what about using herbal teas and textures what about energy medicine and all kinds of different things that a lot of people just leave out when they when they talk about in a building your immune system or overcoming the flu virus or something and so weird to do is build protocols that are going to be ongoing and holding it be continually adding to them on different levels like a spiritual principles you know the recall healing stuff or going to be doing adding so many layers to the depth of what you can do to tackle certain diseases are certain let me know and I love to hear your thoughts about what you would want as a part of this community and communities to be a monthly paid membership so won't be for everybody or only be for people who really want to take your health is next level really want to make friends with other people in their online and and potentially in person and really want to get access to cutting-edge protocols and and be really inspired take care of themselves so that's what we're going to be doing in the membership site so extreme Health radio is going to continue to exist we're still going to do the shows but we all seem to be doing this as well so like I said it'll be a paid membership Community what and you have access maybe we'll do things like seasonal cleanses that are overseen by doctors or I'll kind of so many so many things that we could do here so I'm really excited about being able to connect more with you guys and be in in the the reach that we have in terms of access to doctors is pretty remarkable so we have more deeply entrenched in this whole world and natural healing and so access to so many amazing people they can share their unique insights and where to be breaking everything up until you'll be able to take your questions to doctors in and we're going to be breaking everything up and into different protocols and diseases so hope you long-form content like hour long episodes of things and videos and nobody short-form content to two three four minute Clips on different ailments and things as well as a written protocols in PDF format stuff so I'm really sad about this is something that I've wanted to do for a long time I really want to have just a database things that work and be able to access it at any time I can taste you know somebody in our family has an X the sickness or an illness I want to be able to just quickly log into the membership website and find all the protocols for that particular ailment and be able to work with that person or build with myself you know if I come down with the flu or something like that I want to be able to you know quickly and easily get access to all that information so that's we're going to be building if that's something that sounds cool to you stay tuned for it will put a link to it at this ship a diction Health radio.com slash 504 and as soon as long as you'll be able to get access to that and that learn more about it I will say though when we first launch there's going to be a discount for the first week that we launched and so it'll be a lifetime discount to so I'd highly recommend signing up during that first week is it would be nice to give everyone a discount who signs up during that time and then after the week goes away I'll go back to the normal price and then over time it will be increasing in price as well so if you get in on that discount is going to be just a forever kind of thing unless you cancel and then want to sign up again and then it off to pay the regular price so yeah if you can't get in during that discount. That will be the most ideal anyway hope you guys enjoy that show that was awesome go to check out mobility wad. Com Mobility WOD WOD. Calm and you can check out what's Kelly's got going on in it and make sure if you get his books Amazon go to our link if you can if you could you want to support the show becoming a Supple Leopard are ready to run and desk-bound standing up to a sitting World pretty cool stuff and I like what he's up to really nice guy so anyway thanks guys I love you and hope you guys have a great day and I'll talk to you soon

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