Stop Dicking Around & Live Life On Your Terms!


I should be doing a million other things right now. I’ve got sponsors to get back to, I’m 6 shows behind in production, but I’ve got to get something off my chest. It is something that I’ve thought about for quite some time now and we actually discussed is briefly on today’s FFAF (that’s Free […]

Self Examinations For Cancer: Why They Do More Harm Than Good


How many times have you heard people say that you women should be checking for lumps in your breasts for breast cancer? And men, you’re not off the hook either because you should be doing self examinations for testicular cancers! Go get your prostates checked and get your mammograms ladies. Nobody says that perhaps women […]

7 Things That Matter More To Your Health Than Diet


Have you often wondered why certain people seem to eat horrible diets but they display amazing levels of health, vitality and fitness? It’s quite remarkable isn’t it? Then you have somebody who seemingly does all the right things with their diet but seems to have one health problem after another. Granted a lot of this […]