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My Show Vision – To Help, Heal & Inspire You To Feel Great


I never ever saw myself being a radio talk show host. For career day in high school I never said, “yea being a radio talk show host is what I’m born to do.” It’s interesting how life works itself out.

With the internet today, just about anything is possible. Technology is getting to the point of being insane. Somehow I’ve been able to avoid getting a cell phone all these years. I think technology is all great, but we have to learn how to harness it and not let it overtake our lives. The other day I saw an ad promoting Square, where you can accept credit cards on your iphone. I even saw an ad for an app where you can scan or photograph checks made out to you and just send them to the bank. No more late night bank deposits at the drive through.


Who would have thought that somebody could create their own radio show that is syndicated to a world wide audience, right from their little home office?

When I first got introduced to Fit For Life back in 2003 and subsequently became a raw food vegan for 7 years, I consumed as much information as I could on health. I was addicted to learning and it was such a fun journey for my own life.

Even though I now consume some animal foods I still eat just about all raw, I am so glad that I began this journey of raw food back in 2003.

I read countless books on nutrition and devoured them. Part of the reason for this motivation was because my friends were doing it, and my mom had had cancer so I wanted to help her get back on track to feel better after her chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I also wanted to do my best to prevent her from having the cancer come back. So far so good.

I listened to radio programs by Jay Kordich, Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Patrick Timpone, David Wolfe’s The Best Day Ever productions, Dr. Bob Marshall’s radio show, Raw Vegan Radio and others.

Between reading books and listening to audio podcasts non stop from 2003 until now 2011, I must have racked up about 4,380 hours of learning. I can’t remember how many hours it takes to get a bachelors degree but I’ve probably got one in health and nutrition.

The Idea For The Show

With all this knowledge I wanted to somehow give back. I had my limitations and knew I needed to work within them. I thought about the idea of becoming a certified nutritionist as I like working with people. I thought about what it would take to get the degree and I thought it wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to be responsible for not being able to heal somebody.

I thought about becoming a raw food chef and working with food or even creating my own product line. But then again, I wasn’t helping people in the way I wanted. I wanted to more directly focus on helping people, not necessarily creating a great raw food granola bar or something. Although I love those too.

The idea of becoming an “expert” where people look to me for answers wasn’t appealing either. In my opinion there’s more power in asking questions than giving answers.

Plus having the pressure to give intellegent answers to convince people of something would wear me out. Doing all that talking and having people hold you acocuntable for what you say, wouldn’t be my cup of tea.

That didn’t leave me with many options. How could I help people? How could I serve? Then the idea for a radio show came to mind.

I could talk about health (something I love to do and am passionate about) without talking and wearing myself out having to be the one answering the questions. This seems like the perfect marriage.

I can help people by putting out cutting edge information without being the one who’s doing all the talking or being recognized as the “expert.”

I began searching Google for making online radio stations podcasting etc. I finally found a one stop shop website about how to make a podcast that has been a tremendous help.

All I need to do is purchase the podcast equipment and begin. My plans are to launch the radio show by the end of 2012 at the latest. I’m thinking it’s going to happen much sooner than that.

How Is My Show Going To Help You?

I’ve listened to a lot of low quality audio interviews over the years and although they were good, I never stuck with them because I just didn’t like that twangy audio in my earphones all the time.

Also some of the shows had guests on that were less than stellar. No reason to add more of that to the world.

My plans are to interview, doctors, PHD’s, scientists, researchers and authors who are really on the cutting edge of health and nutrtion.

For some reason our culture worships these types of individuals. We don’t trust people unless they have a white lab coat on. Sad but true. These are the types of high quality guests that I want to feature on our site.

I don’t want to interview the raw foodist who’s been eating this type of diet for a year. I want to bring cutting edge guests onto this show in order to really take your health and healing to the next level.

What Happens Until The Show Is Launched?

Sometimes if we can’t follow our dream right away, we could ask ourselves, “what CAN I do until it happens?” In the meantime I’ll be developing this site as much as I can by providing articles, recipes, tips and resources from things that I have learned over the years.

If you can’t focus on living your dream now, figure out if there’s even a piece of it you can start working on right away so that it will help satisfy your desire to create and it will keep your motivation going until the day that you can do exactly what it is that you want to do.

So now the question is, what do you want to do? How can you start working on your dream?

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