Adam Marafioti – Methylene Blue – How It Works, What It Is, Why You Should Use It, How It Was Discovered & Where To Get It! – Extreme Health Radio

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Adam Marafioti – Methylene Blue – How It Works, What It Is, Why You Should Use It, How It Was Discovered & Where To Get It!

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Some time ago I read a book called The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue and began learning and researching this magical substance. I was really excited to have on Adam Marafioti from LifeBlud on the show today. In this episode we talked specifically about methylene blue and its effects on the body. We talked about how it works, what areas of the body it impacts, why you should use it and where to get it.

We also talked about how to nebulize it, put it on topically and even inject it for back pain.

What methylene blue seems to do is carry electrons across the electron transport chain in the mitochondria. It’s a surrogate for oxygen and can transform ferrous iron into ferric iron which has PROFOUND impacts on mitochondria respiration, oxidative phosphorylation and ATP production.

Methylene blue is a very powerful product that I highly suggest you keeping on hand.

For a limited time you can use the code EHR15 for a significant discount. If that code doesn’t work, try EHR10.

I like to use it to restore overall health, prevents flus and colds as well as it can be used in acute situations as well.

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Adam Marafioti

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Adam Marafioti is a health researcher and owner of LifeBlud

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Methylene blue

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