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Bob Greska – Could This Little Known Substance Be The Key To Detoxification, Health & Longevity?

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Today we had Bob Greska on the show to talk about carbon 60 and how C-60 as it’s known, can help improve your health.

How does C-60 work? It works by pulling oppositely charged chemicals and toxins from your body. In studies with mice C-60 has shown a 90% increase in lifespan.

Does this translate to humans?

I’m not sure.

At the time of this interview there were a couple things I wasn’t aware of when it comes to studies in mice. Generally studies in mice are done because of the similarity to human translation.

What most people do not know about (and I didn’t until a few weeks ago) is that the environment of a mouse can skew the study. What’s wrong with their environment? They’re typically inside, under artificial lighting and they’re not grounded to the earth, the way humans were meant to live.

Not only that mice have completely opposite diurnal cycles and circadian rhythms.

So the accuracy of studies in mice are suspect to say the least.

But I didn’t know that at the time.

Regardless of that information, there is a lot of studies showing the benefitial aspects of the C-60 molecule and what it can do inside the human body.

Can C-60 be the holy grail to detoxification and aging?

Listen to th is show with Bob Greska to find out. I hope you enjoy this episode!

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Show Topic:

Carbon 60

Guest Info:

Bob Greska

Aerospace engineer. Spent most of his life working in carbon.

Bob Greska has been a materials engineer since 1978 with a deep interest in all things carbon for many years.

He worked with Hypoberic chambers, different from Hyperberic chambers, for healing toxins steal a negative from a molecule and that cell goes rogue and is essentially what is known as a cancer cell

Carbon – 60, and especially the single molecule C-60 Bob created goes after the toxin and the rogue cell

These rogue cells also mingle with other quality molecules, vibrate and coerce other cells to go rogue

The reported results from people deleting these toxins with this C-60 is quite remarkable.

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