Billy Best – His Story Of Running Away From Forced Chemotherapy Treatments For Cancer & The 4 Alternatives He Used Instead – Extreme Health Radio

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Billy Best – His Story Of Running Away From Forced Chemotherapy Treatments For Cancer & The 4 Alternatives He Used Instead

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billy-best-bio-picWhat a fun conversation we had today with Billy Best.

For those that don’t know Billy Best was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma back in 1995 when he was just 16 years old. He’s the author of The Billy Best Story: Beating Cancer with Alternative Medicine which we talk about during the show.

It was a media sensation at the time.

We talked about his story before the cancer diagnosis. He was involved in a skateboarding accident that ripped his arm off which he had to have surgically reattached to his body.

Because of the pain medication, the drugs and the surgery, he thinks that weakened his immune system to the point where cancer was allowed to fester and grow in his body.

We talked about his harrowing story of running away from his family, getting on a greyhound bus and ended up almost on the other side of the country. We talked about some of the specific protocols he used to overcome his cancer.

Two of the products he used were 714X and Essiac Tea. I link to both of them in this post and you can find links to them on his website as well.

He also cut out of his diet foods like sugar, chemicals, meat, dairy, and other highly inflammatory and cancer causing foods.

Changing your diet, and adding detoxification protocols are critical if you want to restore the health of your body. We like to recommending rebounding in situations like this as well because it helps to drain out the lymphatic system of the body.

The lymph nodes are where toxins are stored and they help to remove waste and acids which cause cancer from the body.

This was a very interesting show with a fascinating man about his story with cancer and we hope that it offers you hope in your own healing journey!

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Show Date:

Wednesday 7/9/2014

Show Guest:

Billy Best

Guest Info:

Beating Cancer with Alternative Medicine and Natural Therapies

Written by Billy Best and Linda Conti

Available July 2012 on and by direct sale – from us!

In 1994 I was a teenage runaway, trying to escape harsh chemotherapy treatments. It wasn’t long before I unwittingly became a media sensation.

Thanks to an outpouring of letters and phone calls from compassionate people across the country, I was able to find an alternative way of healing I could embrace.

This is my story.

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Healing cancer naturally

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