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Jason Prall – The Secrets To Living A Long Healthy & Fulfilling Life

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Jason Prall joined us from the Human Longevity Project and we had a really great time talking about everything he’s learned while making, filming and producing his hit documentary, the aforementioned Human Longevity Project.

What were the charactistics that allowed people in different cultures to live a long healthy disease free life? What diet did they follow? What foods or lifestyle practices did they eat and engage in?

What did these people avoid?

Is it possible to live to you’re 150 years old in a strong, flexible healthy energetic body? Is that even something to strive for? Would you even want to have that long of a lifespan? How does the idea of having a life purpose change the length of your life?

In this show we don’t just talk about antiaging (some call it “pro youthing) but we talk about living a full rich and fulfilling life no matter how long that is.

Jason Prall shared many of his ideas about longevity and how happiness plays a role in our lifespan.

I hope you enjoy this show with mr. Jason Prall from the Human Longevity Project.

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Show Topic:

The Human Longevity Project

Guest Info:

Jason Prall is a Longevity and Optimal Health Practitioner who works remotely with individuals around world to provide solutions for those struggling with weight loss or suffering from complex health issues that their doctors have been unable to resolve.

As a nationally-recognized speaker and host of the “You, Optimized. Radio” show, hes been able to share his unique and innovative approach with a global audience, which has facilitated the transformation of thousands of lives with simple, practical, and powerful solutions to combat chronic health conditions and drastically improve quality of life.

Jason is soon releasing a documentary film series called, “The Human Longevity Project”, which is set to uncover the complex mechanisms of chronic disease & aging and the true nature of longevity in our modern world.

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