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5 Reasons You Need To Start Juicing

start-juicing-homeAfter having read the title you wouldn’t be even reading this far unless you didn’t feel quite right about your energy levels or your diet. Are you low on energy these days? I’m sure you want to eat a more nutritious diet but you know you’re woefully lacking in the discipline department so you’re looking for something, anything you can do to improve your health.

Here at Extreme Health Radio we don’t advocate removing bad foods from your diet. We advocate soley focusing on adding amazing superfoods to your daily nutritional intake.

What’s the best habit you can get into? In my opinion it’s juicing. Juicing is amazing for so many reasons. If you get into the habit of juicing on a regular basis (we advocate building a discipline that leads up to making one green juice every single day) it will change your life on so many levels you’d be amazed.

If you set a goal to juice for 30 days straight not missing one single day, I guarantee you, you’ll be a changed person inside and out. It’ll completely change your life.

Even for Kate and I, our goal is still to make one green juice per day. We did it for many years but recently we’ve been averaging about 5 juices per week. Sometimes we have the blessing of buying them pre-made at a local health food store. Before we interviewed Ty Bollinger the other day Kate brought one to me first thing upon waking up in the studio.

What a blessing!

If you’re unsure as to what kind of juicer to buy, we recommend The Jay Kordich Powergrind Pro. And if you don’t know how to juice, what to juice or how often to juice we recommend a program by Drew Canole that he put together called Juice Up Your Life.

If you’d simply like to listen to an interview we had with Joe Cross about how he changed his life with juicing you can click here.

Increase Your Mineral Intake

As David Wolfe says minerals are the name of the game. Minerals are according to David Wolfe more important than vitamins. The “mins” part of vitamins are representative of minerals. If you lack minerals your body will simply stop working right and you’ll be susceptible to all sorts of diseases.

Minerals are the key to life and they are the necessary components for all living things to thrive and be abundant. When you juice you’re flooding your body with minerals that it desperately needs to not only function properly but also to prevent major diseases.

There are around 92 minerals the human body needs and when you juice organic fresh vegetables and make green juices, you can bring in all these beautiful minerals to all of your 30 trillion cells.

High Absorbability of Nutrients

It’s not what you eat that’s important, it’s what you digest, absorb and ultimately assimilate. When you juice you remove the fiber of the fruit or vegetable and bring in the life giving nutrients into your body.

Because the fresh juices is loaded with vitamins, minerals and enzymes your body doesn’t have to have the pancreas make enzymes in order to break this food down. It’s already pre-digested so it allows your immune system and digestive system to essentially take a break from digesting for once while at the same time providing vitamins, minerals and enzymes in high amounts.

Your Diet Sucks

Don’t hide from it. Your diet sucks. If it didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this part. In all seriousness though we can always improve our diets. But let’s assume you’re cheating here and there by eating some fast food or some sugary snacks when you have that food craving.

This isn’t a license to eat bad food, but one way to offset some of the damage caused by the typical American diet of processed foods is to drink a tall glass of slightly sweetened green juice.

Regardless of your diet, drinking a detoxifying green juice each day is going to help tremendously.

The more your diet sucks the more you should make an effort to bring these green juices into your bloodstream and body.

Self Love

Taking the time and effort out of your day to wash the produce and prepare the vegetables and actually run them through the juicer is subconsciously telling your body that you’re worth it. It’s kind of like doing an enema. It’s one of the highest acts of self love there is.

It’s investing in your life, your future and the lives of those around you. It’s saying to your body and to the entire Universe, “hey I’m worth it. The world needs me and I’ve got a life to offer here and my health is needed in order to benefit those around me.”

It’s an act of self love. Hell it’s easy to whip out a six pack and drink some beer. It takes no effort. I’ve heard health authors talk about how on an energetic level, food that you work for in order to procure, actually becomes healthier for you.

The effort you put in, in order to eat it is telling your body that you deserve life and you want to live.

Think of juicing almost like a massage for your internal organs. It’s investing the time, energy and most importantly the intention in yourself.

Don’t take the easy way out and skip it or go for a can of coke. That’s what sick people do. That’s what other people do. That’s not what you do. You actually live with intention and you know it.

Juicing is an act of self love.

Alkalize Yourself

There’s no doubt about it, our diets are radically acidic in our culture today. We’re eating foods that are tremendously acidic. Highly acid foods eaten over a long period of time have been shown to be “related” (I’m not convinced causitive) to cancer and tumor growth. If you look into Dr. Robert O. Young from Ph Miracle Living they advocate a highly alkaline diet.

I think it’s important to have balance. Being too alkaline is probably as unhealthy as being too acidic. Always look for balance. Most meats, dairy, bread and processed foods are acidic.

Green vegetables and many fruits like lemons tend to be alkaline once inside the body.

Making a green juice that’s loaded with alkaline forming vegetables is a great way to maintain that balance in your diet for optimum health. Being alkaline or more in balance with your acidic diet helps to increase the oxygen transfer into each of your cells through the blood.

So when are you doing to buy a juicer and learn how to juice so you can set your 30 day goal of making 1 green juice every single day? Do you think you can stick to it?

Comment below!

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