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4 Reasons Why Kate and I Love Our New BioMat

biomatHave you ever heard of the BioMat? When I first got into nutrition and raw foods back in 2003 I started getting exposed to all kinds of what seemed to be strange information. I was exposed to ideas like, there’s only one disease and all diseases can be cured and healed naturally. I learned about how fasting worked to cure most illnesses and even people living on light and air without eating food.

After that I began learning about energy medicine, magnetics, quantum physics and things like crystals for healing and even frequency generators also known as Rife machines.

During that same time I learned about a device called the BioMat. When I saw one I was hooked. Then I started learning about how they can help the body to cure diseases, oxygenate the blood, increase circulation, prevent pain, flush toxins from the lungs and lymphatic system, increase metabolism, rejuvenate the DNA, burn calories and so much more.

The list went on and one as far as what these BioMats could do. It seemed almost too good to be true. How can one mat do all these things? Well it’s not that the BioMat will do these things. The BioMat does about 3 things and as a result of these three things your body responds in a chemical reaction that is incredibly healing.

It’s like a cascade effect that your body has when it’s exposed to the BioMat. It’s absolutely incredible how you feel when you’re laying on this warm healing mat.

So a while back I was exposed to 3 different pieces of information in the exact same day concerning the BioMat. The last article was a piece written by one of our favorite guests Dr. Mark Sircus out of Brazil. He’s an amazing person helping the world to heal naturally using all kinds of holistic and alternative healing protocols.

When I read his article on how amazing this BioMat was I was thinking God was trying to tell me something. It was time to get one of these amazing BioMats for Kate and I.

I mean what are the chances that I’d get 3 messages all in one day all concerning the BioMat? It was too synchronistic to let it slide. I have to tell you, these things are just amazing.

We’ve had ours for about a week now and are addicted to it. I used it every day for hours. Usually I use mine at night before bed. I’ll lay on it on my back for 30 minutes or so. I usually end up falling asleep. I like it because it’s helping to heal my back.

As many of you might know I injured my lower back some time ago at the gym while lifting weights. I somehow pulled the discs apart or something becuase it has never been the same since. But using the BioMat has been helping like nothing else other than inversion therapy which I can talk about later.

When I’m done laying on my back I’ll flip over and read my books that I read each night. Then I’ll do some meditation on it for 10 minutes or so while listening to the sounds we got after we talked with Estaryia Venus.

Once I’m done with that I’ll put on a documentary and do my nightly stretches before bed. It’s kind of like yoga but it’s more just stretching while on the BioMat.

What I’ve Felt Using Our BioMat

It makes me feel tired, but very positive and almost motivated. It has a weird affect on my mood which is most likely coming from the negative ions being absorbed through my skin and lungs. On one hand I fall asleep on it and on the other hand I find myself feeling motivated and extremely uplifted to accomplish goals. It’s quite strange this double effect it has on me.

On a physical level it’s really helping my lower back, right hamstring and shoulder.

Here are 4 reasons we love our BioMat!

It’s Grounded

Invisible electromagnetic waves are penetrating our bodies all the time. This exposure comes from microwaves, cell towers, cell phones, computer screens, power lines and so much more. This is why we HIGHLY recommend protecting yourself with products from a website called LessEMF.com.

The BioMat acts in much the same way as an interceptor like a lighting rod safely conducting that energy back into the ground. It’s not every day that you can have a healing mat like this that’s also grounded to the earth. Also the EMF waves emitted by the controller itself are EXTREMELY low so it’s apparent they’ve put years and years of research into the constuction of a device like this.

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It Produces Negative Ions

Negative ions are a conductive and healing electricity found naturally around the earth in places like waterfalls, pine forests, the ocean and so on. Negative ions help the cells conductivity. They help to create cell channels so that cells can effectively distribute oxygen, minerals and nutrients to eachother.

Without negative ions cells cannot communicate with eachother and thereby pass on these vital nutrients.

It Produces FAR Infrared Light

FAR Infrared Light is a healing light from the spectrum of the sun. It’s a specific wavelength which is 6.5 tp 9.32 microns and penetrates 4 to 6 inches deep into the cellular tissues of the body. This is a very healing light and heat. If your body drops even by 1 degree Celsius more than 3,000 essential enzymes cannot function in your body. On the other hand if your body temperature rises by 1 degree Celsius your enzyme activity and immunity increases by 50%.

It’s different than our FAR Infrared Sauna that we use in conjunction to the BioMat. The BioMat is more portable (even though the sauna is as well), it allows you to sleep on it in your bed and take the heat, light and negative ions with you and it has healing crystals. I don’t find that I sweat as much on it, although I haven’t used it on its high setting for long periods of time. But it does allow you to control a little better where you distribute the heat on your body.

I really like it.

It Uses Special Healing Crystals

The people from Richway International Jeanna Kim and her husband have their own mine where they actually extract these healing crystals. The two types of crystals that are used in an interchangeable way are natural amethyst which helps produce the FAR Infrared Light and tourmaline which produces the negative ions that come off of the mat as you lay on it. These negative ions can be breathed in as well as absorbed through your skin.

There’s a reason why crystals are used in computers and just about every electronic device known to man. There’s a reason why crystals have been used throughout the centuries to conduct electricity, transfer information, store information and help to heal the body. I believe God gave us crystals to use just like he did food so we can have tools for healing.

If you’re interested in learning more about how crystals work you can watch the video below. God is amazing! He’s provided everything humans need to survive, thrive and heal our lives and the BioMat is simply a way to aggregate many of these healing substances into one tool that can be used to help the body become much healthier.

I love mine and plan to get more in the future. Kate and I want to get one for our bed (you can turn the heat setting to low) and just have the negative ions and the grounding effect on us all night while we sleep.

Talk about healing at the deepest level. I also want to get one for my lower back that I can use while I stand at my standing desk during my work time.

If you are looking to invest in your health and want to heal pain in your body and really take your health to the next level, I would HIGHLY suggest saving up your money and buying a BioMat.

I look at it like an investment in your long term health. Like getting a high quality blender like a Vitamix or a Sauna. These are healing tools that can really make you feel amazing and help your body to heal at the deepest levels.

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