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Sometimes The Best Soul Medicine Is To Simply Get Away For A While. Here’s What Happened To Me



Feel Good Project day 122

Yes, I have somewhat fallen off the blog/video wagon this past little bit. BUT-it’s OKAY. I am back and in action again.

My intention from the beginning of this Feel Good Project was to write about my journey every single day and not miss one-but have come to realize that such expectations just make me feel poorly and guilty when I cannot live up to them at times.

So, I am still completely committed to the regularity of writing, I just needed to go through a few things on my own and give myself a break for a bit.

A video will be up hopefully tomorrow about my juice/bone broth fasting experience. It sure did not end as planned, so I did not mean to leave everyone hanging with the outcome, but to be quite honest, my body actually needed a break and some space to recover both mentally and emotionally.

More about that later:)

I just returned from a three day retreat in the lovely hills of Santa Barbara with two really good soul friends of mine, where we laughed, cried, hiked, detoxed, and sat around for hours on end talking and not feeling like we had to be anywhere else but in the present moment. Have not felt like that in a very, very long time.

Makes me want to bust out The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle again and really recenter myself as I enter my ‘real life’ again.

The time away proved MORE than powerful for my heart and soul. I am still honestly processing the events that took place there and they are too fresh and raw to share at this moment in time.

I am not even sure I will ever share them in a blog post as they are some of the most personal and purging things that I have ever gone through. Maybe one day I will share them, but for now the pen will flow in the journal, as I gather these events up in my heart and reflect.

Getting away is so ridiculously important when life gets overwhelming. I felt bad leaving Justin and Maggie to hold down the fort, but it became VERY clear to me after the week from hell I was having, that I needed to get away and clear my mind.

It’s as if my spirit was restored to me almost. With many health challenges to deal with lately, I have been feeling very disconnected from the very core of who I am and where I am going in this life. Felt overtaken by sadness on such a deep level, I had no idea when it would lift.

However, as I had written on another entry, the fog started to life before I even left town, and then being away just helped create the space in which to properly rest and recover, while also releasing more heaviness, even at the eleventh hour like it often goes.

So, just wanted to say that I am BACK and I will be pushing forward as well as sharing some of my experiences along the way. And by the way thank you for your continued support with a really great tool called Patreon where you can donate to our shows on a per radio show basis. Any amount helps. Thanks in advance!

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Absolutely wonderful interview with our pal Mary Attalla this morning in studio for a show. Her view on life and wellness inspires me to live a balanced life full of hope even in the midst of hardship with chronic illness. THANK you Mary.


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