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Introducing Maggie Brown

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I wanted to introduce our latest addition to our family to everybody.

About a month ago we got a miniture long haired daschund. Her name was Wednesday (apparently she was born on that day) but we changed her name to Maggie.

I added the last name Brown because of one of my favorite songs by Shawn Mullins is called Maggie Brown.

My wife added the “Longbottom” because she’s a weiner dog and has a long body. 😉

We’ve been feeding her raw meat, raw eggs and cow bones from healthy animals.

It’s really fun having her in our lives and a fun way to learn about how animals eat and their primal instincts.

There are many places online that sell whole animal carcasses for dogs to eat as well as other high quality animal foods.

I’ll be sharing more on that later.

When I was a boy I always grew up with dogs. We had three, and the last one died when I was about 15 years old. Back then we knew nothing about health or diet so we fed them the standard dry kibble and canned dog food like Puppy Chow and Purina. Both of which are very toxic to animals and cause cancers in animals.

I recently read an article where Gary Nice CEO of the National Canine Cancer Foundation Inc. said that one out of every three dogs will get cancer in their lifetimes and of those that get cancer, 50% will die.

I’ve heard other studies that say the same thing. The question we should ask is why? Why all this cancer in humans and in our animals? What’s the common denominator? Perhaps guys like Daniel Vitalis and Mark Sisson are onto something with the whole domestication and primal thing. I suspect it’s true.

Wild dogs just don’t get cancer and it’s because of their diet and lifestyle. Same goes for us. When we start getting domesticated and eating unhealthy foods (just like dogs) we start to die from the same diseases. We shake our heads and wonder why but it’s so clear to me, it’s the food!

Because it’s been years since I last had a dog and now we’re going to go the natural route with it, I’ll be sharing any information I learn about animal vaccination shots (and whether homeopathics work and will be accepted), diet, natural flea control, teeth and gum health and more.

Listed below are some websites you might want to check out to learn more about how to use natural methods to treat our animals.

I hope you enjoy the photos of our new little addition.

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