Dr. Stephen Cabral – Why You Should Take Magnesium, Detox Heavy Metals, Cleanse Parasites & Much More! – Extreme Health Radio

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Dr. Stephen Cabral – Why You Should Take Magnesium, Detox Heavy Metals, Cleanse Parasites & Much More!

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Today we had Dr. Stephen Cabral on the show to talk about functional nutrition, cleansing, detoxification, heavy metals, parasites and minerals.

We took quite a few questions from the chat room on Youtube and that was a real blast.

I didn’t plan for the show to go the way that it did but it was a ton of fun. We talked alot about magnesium and how important of a mineral magnesium is inside the body.

Did you know that magnesium controls over 3700 enzymatic processes which is over 42% of our 9,000 enzymes? The minerals that runs the show is magnesium and copper.

We also talked about how important it is to do yearly colon cleanses, heavy metal detoxes along with at least 1 parasite cleanse per year.

It’s really important to make sure we’re getting rid of the unhealthy things in our lives like heavy metals, toxins, chemicals, parasites, emf, blue light and start working on bringing in things that really move the needle.

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