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Dr. Lita Lee – The Pro Thyroid Diet, Natural Hormone Balancing, Radiation Protection, Enzyme Therapies & Much More!

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Dr. Lita Lee stopped by to talk about her book The Enzyme Cure, The Radiation Protection Manual and how a pro thyroid diet low in poly unsaturated fatty acids (pufa’s) help to assist the thyroid gland to make hormones and keep you young and healthy. She talks about lowering estrogen and how testosterone, progesterone and pregnenolone help to increase metabolism and regulate fat loss.

She was a fireball of great information that we should all consider!

After you listen, comment below and tell us what you think!

We discuss the following and so much more:

  • Why enzymes are so critical for our health
  • What types of enzymes to take and when to take them
  • The 36 different health conditions related to enzyme deficiency
  • How to limit our exposures to environmental toxins
  • Why good thyroid health is critical for disease prevention
  • How to take good care of your thyroid
  • Detoxification strategies
  • And so much more!

Did you know there are at least 36 health problems related to enzyme deficiency? Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: Friday 11/16/2012
Show Guest: Dr. Lita Lee
Guest Info: Lita Lee, Ph.D. is a chemist, enzyme therapist, nutritionist, author and lecturer and has been in private practice since 1984.

In October 1998, Future Medicine published Dr. Lee’s book, The Enzyme Cure, which covers 11 years of research and clinical experience in plant enzyme therapy and presents 50 different case histories covering 36 different health conditions linked to enzyme deficiencies. This book also covers Dr. Lee’s work on hormonal balancing and environmental health.

Dr. Lee continues to update her research in her current quarterly newsletter, To Your Health and in many articles available free on this website.
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Topic: Thyroid health, enzyme therapy, cleansing
Guest Website(s): Lita Lee

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Podcast Transcript:

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