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George Wiseman – Molecular Hydrogen The Smallest & Most Powerful Antioxidant?

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  • Mr. George Wiseman joined us today to talk about molecular hydrogen and Brown’s gas. He has developed the AquaCure machine which helps to deliver molecular hydrogen to the body.

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    What a great show this was. I hope you enjoyed it!

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    Show Guest:

    George Wiseman

    Guest Info:

    George Wiseman is a self-funded inventor who has influenced, shaped and guided entire genres. He has been providing proven customer satisfaction since 1984.

    Mr. Wiseman has been hailed as one of the top Worldwide experts concerning Brown’s Gas – AKA: BG, HydrOxy, or HHO.

    Mr. Wiseman is a pioneer in developing and promoting the World’s most practical and safe HydrOxy Gas for “Health Application”.

    In 1996, Mr. Wiseman’s ‘Fuel Saver’and ‘WaterTorch’ customers began telling him how they were using HydrOxy to heal themselves. Extensive tests were subsequently run on plants, animals, birds and fish; all with amazing results.

    Eventually ‘they’, (his customers), convinced him to optimize his electrolyzer design so people could safely use the HydrOxy Gas to heal themselves of almost any ailment.

    Mr. Wiseman has sold thousands of his electrolyzers worldwide. The first experimental ‘for health’ electrolyzers are the ER50, which have been available since 2007. The recently upgraded version of Mr. Wiseman’s ‘Health Optimized’ electrolyzer, known as the AquaCure, has been on the market since July of 2017.

    George Wiseman is a true American inventor, with a twist. He invents world changing technology but does not patent it. Instead he sells the information and devices goes directly to the public and teaches as many people as he can how to duplicate his innovations. Yes, several people have used his technologies to make millions and not paid Mr. Wiseman a dime. But that is OK by Mr. Wiseman, because he is trying to get his innovations actually USED by the public.

    He thinks of himself as an alternative energy researcher and started his business, Eagle-Research, in 1984; at first selling fuel saving information and technology. He was able to revolutionize that genre, not only inventing several practical fuel savers, but also the technology that allowed fuel savers to interface with modern fuel systems. He then became an expert in Browns’ Gas, also known as HHO or HydrOxy, and has focused on that for the last 20 years. Fuel Savings was just one of the more than 30 useful applications for HydrOxy. Another Mr. Wiseman optimized was using HydrOxy to replace torch fuels like acetylene.

    The application he is currently focused on is HydrOxy for health. Hydrogen for health is fast becoming one of the most important innovations of all time and Mr. Wiseman is guiding the technology into using practical and SAFE technologies to apply it.

    Show Topic:

    Hydrogen, brown’s gas, and ez water or fourth phase water

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