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After Almost Going To The Emergency Room Because Of Acute Pain Here’s What I Did Instead



Feel Good Project day 123

Unfortunately, when it comes to ruptured ovarian cysts, this ain’t my first rodeo.

Although, I would like to make today’s episode my LAST.

Today was about the 10th or 11th ruptured cyst I have endure over the past fourteen years. I seriously mean ENDURED. Gnarliest pain I can ever think of, where I feel as if my insides are twisting up and internally bleeding all at the same time. If this sounds horrible, it’s because it IS.

There are plenty of women who have experienced one or more of these, and my pal Kristy said that the one and only rupture she experienced was THE worst pain she’s ever experienced, leaving her nauseous, blacked out and utterly confused as to the slew of other symptoms that followed so tremendously she was sent home from a house boating trip on the lake that she was a youth leader at.

She was the first friend I had that in common with, and immediately I felt assured that I wasn’t a wuss and had a very low pain tolerance, or that I wasn’t just being dramatic about the whole thing and blowing it out of proportion.

The first one I experienced was in 2001, days after a horrible relationship breakup, and I had no idea what was happening to me as I was overcome with fever, followed by chills and then what felt like a body part explode somewhere over in the lower right quadrant of my body. It made me wonder even then if this could have been ushered in by the emotional trauma I had just experienced prior.

I strongly believe it could be related no doubt, but nonetheless, since that was a brand new experience and was not sure what was going on, I rushed off to the Dr only to have them take an ultrasound to confirm what I had believed might be the issue at hand.

It had indeed ruptured, and there was nothing I could do about that after the fact but take pain meds (which I have to say, I knew VERY little about health at the time and took a pill prescribed to me that was almost worse than the rupture, and sent me into two days of throwing up) and waiting for my body to magically absorb the broken cyst and fluids like it miraculously did!

About three whole years went by until I had another one (which, by the way I was put on the birth control pill right away after the first episode, being very assured that would keep this from happening to me again), then about eight years I’d say went by until I had a few more. Recently, over this past year I have had many more, which let me tell you is frustrating beyond belief.

Considering I bailed on the birth control pill in 2010 (thank GOD!), have done so much cleansing, clean eating and loving my body and taking much better great care of it, I am continually surprised.

However, I do have to add in that my adrenals/hormones have not been right for at least a year (and I am sure MANY more than I know about) so I do know that something is contributing to this continual issue at hand. Whatever I have done to try to help address it is simply not helping me very much, so I need to find another way for certain.

What I did today to help the very moment I knew it was coming on really seemed to work VERY well and I will share it with you.

I have to mention that the length and intensity of this particular attack was the most intense one yet, BUT, after the rupture, within an hour I was walking around in a normal and upright position 99% pain free, which has NEVER been the case before. So, in my opinion, something I did toady seemed to work!!!

So, right when I felt it coming on, I made myself lay down immediately on the couch and put a pillow under my knees. I grabbed the Q-1000 laser and began to laser the crap out of my right lower body ALL over the place as it hurt in areas not even specific to the ovary area.

Next, when things actually started to feel worse before the laser kicked in, Justin brought me water, about 4 Nattokinase enzymes, 5 or 6 Pancreatin enzymes, 3 white willow bark capsules for the pain, magnesium spray that I sprayed all over the right lower belly area and rubbed in and let dry, a hot water bottle and I really tried to relax.

I will not lie, tears FLOWED from my face as the pain completely seemed to overtake me.

Then, what seemed like forever went by and then I began to feel completely LIGHT. Zero pain, Completely symtom free just like that.

It left as fast as it had come on.

SO, I went from contemplating ER help (and you KNOW I’d have to be desperate to even step foot in that place) to walking Maggie within the hour after it passed with NO pain.


Now, as miraculous as this all is, I am MORE than determined to get to the bottom of this. I am OVER these life suckers.

I have WORK to do dang it.

My life’s purpose does not have time to be ‘surviving’ with these less than favorable illnesses and challenges.

So, I will keep everyone posted, as this is a huge part of my journey back to wellness it seems.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Choosing to see this challenge as yet again ANOTHER opportunity for growth, and by learning to heal my own body, I intend to become a healer of others.

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