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How This One Well Known Woman Overcame Fear & Inspired Me To Be Brave Also



[spp-tweet “”I am not afraid. I was born to do this.” -Joan of Arc”]

My friend Robin has recently introduced me to a new friend…the one who is quoted above. Had heard her name throughout slices of history books during school years, but like most other subjects I learned about at that time, they were condensed down to small little paragraphs in stuffy old worn out history books that seemed clinical and cold, rather than breathing life into these magnificent mean and women that changed the courses of history.

In retrospect, authors cheapened these historic and heroic lives, leveling their bravery and world changing down to mere sentences that nobody cared much to revisit, as it all happened long long ago in a galaxy far, far away…

However, the way Robin recounts this other worldly woman’s journey breathes life back into her existence for me for the very first time, in ways so inspiring, I can see why Robin now wears a symbol around her neck daily of this magnificent woman and the obstacles she faced all of those years ago.

The sad story is that in the eyes of most, she did not technically ‘win’, as she ended up burned at the stake for the rebel act of bravery she carried out.

However, I know I am not alone in this knowing of the real truth. The truth being that boy oh boy did she ever win. She WON hugely, even though it did not look like it.

What made her win in my book is the fact that she came with a mission, she faced her fear (which in my opinion is the most GIANT obstacle of all to overcome!), and she came out on the other side unafraid, no matter what the outcome.

THAT is true winning.

So, as life lately seems to kick me while I am at my most vulnerable, I am still okay. I am WINNING. The quote above is on a yellow sticky note on my wall above my desk, and I keep telling myself that if I say it enough, it will sink in and I will believe it more and more with every passing day.

And as crazy as it sounds, I am starting to believe it.

If this is all part of the path I am here to follow, then bring it on. I will hold my head up, regardless of the outside (or often inside) circumstances and I will choose love over fear.

Imagine if we all really understood what it was like to stand in the POWER of our own truth? The truth of what we are BORN to do!

I sense changes getting ready for those of us who are being set apart through tough times, as this is what we were made for. To start offering this world what it is we are here for!!!! THIS is what we are born to do!!!!

Fellow pilgrims, I stand right alongside you in this fight, and I say fight because sometimes that is exactly what it is, no matter how much I want to zen that statement out and take the ‘negativity’ of that word out of it. BUT, I will be real in saying that sometimes it just feels like it’s time to put on our best fight face and fake it till we make it, and slowly, no matter how long it seems to take, we believe and become.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Getting our apartment deep cleaned for the first time in months. It had been pushed to the wayside, however today I made it a priority and how good it felt to have floors swiffered, mopped and shining! Everything out in it’s proper place brings a fresh start again!


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