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Tracy Raftl – The Holistic & Natural Way To Treat Severe Acne & Skin Conditions

Tracy Raftl from The Love Vitamin joined us today to talk about a common issue, namely acne. The amount of people dealing with acne, cists, pimples and generally poor skin is growing at an epidemic rate.

She’s the creator of The Naturally Clear Skin Academy and has quite a story herself.

Acne is a billion dollar industry mostly because of poor health and poor diet.

Many dermatologists think that it’s just a topical issue and people just need to put more creams and medications on their skin. Some go so far as prescribe antibiotics, products like accutane or even birth control to help mitigate the pimples and acne breakouts so many people have.

On a physical level, I believe acne is related to poor liver and gut health and fungal overgrowth. The zit or pimple itself is like a fruiting body of a mushroom. It wants to release itself (like spores do in a mushroom) to spread and grow. When a person stops eating foods that incite candida, yeast and fungal infections (namely sugars of all kinds) that is the first step to causing an imbalance with the skin.

But it’s as deep as you’d like to go. For every physical ailment there’s a spiritual or emotional counterpart (in my opinion). There must be deeper issues going on with people to get breakouts of acne all over their skin.

My brother used to get giant cystic acne bumps on his shoulders and back. His was related to hormones I’m sure.

Tracy Raftle has an incredible story of her own alternative health and natural healing remedies for acne. She was afflicted with severe acne like I’ve never seen before.

As a result of overcoming her own bouts with acne, she’s put together an entire program dedicated to healing from acne naturally using a whole host of strategies and methods that you won’t hear from your dermatologist.

If you’re dealing with acne or know somebody who is please forward this to them.

Thanks for listening and sharing. 🙂

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Show Date:

Friday 9/9/2016

Show Guest:

Tracy Raftl

Guest Info:

Tracy Raftl is a natural health and wellness blogger, writer and advocate of natural health.

Show Topic:

acne and skin health

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The Naturally Clear Skin Academy

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