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The Limitations Of Science, Listener Questions, Downloading Thoughts & Disease?, Cracking Belief Systems, Bone Health & Much More!

Today we talked about many things regarding health, mindset, spirituality, emotional health and healing from disease.

Before we get started….

I have to say thank you for your patience. We are in the middle of a giant move. As a result of the shows we’ve done on mold and emf, we decided to move. It’s just not healthy to live in a place that you know is putting a burden on your immune system. We live what we talk about.

We also wanted to move because it’s much quieter in our new place and it fosters peace. We’ve spent the last 6.5 years where we are and were able to grow Extreme Health Radio to one of the most popular alternative health radio shows on the internet but we feel it’s time for change.

We have a new office and a new place that are about a mile from each other.

Our place is packed in boxes and we are moving out! We also got a brand new dog named Charlee Brown. On top of that our main recording and production computer crashed a few weeks ago.

After trying myself to save it and then taking it to a place to see if they could save it, we had to give in and buy a brand new computer.

What we needed was so specific we had to have it custom built to be able to do what we need to do on the show. With that said, it took a few weeks to get it built, shipped and delivered.

Once I got it, I had to get all my programs and apps on there to be able to produce shows. Whew!

Apparently mercury is in retrograde officially but for us it seems like it’s been that way for the past month.

With all that said, thank you for your patience!

On today’s show we gave a recap of all that is going on as well as answered listener questions about a wide variety of subjects.

I hope you enjoy!

Here are some listener questions we covered:

Hi Justin and Kate!

I’m just getting back to you to tell you how much I hate the sauna *;) winking …

Totally kidding OF COURSE!!!!! I naturally love the sauna and have experienced so many benefits including a really great sense of relaxation and calmness, better skin tone and muscle tone increased feeling of purity (cleanliness), better quality sleep, etc. This is just my initial review: TOP NOTCH, 100% AMAZING, FIVE STAR – PLATINUM QUALITY!!!!!! *:D big grin I can’t wait to dig deep with this tool and do some DETOX – Yeah!!!

One of the BEST things though is that my boyfriend, who is kind of a big naysayer when it comes to what he calls “Pseudo science” or “gimmicks”, absolutely loves the sauna too. (I’m really happy about that). He was visiting me for a couple of months and I finally got it set up and working in the last month. We’ve been having daily saunas (his 15 min, mine: 22 min ). I try to have at least 1 sauna per day and occasionally 2, like the “spa day for Phil”.

I wanted to ask you if you received the lamp from Phil, and if so, how do you like it? I’m curious about that product.

Hope you guys are doing FANTASTIC and I hope to speak to you soon. I have a feeling I will as so many awesome things are happening in my life right now. Thanks for all you do and keep up the wonder work you are doing in your lives.

Love and Hugs from me –


This story touched me, I cried. My mom died after going to cancer treatment centers of America. They gave her staph infection in her blood. I desperately tried to give my mom more options, but belief in the medical community and pressure from family made her stay in the eugenics lab of chemotherapy. I’m so happy for Bailey at least they didn’t kill another one while robbing them of money and hope. Thank you Kate and Justin!

Mr. Mushroom


Hey. Thank u so much for all your shows.
I was wondering if u have read anything
about dental problems or have a resource
I could look into. Just got
back from the dentist and they said one
of my teeth had a dead and infected
root and it’s where it will be noticeable
when they pull it. Wah. They said
special foods or diet will not help.

Once again thanks for your help.




Reading your use of 5 herbs to create an infusion drink to aid stronger bones (osteoporosis in my case), do you know what quantities of herbs and how much liquid you drink from this mason jar?

Many thanks


On Last Thing!

As always your support via your donations and bookmarking our Amazon link to use each time you purchase is how we keep our show going. Thank you for bookmarking our Amazon link even if you’re not buying anything right now! 🙂


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Show Date:

Monday 8/29/2016

Show Guest:

Free For All Friday

Show Topic:

Bone health, teeth and gum issues, spirituality, letting go and much more!

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