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Keith Pendlebury On Healing Cancer Using Selenium & Minerals

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We had a great conversation today with Keith Pendlebury from One Cancer Cure talking about the power of the mineral selenium on many types of cancers.

What a fireball he is. He’s got lots of great information to share about how to treat, prevent and beat cancers using this one anti cancer nutrient. If you know anybody that has cancer or if you’ve been affected by cancer you have to listen to this show!

We discuss the following and so much more:

  • The power of the mineral selenium on cancer cells (16:52 – 23:40)
  • A list of household cleaning products that can cause cancer (35:10)
  • A list of cancer fighting foods (36:40)
  • How Keith’s friend completely reversed stage 3 colon cancer using selenium
  • What other supplements Keith uses to prevent and reverse cancers (37:40)

Learn how 1 mineral reversed stage 3 colon cancer.Click to tweet this!

If you’re interested in buying the selenium that Mr. Keith Pendlebury talks about in this show you can do that below.

Get it here:

It’s from Webber Naturals and the link above is from Amazon. For cancer prevention Kate and I take 1 200 microgram tablet per day. I believe Keith says that if have cancer to take 2 tablets of selenium per day but you’ll have to check with him on that. Kate and I bought about 8 or 9 bottles and the total was roughly around $70.00.

This will last us both for an entire year. 🙂

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Show Date: 8/24/2012
Show Guest: Keith Pendlebury
Guest Info: Keith Pendlebury lives in British Columbia, Canada and has lived, with his wife and 6 week old daughter in Yukon, over 70 miles from the nearest town. Keith panned for gold, hunted moose and caribou and lived close to wolves, grizzly bears and black bears.

To benefit his family Keith eventually moved to civilization while trying to live the principles of self reliance and independence. Keith has been a small publisher and printer for many years and has focused on learning all he could through health and nutrition research for 40 years with a
particular emphasis on what causes and helps your body prevent and cure cancer.

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Topic: Cancer, Selenium
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Podcast Transcript:

JUSTIN: Thank you everybody for joining us for Episode #2 of You can find that

I just want to let you know that today’s show is brought to you by the Squatty Potty which is an inexpensive little stool that sits underneath your toilet. It actually helps you to get into a squatting position when you go to the bathroom, which is much health than the standard way people go to the bathroom now. It actually helps to prevent cancer and it unpinches your lower colon, so you have better bowel movements. So, you can check that out, if you are interested, at

I am really excited about today’s guest. We have Keith Pendlebury today and he is a cancer researcher. I am just going to read his ‘bio’ to you:
Keith Pendlebury lives in British Columbia, Canada and has lived with his wife and six-week old daughter in Yukon, over 70 miles from the nearest town. Keith has panned for gold, has hunted moose and wild caribou and lives close to wolves, grizzly bears and black bears. To benefit his family, Keith eventually moved to civilization, while trying to live the principals of self-reliance and independence.

Keith has been a small publisher and printer for many years and has focused for forty on learning all he could, through health and nutrition research, with a particular emphasis on what causes and helps your body prevent and cure cancer. When his father died in extreme agony from radiation used to treat cancer in 2001, 90 days after his first radiation treatment, Keith swore he would find something that could cure cancer that wouldn’t have to risk death from medical treatment or cause extreme pain and suffering.

Keith’s free e-book, ‘One Cancer Cure’, which can be downloaded at no cost at is just the beginning of him keeping that promise.

Well Keith, that’s quite a bio. You pan for gold and have lived with wolves, grizzly bears and black bears.

KEITH: Yes, where we lived was 70 miles up the Yukon River from Dawson City. The spot where we actually lived was where the Stuart River joins the Yukon River. You can find it on a map, pretty much in the center of the Yukon territory. In the winter there, it was minus 72 centigrade we were told, although we never had a thermometer that went colder than minus 62. So, after that, it was pretty much just solid. You really never knew how much colder it was. I remember one day when I worked outside all day, it was minus 56. The next day when I woke up, I thought that summer had come, as it was only up to minus 32. We had bears try to say ‘hi’ to our meat cache, in a not very friendly way, and wolves would come to attract our dogs so that they could take them off into the woods and eat them. All kinds of interesting stories.

The best gold panning thing, we actually had a D4 Cat out at one of the creeks, which actually took out 56 ounces of gold in five days. That’s the best we did.

JUSTIN: Oh wow! When you said ‘panning for gold’ in your bio, I was reminded of Jim Humble who does the MMS cures for diseases. The Master Mineral Supplement, Jim Humble. Have you heard of him?

KEITH: Never heard of Jim, no.

JUSTIN: He does a lot of work with this substance called MMS. Do you get a lot of flack, or anything, for using the words ‘cure cancer’?

KEITH: I would if it wasn’t for the fact that it is a cure. Although I’ve worked with different people who have had cancer….liver cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer over the years, the case in the one about one man, who I knew very well (his name was Roger) and he had been a friend of mine for a number of years. One day, I’m sitting at home and Roger’s wife phoned me. Now they live 45 miles out of town, on a dirt road, on a sheep farm. She asked me if I could come and get Roger and take him to the hospital, because he couldn’t drive anymore. He is in his late 70’s and he had a couple of seizure type episodes and couldn’t really legally and safely drive anymore.

So, when I went out there, she said that he had an appointment with a cancer specialist and that totally surprised me. She said, because of the seizures, his memory was pretty much shot, and by the time he gets with the other people who give him rides, he can’t remember what the doctor said. So, I took him and I’m sitting there with Roger and the doctor and the doctor looks at me and says to Roger ‘can I talk frankly with this gentleman here?’. And Roger looked at me and said, ‘I have no problem, there is nothing to hide from Keith, he’s a great family friend’. Then the doctor turned to Roger and said ‘Roger, based on my 18 years of experience, you have no more than 6-9 months to live. Your prostate cancer has become terminal and there is nothing more medical science can do for you. The best advice I can give you is to go home and get your affairs in order’. Roger looked at me and I looked at Roger and the doctor. He was deadly serious. Roger had been diagnosed with prostate cancer several years before, and they had been taking regular prostate cancer tests, PSA tests, every six months and his PSA reading started off at 11.30. The maximum for somebody Roger’s age would have been 6.5.

He was at 11.30 and then 12.78 and then 13 something, then 18 something and then 24, then 28, 38 and now 44. It was seven times the maximum normal.

The doctor really couldn’t do anything for Roger, because, at that reading, the cancer has usually spread throughout the body and there is nothing they can do. There would be tumors all over the place and they would be growing so fast, you can’t do anything about it. Roger talked with the doctor for a little while longer and then, as we left, Roger’s German/Swiss salt-of-the-earth, most shepherds are, and said, as we were standing in the doorway leaving the doctor’s office at the hospital, ‘Dr. Pendlebury, what are you going to do for me?’. That was Roger’s way of telling me ‘I need help, and I haven’t got a clue what to do, and I don’t know how to handle this. You’re my friend, so what can you do?’ He knew it.

We went to my house and picked up a few supplements I had been taking and took them to Roger’s house and explained to Roger’s wife what Roger should take. 98 days later, we went to take Roger back for another PSA test. Remember what his PSA test was and that the doctor had told him that he was going to die within 6-9 months, as his PSA was 44. The highest maximum normal level for a PSA for Roger’s age would be 65.

98 days later, with no surgery, no chemotherapy and no radiation, just the stuff that I document in the e-book, his PSA rating was down to 1.31, a 95% drop, about 1/5th of what would have been normal for a man Roger’s age. This would have been incredibly good for a guy in his 20s. So, three weeks later (there was a little delay in getting to see the doctor). Roger had had the test, but we didn’t know the results, and we didn’t learn the results until we sat in with the doctor. He opened up the lab report and looked at it. You know, in the old Keystone Cops silent movie, every gesture that was made was exaggerated, so you knew whether they were surprised or shocked. The doctor was holding the paper and he shook it in his hands and looked up at Roger and looked at me, looks down at the paper again to reassure himself, just to try and make sure he was actually awake and seeing the right numbers. He says,
‘Roger, according to this, there is no sign of active prostate cancer anywhere in your body, it must be a bad test’.

JUSTIN: Of course.

KEITH: You don’t go from terminal to no signs of cancer in 120 days under normal circumstances.

JUSTIN: Right.

KEITH: So, he said ‘I’m going to order a new test in a couple of months, but this is really good’. Roger looked at me and smiled and the doctor looked at me. I won’t say his name. I’m trying to avoid saying his name, because I don’t want people phoning the doctor, as he has enough stuff to do as it is, treating people normally. And, I don’t want his office bothered by hundreds of calls. I would have put it in there, but Roger’s wife didn’t want to put her name or his name with the other four doctors in there, so that people would leave them alone and let them look after the patients they normally look after.

I then had been gone for three months. I had taken my son over to Alberta for a summer job, and I left them with a shopping list, telling them what kind of Selenium to get, because they are 45 miles out of town. I gave the list to somebody else who bought a different brand of Selenium than the one I had given Roger. When I came back, Roger had his next test and I assumed it would have gone just the way I said it would, but I found out that Roger’s PSA had almost tripled. It had gone from 1.31 to 3.24. I got really scared about if it’s coming back. So, I went out to see Roger and found out they had been using a different kind of Selenium. He went back on the kind of Selenium that I suggested that Roger take in the first place. When the next PSA test came back, it was down from 3.24 to 1.49. The test, six months later after that, was 0.85. The next test after that was 0.58, and the next test was 0.34. At that point, the doctor said ‘I guess you really don’t have any cancer’.

The nice part is that the reason I focused on that in the book, is, from the doctor’s office, we got all of Roger’s lab tests and I was able to put them in the e-book.

JUSTIN: Yes, I saw that.

KEITH: So, people were able to see from the very beginning all the way through to the very end, including the mess-up, what happened and why. And then, the reason why nobody argues with me (am sure somebody will at some point) is that my good friend, Bill Crozier, who is a retired RCMP officer, and spent most of his career undercover, and in setting up cases so that criminals would really be properly prosecuted and go to jail. He was the guy who assembled the evidence trail, so that all of the evidence pointed to where these guys were guilty, if they were. I said to Bill, ‘here’s all the evidence, could you get me convicted of curing cancer if we took all this to court’. He looked at it for a couple of weeks and said ‘based on the rules and evidence in a Canadian Court, I could get you convicted for life for curing cancer’. So, on that basis, with that assurance, I put the book together, we put about a year’s worth of effort into it, and published it in March of this year. In the last three weeks, we have had over 2000 people download that book.

JUSTIN: Again for those of you who don’t know, you can find that e-book at and it is completely free. Actually, in my mind, it’s worth quite a bit of money, but I think Keith is doing an honorable thing here and providing it to people for free. There are opportunities to donate to him, to help offset some of the costs for him running his website, putting this e-book together and providing it for free for people. So, go ahead and download it at

Does the Selenium work on multiple types of cancers? Have you done any tests on this?

KEITH: I will tell you about a case we had with liver cancer, that has a good and a bad part to it. This was in the very beginning. Two stories, my father had lymphoma that had broken through the skin in his neck and it was curing it, until the radiologist persuaded my dad to have radiation. Then, 90 days later, dad was dead. But it had certainly started to cure it and they all agreed that it was holding up and healing, and then they called my dad and said ‘Mr. Pendlebury, your turn has come for the radiation therapy’. My dad said ‘I don’t want the radiation therapy, I don’t need the radiation therapy, as the stuff my son sent me is working like you said it is, I don’t need it’. They said, ‘well, come in and talk to the radiologist anyway’. This is in Eastern Ontario. They made the case for having the radiation treatment, but dad said ‘I tell you what, I really don’t need because this is healing up, but how about if we let the guy who is behind me in the line, have my place and I’ll take his and we’ll keep doing that’. And, if the stuff my son sent me doesn’t work, then I can be the next guy in line, that would be fine with me’.

JUSTIN: Huh, huh.

KEITH: The radiologist looked at my dad and said ‘well, Mr. Pendlebury that’s okay except for one thing. If you don’t take it now, you can go to the end of the line and the waiting period there is two years. So, my dad was 84 and he was living with my sister Val and two of his grandchildren. He loved that and wanted to stay alive. They persuaded him that it couldn’t hurt him, and 90 days after his first treatment he died in absolute horrible agony. The last couple of weeks, he couldn’t even rest in bed. He had to be in one of those inflatable things that have those fingers that come up that you rest on. My sister, Val, is a registered nurse, and she had unlimited Morphine to give dad. She would phone me, and tell me in tears, that she couldn’t give him enough Morphine to kill the pain. She was absolutely stunned that anybody could live through the agony my father was going through for another night, and another night, and another night. Val has seen hundreds of people die, as she has looked after seniors for years and years. I have never known her to be as distraught as she was when she talked with me. There’s no need for that.

JUSTIN: It’s interesting that yesterday, our first guest on the show, was Ty Bollinger. He is also a cancer guy. He talks about Selenium as well. You and I have a simiilar story, in the sense that we have gotten into healthy through cancer. My mom had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1995. I can’t remember if she had a 10% or 1% chance of living, but she had chemotherapy, radiation and a bone marrow transplant. I donated platelets to her and just watched her go through that. It was at that time that I started thinking, similar to your story, that there has to be a better way to get through cancer or to prevent it. It was just so aggressive. In your book, you talk about specific things, like Selenium, you give specific doses, as well as the actual brand, so that people can learn about more in your book. Right?

KEITH: Right. Well, all of the things that I learned, when you are doing anything, and when I was doing the research over the years, I would pick up various studies that were done. One of the studies that really impressed me was done by Dr. Donaldson at the Veterans Affairs Hospital in St. Louis, in the mid and late 70’s. There were 140 veterans, all of whom had had some form of cancer. They had had every treatment that was available, chemo, surgery and radiation and whatever combination that was used in those days, and it totally failed. The cancer had come back and had progressed to the point, where within a couple of weeks, in many cases, these people were expected to die. Dr. Donaldson believed that Selenium would work. It had been used as far back as 1911. He had found some of the original research, where they used to actually inject a form of Selenium, that you wouldn’t dare do now, but they didn’t know how it would actually kill people then. But they used to inject it directly into tumors that had broken through the skin and the Selenium would liquify the tumors. Literally, the tumors would flow out of the person. They gave these 140 vets the opportunity to have Selenium as the only treatment, to try and prove that it might work.

About a year and a half into the study, Dr. Donaldson died, I believe it was in a car accident, so the proper study with all the breakdowns and who got what, was never published. But, the overall study said that four years after the study began, 106 of those 140 men, I believe they were all men, as there were no women in the U.S. Armed Forces in those days, were still alive, with no signs of cancer. They got between 3-10 tablets of Selenium per day, so that was a good one that I found. I put that in the book.

There was another study that I found, that showed that cancer cells suck in Selenium 5000 times than normal cells. So you can have Selenium, and although there are five forms of it, two of which are highly toxic (sort of a rock salt form of it) two of them are man-made amino acids that attempt to duplicate what is found in the Selenium Yeast, or in plants (they haven’t been proved to have any cancer value yet and are fairly expensive) and then there is the humble yeast plant that has managed to do it better than any of the guys with the degrees. It sort of amazed me that a plant that has no IQ and no college degree, can do better than anybody who has been a researcher and has gotten millions of dollars for their research, when a little humble yeast plant, with no IQ, can actually make something that we can use and kill cancer. That’s how good it has worked.

So, the brand that I suggested was the stuff I was taking originally and gave to Roger. We found that there was another brand, that looked just as good, and was labeled just the same, and it did nothing. So, I would be scared to recommend, if somebody’s life was on the line, any other brand. Years from now, if I can find a bunch of people who have cancer, but it isn’t life-threatening, we could ask them if they would try this to see if it works. But, right now, it seems that all the people I am finding, don’t want to gamble. They have got cancer and they want to take care of it. They want something that is proven to work. If I was in their shoes, I would want the same thing. If somebody said to me, ‘well Mr. Pendlebury, you’re coming up for a kidney transplant and we have this high school student here who is interested in this, or we have this doctor who has done 500 of these. We would like to have the high school student get some experience, but it’s up to you’. Who do you think I’m going to pick?

JUSTIN: Yeah, it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

KEITH: Pretty obvious, right? So, I can’t, in good conscience, recommend anything that I don’t know has worked. I have had lots of people ask if I could recommend this particular brand, but I say ‘I don’t know, as I have no proof’. If we can find something that has made a difference to them, I would be glad to. And, years from now, we will probably have some of those, but right now, we don’t have anything else, and that’s why I recommend it. You know, you can buy it in Safeway Stores, am sure all the way across Canada. It’s sold in most pharmacies all the way across Canada, and in my local Safeway Store here, it’s sold for $8.99 a bottle, and, at the maximum dose, that would last for nine days. You are looking at around 70 cents a day. If you don’t have any cancer and take one a day, it should be preventative. There is a study in there, where The Arizona Cancer Institute, combined with Cornell University, did a 10-year study. In that 10-year study, for the first 4-1/2 years, they gave half of 1300 people, one tablet (200 mcg) of Selenium a day. For the last 5-1/2 years, they got a sugar pill. The other half just got a sugar pill all the way along, and, at the end of the 10-year period, they stopped the study, which like it almost never happened. It was originally going to be a 20-year study and they were looking to see if the Selenium actually helped people not get skin cancer, because skin cancer was easy to detect and easy to deal with as it’s on the surface of the outside and everything is easy to see. At the ten year point, they found that there were people in the study who had just one tablet of Selenium a day and 5-1/2 years ago was the last one they had. But they had 71% less prostate cancers, esophageal cancers were down 67%, colorectal cancers were down 62% and lung cancers were down 46% compared to the group of people who didn’t take any of the Selenium at all. Now, one Selenium tablet a day is a very small amount. Eighty years ago, you would get that much Selenium in a single slice of whole wheat bread that was grown on the prairie, but as the Selenium was taken out of the soil and in the soil there is probably, at the most, 2 teaspoons of Selenium over a whole acre of ground. That’s all that usually there.

JUSTIN: Oh my gosh.

KEITH: But as it has been taken over by cropping, the cancer rate has gone up. It used to be one person in eighty in Canada who would get cancer in the early 1800s. Now it’s one woman in two and one man in three.

JUSTIN: I have definitely heard those statistics as well. Let me run this quick little ad here. We’re with Keith Pendlebury from and when I come back I want to ask you a couple more questions about Selenium, so stayed tuned.

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Thanks a lot, and let’s get back to the interview.

Okay, we are with Keith Pendlebury from and I just want to thank you again, Keith, for coming on the show today. We really appreciate that.

KEITH: I should finish off the answer, because I left out the most important part. I believe that any cancer that forms tumors will respond to the Selenium therapy directly, because cancers suck in the Selenium. It is toxic metal. You would have to take about 250-300 tablets a day for 2-3 months to get a toxic amount where you would smell heavy garlic on your breath and also start to feel sick. But, the maximum dose that I recommend to people is 10, and that is what worked for Roger. There are four supplements that I recommend that actually help circulate the Selenium in the body, so that even though you had killed some cancer cells and normally it would be excreted with those dead cells if you have those four supplements. They are things you might be able to buy at health food stores , but I have a supplier who makes a better quality than most of the stores have. Our bodies tend to recycle it, so even though you’re only taking it (inaudible) the day, you might have the benefit of 20 or 30 actually working. So, once you kill some cancer cells, the Selenium can be released to kill other ones. Any cancer that forms tumors should respond, such as breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, brain cancer and all those sorts of things. The kind that don’t respond directly to that, I believe the Selenium will slow down the growth of them by stimulating the body’s immune system to help you cope with it.

JUSTIN: Those would be cancers like skin cancer maybe, or leukemia.

KEITH: Yes, and lymph cancers and things like that. We have only had the website up since March, so most of the people who have downloaded it, have downloaded it in the last month. There is a lady in Mississippi who is working with her father, Jim, who has lymphoma and when he was on Selenium, he was vastly improving. All of those things are there, but we don’t have anything yet where I can actually say ‘these are the things where, based on this, we have all the lab tests, but people have told me that they are getting better. I haven’t got all the lab tests that I had from Roger from beginning to end, but when I get those, we’re going to post those as well.

JUSTIN: I think recently you have built out your site a bit more, as you have added a bunch of new content and have a bunch of videos on there.
We have a video as well, but I am going to have to put some of your videos on our site, as you have some got stuff out there.

KEITH: We added 10 videos on the site that people can actually watch. We have about 12 pages of material from U.S. Government documents that were published in 2000 by the U.S. Government, which deal with Selenium, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E and Carotenoids and how they work in the human body for anti-cancer effects and overall health effects. I actually put a link on there that is a 529 page government book, PDF file on my website that they can click or download it if they want to read the original government stuff. I have taken summaries and quotes out of it, so that people can actually read it, read what page it is, and all the rest of it. It is interesting to see government experts, there were 80 of them there who actually put this book together, and you see things like ‘those people who take a modest amount of Selenium have 1/3 the chance of getting prostate cancer compared to those people who don’t. And then, when they get to the end of the thing, realizing who is paying their salaries, they’re per diem of $300-$550 a day in some cases, to be on the Board to prove these things, they come up with ‘even though the evidence looks very good, it isn’t clearly definitive’. I think that if the guys who take Selenium don’t get prostate cancer, that’s pretty definitive to me. Maybe we should give them 2 tablets and day and the other 1/3 wouldn’t get any.

It doesn’t seem to be a massive effort to try and solve the problem. Every once in a while you get somebody, however, who does something really brilliant. There is a new story that I saw on the BBC the other day, about a 15-year old high school student from Maryland, his name is Jack Andraka. He discovered a test to diagnose pancreatic cancer before it spreads. Pancreatic cancer is not usually discovered until a couple of months before the person dies. The test for pancreatic cancer, that only works in the last couple of months, normally costs $780 and is not totally accurate.

This is a 15-year old high school student who wrote an article in Science Magazine on Google. It cost 3 cents for the test, instead of $780. It is 168 times faster and 400 times more sensitive. But the guys with the Ph.Ds, Doctorates and all their Degrees, who get billions of dollars from government funding and donated funding for cancer research can’t come up with this. Excuse me! If he can come up with a test that all of these people in this war against cancer that have gotten $20-40 billion over the last 20 years, can’t think of something like this. It’s a problem that he’s so much of a genius and they’re so dumb, where is the question really that they’re more interested in doing the research and he’s too stupid to know that he should be doing research than actually solving the problem.

JUSTIN: Yes, it seems like the money is in the treatment and not in the cure.

KEITH: The money is in the looking for it. Some of these guys are so interested in looking for more and more about less and less. Eventually, they’ll no everything there is about nothing.

JUSTIN: My mom and dad are now both on your protocol with the Selenium every day. I actually need to get on it, as I think it’s really cheap. I think a year’s supply is around $70.

KEITH: If you want to be preventative and you are a guy who is in his early 40’s or younger, and you have no signs of cancer, you can just start on 1 tablet a day, which is 7-cents a day, less than $25 a year. If you are worried that you might have been exposed to a bunch of hazardous chemicals, and I’ve got a list of things about household products, that I would gladly send out to anybody who lets me know that they would like it. It’s just a check list, like laundry detergent and chlorine bleach and all the rest of it. The top page lists the normal household chemical warnings. So, if you look up ‘window cleaner’, the top page would have the warning about window cleaner. There are about 20-30 chemicals on the page. On the second page is the same list of product, but the warnings are the warnings that the manufacturers of the toxic ingredients have to give to the industrial and commercial workers who have to use them. So, under Workers’ Compensation rules, they actually warn them what the hazards are, so that the people who use them know that they have to have certain gloves and breathing apparatus. The people who use them in an industrial situation, Workers’ Compensation people, cannot sue the manufacturers. You look at the two differences. One says ‘warning, don’t do this and don’t do that’. The second one says ‘may cause cancer, central nervous system problems and heart attacks’ and all the rest of the stuff. You are thinking, why don’t they tell the consumers this. Excuse me, but if they told the consumers this, what would the chances be of you buying these products, if they put that on the label.

JUSTIN: Yes, they can’t do that. I think the name of the game is that what’s coming into more vogue is our culture and our society more and more recently is starting to understand that you can prevent cancer through diet and nutrition, as well as actually living a preventative lifestyle.

KEITH: There are lots of good foods that will help. For instance, if you want brussel sprouts or broccoli. I grew up in Southern Ontario and we had lots of that stuff in the Fall. Brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale and cabbage, that family of foods, but brussel sprouts and broccoli particularly, have a chemical in them, a good chemical. If you eat them on a regular basis your body’s cells will take that chemical and put it on a receptor on the outside of every cell, and that chemical will block the entrance of the majority of certain types of toxic chemicals from entering the cell. That’s neat.

JUSTIN: I was going to ask you, this kind of goes along with a question I have on my list to ask you. Aside from Selenium, as we know that’s a really key component here, but what are some of the other supplements that you like, or foods that you like, to help prevent cancer.

KEITH: First off, people need to know that there are different qualities of supplements. I had a case yesterday, of a fella who had been buying all of his supplements, for some years, from a discount place in the U.S. and they had stuff that was sold at really good prices. But, you need to learn something, that is something sells for a really cheap price, they can’t use the most expensive or the best quality ingredients. So, basically what his problem is, is that he is not able to get good results, because he is not getting good enough stuff to get results with. If you put cheap oil in your car, sooner or later the engine breaks down. So, what I did with Roger, is that I found stuff that I was willing to bet my life on, that was the kind of stuff I took. As I have survived 22 strokes, 3 heart attacks, two of them on an airplane, and have had the bottom half of my right leg amputated because of an infection, so I have learned the hard way to look after yourself.

JUSTIN: Right.

KEITH: There is a very special Vitamin-E. People need to understand that there are eight different forms of Vitamin-E. If you look on your Vitamin-E bottle there will be d-alpha tocopherol, which is the natural food extract of Vitamin-E, and it usually comes from wheat germ or soy bean oil, and that’s good stuff. The one that most people buy, however, is dl-alpha tocopherol, which is the synthetic stuff, of which 30% is good, and probably not even that much. Then there is a beta, delta and gamma form of tocopherol, and then there are four tocotrienols which are also forms of Vitamin-E, but have really good anti-cancer activity on their own. There is only one form of Vitamin-E that I can find available in North America, and in the world actually, that has all eight in it, so I gave that to Roger. Then, there is a special Vitamin -C supplement that is a timed released Vitamin-C, and it has bioflavonoids and rutin and some other things in it. The reason for that is 80% of all the cells in a tumor aren’t normal cells, and, this is going to sound strange, but if you take the wrong kind of Vitamin-C and take too much of it, those cells will start to leak. When the cells get leaky and they start to bleed a little bit, the normal cells, which can happen if you are not really fortunate to do it the right way. Vitamin-C can destroy tumors. If you take too much of the wrong kind, what can happen is that the normal cells get squishy and whatnot and the cancer cells start to spread. In order to protect themselves, they send off cells to start colonies elsewhere and the cancer metastasizes. They actually did an article in Cancer Cell Journal, in January of this year, where they showed that. If you nearly damage a cancer tumor, with either radiation or chemo, and don’t actually kill it, six months later you will have three tumors for every one you worked on. Or, if you removed one and didn’t get it all, you would have at least three, maybe six. I found a form of Vitamin-C from actual plants, oranges and lemons and that sort of thing and lemon, bioflavonoids and rutin, to keep everything nice and strong until it’s all dead. There is a calcium magnesium supplement that actually comes from organic sources, rather than limestone, which I really like, as your body recognizes that. Then, there is actually a children’s supplement that has just the right amount of zinc, a little bit of selenium in it and has lots of carotenoids, which are the colored compounds from fruits and vegetables.

It took me about five years to piece this together. This whole combination actually makes it possible for your body to recycle the Selenium that’s inside your body already and has killed some cancer cells and can control other cancer cells.

In the Donaldson study from the 1970s, none of those guys got any supplements and they still had a 75% survival rate. But, I think you have a better chance, and it works better, if you have the right amount of the right kind of supplements. They are not that expensive, they are a couple of bucks a day, and this whole protocol should work for you in 90 days, on a survival basis, to get you from ‘you’re going to die’, to the point where we have got this thing handled now and now it’s just a matter of making sure we have gotten rid of all the cancer. If it doesn’t work in 90 days, it probably won’t work at all.

JUSTIN: It is interesting. I have heard people talk about certain foods that are high in Selenium, like Brazil nuts and things like that. I have been thinking recently that you never know what content, micrograms of Selenium, you are going to get in a Brazil nut. Because the soil has to contain that before the nut does, so it’s kind of a hit and miss to try to get it from food.

KEITH: When they did the tests on the Brazil nuts, which is an old test, it was very accurate. The problem was, in those days, we’re talking 50-70 years ago when they were doing the test samples, all of the Brazil nuts that we got came from wild harvested trees in Brazil, trees that grew naturally where they were best suited to grow in the Amazon river basin. Now, they are farmed and they aren’t farmed in the same places. They used to sell the wild ones with the shells on and the cultivated ones with the shells off. You could tell that way, maybe up until the 1950s.

JUSTIN: I thought Brazil nuts were all wild, but I guess not.

KEITH: No, they’re not. Now it’s hit and miss, as you say. I have seen an analysis of oranges for instance. The average orange is supposed to have 60 mg of Vitamin-C, but I have seen them vary from all the way from almost 0 to 180. So, the one thing that I would really like people to know is, eat all the good foods you can, but if you want something that is really going to count for you, then you are going to have to have something you can count on. And, the yeast is simply the cheapest and effective way of doing it. In Finland and other places, they are trying to add some to the soil. How do you add 1 teaspoon of Selenium, which is what they are looking at in Finland, over a whole acre of ground, so that it can be evenly distributed to come up in the animal feed, in the meat and in the milk. It’s pretty hard.

The nice thing is that people can go to, I’m sure you’ll put a link on your website, and go to the 4th page and can download the e-book for absolutely free. You don’t even have to give your email address and I will never know who it was that you downloaded it. If they want to get back to me, there are always links in the e-book, or links on the website, where they can send me an email directly. I answer them all. If people have a problem, and I know they have a problem, they can include a phone number in the email, and, so far, I have been able to call everybody back. I pay for the call as I have unlimited calling over all of North America, as I call lots of people. Sometimes there are heartbreaking stories and sometimes you can make a real difference. Sometimes, when you sit down with a doctor and the doctor is very analytical and tells you ‘we can manage this’, but the point is, if somebody is looking at you and they’re going to amputate your leg or they are going to cut out some body part and you’re going to be left physically disabled, and the doctor says he can manage that. The doctor can manage it because he doesn’t have to deal with it.

JUSTIN: Right.

KEITH: The point is they can give you chemo, or they say they can manage it. They can keep your blood pressure there,but the point is they can’t make up for the fact that you can’t move anymore, and the fact that there is brain damage, blindness or whatever. I would like to find something for everybody that I possibly could that works, that would help them be as healthy as they possibly can, that doesn’t do open wallet surgery on them and doesn’t rob them of their vitality. This is simply, I think, a more precise tool in doing it.

Years ago, when the British Navy was trying to conquer scurvy, they couldn’t believe that it was simple lemon juice. They used to give people
diluted sulfuric acid in the arm, in the Navy to try ………while it was dissolving their teeth and their gut and the people were dying and not curing their scurvy. But, simple lemon juice did it. It’s one thing you can absolutely control and absolutely can afford. There are 7 million Google results, if you look at Selenium and cancer.

JUSTIN: I encourage everyone to go and check out Keith’s website, , and download his e-book. If you have friends or family, everyone knows someone who is dealing with cancer, tell them about it. Or just download it for yourself and keep it until you need it, but hopefully you never do. You can also do the preventative protocol that Keith has in there.

Keith, I have a couple more questions, but let me just run this quick promo here and have a couple of questions when we come back. I hope you’re enjoying the interview so far, but just want to take a few seconds and talk to you about a raw food home study course. I believe it’s a 10-week home study course by Russell James. This course is really very good. If you are really interested in making raw food, and raw food tastes really delicious, you have to check out this course. It’s called The Raw Chef. You can get it at It’s $295, but it’s well worth it. It comes with about 25 hours of video lessons, 138 different recipe videos and 35 different PDS recipes and direction guides and things like that. It’s absolutely amazing. If you scroll down on his website, you will see that he gives videos and salads and dressings, sauces and dips. The pastas and noodles are really incredible too. He teaches you how to make delicious noodles, which I think is pretty good, as I really don’t want to eat those wheat pastas anymore, or even the gluten free pastas. He has main dishes, where he talks about making pizzas and all kinds of different lasagnas. He has a whole thing on fermented foods, which is amazing. He talks about kombucha, sauerkraut and kefirs. He even has raw cheeses. I haven’t tried any of these yet, but they look really good.

What I like though, are the breads and sandwiches, as well as the wraps and rolls section. Basically, he teaches you how to make these kinds of breads that you can have on hand. You can put really anything you want inside of them. The wraps are done with chicken, which is really not all raw, but I don’t really want to eat tortilla wraps. He has got a whole thing on elixirs and how to work with herbs and green smoothies and teas. It is really really awesome. I highly suggest you check it out. Again, it’s chef.

If you are interested, in our store we have lots of other products just like this one, with everything from having healthy babies in pregnancies, programs on cleansing and detoxification. We have physical products as well, like rebounders, Vita-Mix blenders and workout equipment. Check out our store, and I think you will really like it.

If you just want to send us a donation, you can send us $1 or $2, every little bit helps to keep us running here. If you ever shop on Amazon, feel free to visit our web page. At the very bottom of any page of our site, you will see a logo for Amazon, Mountain Rose Herbs or The Raw Food World. If you make purchases on those sites often, please visit our site first to click through and we will get a little commission. If you can’t donate or don’t really do any of that stuff, that’s cool too. Just visit our support page. You can find a link at the top, and we have about 17 creative way for you to support us without paying any money or buying any products. You can like us and follow us on Twitter and Facebook and all that good stuff.
We really appreciate all of your support, so let’s get back to the interview.

Okay, thanks a lot Keith again for coming on. Do you have a couple of more minutes?

KEITH: Yes, I certainly do.

JUSTIN: Thank you so much. I have a question that I didn’t want to let you get out of here without answering this question. I think you mentioned this in your e-book. I lot of people are wondering if they have to make a choice of 100% conventional or 100% natural. If someone is currently on a conventional treatment of any kind, radiation or chemotherapy, can they take Selenium along with that, or is it something that must be separate?

KEITH: You will get different opinions from your oncologist, but basically, the standard that usually happens is this. A lot of radiologists in the United States are giving Selenium, sometimes very substantial amounts of Selenium, actually much higher amounts that I would suggest people take for getting rid of cancer, to reduce the side effects of radiation , the sickness and the damage to the rest of the body. The same goes for the chemo. Generally speaking, what I have tended to do is to tell people, a couple of days before you get chemo, or a couple of days after, just to make sure there is no conflict, there is none that I can find with any of the chemo drugs at all. If people contact me, I would be glad to do a search for the chemo drug and whatever the effects are. I would gladly do that and I don’t charge for any of that kind of stuff. I tell them that two days before or two days after, don’t take any, and then just take it the other days. Within two hours of the chemo treatment, your kidneys are actually excreting it out of your body, so in two days there is no possibility of a conflict whatsoever. I mean, it’s a nutrient, but that’s just to be ultra-conservative.

JUSTIN: Yes, and I think you mentioned earlier in the show that you do consultations or speak with people who are looking to adopt some of your protocols.

KEITH: People send me an email and say ‘this is my situation’ and they include their phone number. I have, so far, been able to call every single one of them. I don’t care where they are in North America. I have a phone package price and I can talk to them for as long as they need to talk to me. I do that as long as I can. Sometimes people just need reassurance and sometimes they have questions, like ‘can I take it with food, can I take it without food, should I take 3 a day, 5 a day, do I take 10 all at once in the morning, or do I spread them throughout the day?. We talk about their situation and I advise them. What would be easier for them, what foods they can take, if they have particular preferences or whatever. I try and tell them what it will take to get the Selenium that they need to do the job and that I’m there for them, if they need somebody to talk to. I am here.

JUSTIN: What a great service. It’s so great to be able to talk to people individually and that way you can share their stories. I want to ask you about this. I may be mixing Selenium with Magnesium. Do you have to ease onto it because it gives you kind of that Vitamin-C and a little bit of diarrhea until you ease onto it, or am I mixing that up with Magnesium?

KEITH: The only person who ever had a problem was one of those fellas who had liver cancer, and Dr. Saub told him, he’s one of our local surgeons, that two-thirds of his liver was totally involved in cancer, and six weeks later, and his 90 days he had left, his wife phoned me and said ‘who are you’? I explained to her who I was and she said ‘why do people think you can help my husband?’ I said I have no idea, but I’d be glad to try. And so, he came and I sent him down to the Health Food Store to get the Selenium, because that’s where we got it in those days, as well as a couple of other supplements. The next day, he phoned me, about mid-morning and said ‘my stomach feels a little upset’. I said ‘did you take the Selenium, and he said ‘yes, I took all 10 tablets this morning with a glass of water’. I said, ‘did you have any food’ and he said ‘no’. I said ‘maybe you shouldn’t do that, maybe you should just take a couple and it might be helpful to have some food’. I never heard anything more from him for 14 months. 14 months later, I saw him sitting in his pickup truck talking to his wife. He should have been dead 13 months before that, and he was looking perfectly healthy. He was taking the Selenium and they were having an argument about if he should continue to take it. He was going to go back up to the North West Territories, making $120,000 a year, now that he wasn’t dead. The player wanted him back. He didn’t want to take it anymore and said that he was cured. He asked me what I thought, and I said ‘I think you should keep taking it, as $20-$30 a month is pretty cheap to stay alive, especially if you’re making that kind of money. He basically told me that he thought he was cured and he wasn’t going to take it anymore. Two months later, they flew him out sick and two weeks later he died.

JUSTIN: Oh my gosh.

KEITH: Even in that case, where two-thirds of his liver was totally involved, it put it on hold and he was able to live. That, I think, was pretty remarkable. It shows that Selenium has potential, but the people who don’t have a huge amount of bad habits, like 30 years of smoking and all kinds of drinking and drug abuse and all the rest of it, are probably going to respond better to the Selenium than those who have those problems.

JUSTIN: Right.

KEITH: Your body will use it to the very best advantage and if you have the supplements to go with it, if you really need them for prevention. You really should use them if you are seriously ill, then chances are, just like the 140 guys that Dr. Donaldson had, a 75% survival rate with the opinion that you’re going to die in weeks to months. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

JUSTIN: I think everyone needs to get onto the prevention paradigm, you know, and start taking their health seriously and start not letting their health be in the hands of a guy in a white coat.

A final question for you is that I am wondering what you seeing yourself doing, where do you see all this going and what are some of your goals about Selenium and getting the word out?

KEITH: Well, what I would really appreciate is this. For all of the work that I have done and the tens of thousands of the people who have downloaded the book, I need help from individuals. Because, individuals helping their friends is infinitely more powerful than I am. If one of your listeners was to tell six people that they know, to go to the website and have a look at it. Don’t just pass the e-book around, that’s only part of it. So, we’re doing six times six times six. If you do that over 12 sharings, we would have reached over 1 billion families all over the world and cancer would be history and would be on its way. If every young woman in Canada, somewhere in her teens, started taking 1 tablet of Selenium a day, and young men started taking 1 tablet a day, by the time they hit middle age, there would be no prostate cancer, there would be no breast cancer, there would be no uterine cancer or pancreatic cancer. None of those things that aren’t genetic, all the ones that come because of a poisonous environment, bad nutrition and all the rest of those, would all be history and cancer would be a disease that only occurred to the least fortunate, than the ones that had genetic dispositions. That you probably can’t avoid, but 95% of it would have vanished and the fear and terror would be gone. Mothers would see their children grow up, they would be able to attend their children’s and grandchildren’s weddings, fathers would be able to take their kids places that they couldn’t if they had cancer. Those would be the kinds of things I dream about making happen. I know I’m not going to live to see, but I want to start the process and make it work. I need to help every listener that you’ve got and everybody on Twitter so that we can share this. Just share the link, Go there, download, upload, share, do it all.

JUSTIN: Thank you so much Keith. I really appreciate it and I completely agree with you. I’ll be sending this link out and I’ll get this posted probably later this evening, and I’ll send you the link as well.

KEITH: I appreciate that.

JUSTIN: I want to get this word out as well. Thank you so much for joining us today. I really really appreciate that.

KEITH: You’re more than welcome Justin. Glad to help and glad you mom and dad are doing it, and you get on Selenium too.

JUSTIN: I know, I gotta do it. Thanks Keith. Bye bye.

Wow, that was quite an interview with Keith Pendlebury. I think that you should really check out his website, I think it’s imperative that we stop trusting doctors 100% for our health. I mean, from what Ty Bollinger was saying yesterday, doctors only get about 3-5 hours of nutritional training, so you should really check out how to educate yourself and how to stay healthy. If cancer if effecting one out of two people and heart disease is the other 50%. It’s almost 100% that one of those things are going to take you out, so I think it’s critical to take preventative approaches about these diseases, cancer and heart disease.

I hope you enjoyed the interview today, and we will talk again soon.

  • Tom Wright says:


    I am trying to be Helpful by sharing what I learned BECAUSE of listening to Justin’s interview with the late Keith Pendlebury (December 2015, his website is no longer active)

    Since listening to this interview I have become convinced that everyone should supplementing with at least 200 micrograms of ORGANIC type Selenium per day. Therapeutic dose levels as opposed to Supplemental dose levels (learn the difference by studying Dr. Marc Sircus work) should be much higher if you are actively trying to treat a specific condition with food (as Keith also suggests).

    Keith’s recommendations were to supplement with an Organic or Yeast type of Selenium (selenomethionine) and to actively avoid inorganic type selenium (sodium selenite or sodium selenate) supplements. Spirulina is a good organic choice too. In fact I wrote Keith and he informed me, and that in his latest update of his PDF book on selenium, that although there is nothing wrong with the yeast brand selenium he originally recommended on the show he was now advocating another brand manufactured by a company by a company named Healthy Origins – Natural Seleno Excell. He changed his recommendation because he found a major selenium cancer study had been conducted that used the Seleno Excell brand and he felt better that he could point to a brand that had a track record in a major public study. Perhaps Justin will provide an Amazon Link to this product via his webpage? 🙂 Other reports on the superiority of organic types of selenium (e.g., Dr. Marc Sircus) confirm Keith’s advice.

    Since listening to the interview I have learned that Selenium (as well as Sulfur) is used by the body in production of selenoproteins. Seleno refers to Selenium. For example a very famous selenoprotein is GLUTATHIONE peroxidase! Glutathione is one of the livers primary antioxidants.

    As it turns out, Mercury has an affinity to bind with any form of Selenium in the body – including and especially the selenoproteins and sulfur. The binding of Mercury (Hg) with the Glutathione will “use up” some of your body’s needed Glutathione. This is both good and bad. It is GOOD because the free mercury is biologically deactivated and will be unable to form more dangerous combinations (methyl-mercury) making that particular mercury atom unable to cause further harm. Bad because your body needs the Glutathione for its otherwise normal metabolism (metabolism not involved with removing toxic metals).

    Further I found another selenium study from the very respectable IAOMT. The walk away lesson from this study for me is that if you have amalgam fillings – do yourself a favor and supplement with organic Selenium. Those in the study who were low in whole blood selenium showed alleged mercury amalgam symptoms. Those with normal Selenium levels, regardless of the number of amalgams showed no signs of sickness. So, in addition to Keith’s observation that Selenium helps ward off Cancer, Selenium (and Sulfur) are needed for selenoprotein production that can be interrupted by the presence of Hg. One more thing I learned is that although Tuna has a lot of mercury, Tuna also has a lot of selenium – which may result in the mercury in Tuna being much less harmful than it should otherwise be. Go figure. Bad and Good once again. Maybe our world is a world of opposites and as Justin has joked … we do see everything backwards (from time to time until we straighten it out and forget what we straightened out again).

    • Hi Tom!

      Great information. Here’s the selenium we just bought. Interesting what you said about tuna. The body is so incredibly complex isn’t it? Thanks for all your thoughts on this I really appreciate it and am saddened about Keith. It would have been great to have him on again!

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