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Black Friday – Looking For A Good Deal On Health Products?

As many of you know there are many great companies we support and I may have missed some of them in the list down below. If you aren't finding something you're looking for, click here to go to our store and it very well may be there. When you click over from our store and make a purchase you'll also be supporting our work. Thank you so much! 🙂
  • Relax FAR Infrared Sauna - $175 off Through Cyber Monday with code BLACKFRIDAY23 --->> Click Here
  •  Promolife - Up to 10% off Ozone Machines and much more!. Use code EXTREME to save. --->> Click Here
  • Mitolife - 25% off EVERYTHING!. Use code EHR15 to save. --->> Click Here
  • Cultivate Elevate - 20% off sitewide. 25% off $75+. 30% off $150+ Use code BF --->> Click Here
  • Crucial Four - 20% off EVERYTHING + Free Shipping. Use Code EHR  --->> Click Here
  • LifeBlud - Starts Friday through Monday. Save extra with code EHR10. --->> Click Here
  •  AquaCure Molecular Hyrdogen - 5% off with code EHR10 -->> Click Here
  •  Hypo Air Purifiers - Selected products Use Code Extreme10 -->> Click Here
  •  Defender Shield - 15% Off Sitewide + 25% Off $200+  -->> Click Here
  •  Omica Organics - Save 20% Site-Wide* with coupon code: Thanks23  -->> Click Here
  •  Sperti Vitamin D Sunlamp - 10% Off! -->> Click Here
  •  Surthrival Products - 20% off site wide. Use code INFINITE -->> Click Here
  •  Bellicon Rebounders - Black Friday Week – 15 % off everything! -->> Click Here
  •  Castor Oil Packs - 15% Sitewide with code HOLIDAY15 -->> Click Here
  •  True Dark Blue Blockers - Up to 50% off -->> Click Here 
  • RaOptics - Up to 30% off every purchase - plus, purchase 2+ frames, get a $297 Gift FREE -  -->> Click Here 
  • BluShield EMF - Huge Savings with code ehr10. Starts Thanksgiving Day! -->> Click Here!
  • Joovv Red Light Devices - Big Savings on selected products. Use code EXTREME ---> Click Here
  • Vital Reaction Hydrogen - Big discounts on selected products ---> Click Here!
  • Pristine Hydro - Use the code GETPRISTINEUC at checkout for $300 off your Under-Counter system and GETPRISTINETP at checkout for $200 off your Travel/Portable system + FREE Aqualux Shower Filter --->> Click Here! 
  • Global Healing Center - 15% off Site Wide! ---> Click Here!
  • Savvy Rest Organic Bedding - Save 20% With Code BLACKFRIDAY ---> Click Here! 
  • BonCharge  - 25% off Sitewide with no code required! ---> Click Here!
  • Real Mushrooms - Use code EHR to save 15% ---> Click Here
  • Grigory says:

    Hello, I’d like to buy you The Relax Far Infared Sauna, but didn’t find any info if you ship to Canada, Ontario? If yes, how much will be shipping? If you already shipped before do you know about duties?

    Thank you

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