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Learning How To Love Your Disease When You Don’t Think You Should


learn-to-love-yourself-articleI know the title sounds strange doesn’t it?

I mean, how are you supposed to love your heart disease? How can you love cancer?

When you look at a heart that doesn’t function properly and constantly reminds you of the fear of falling over dead from a massive heart attack, how can you love that?

When you’re sitting on that exam table looking up at that emotionally cold man in the white coat (we call them medical doctors) who tells you there’s nothing you can do and you’ve got 6 months to live because you’ve just been diagnosed with terminal cancer, how can you love that?

As someone who has never been diagnosed with anything major in my life I realize I lack the experience to write this article on a level that merits your emotional understanding.

But just hear me out…

I have been through a devastating cancer diagnosis with my mom who (thank God) did survive chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and even a bone marrow transplant. She was diagnosed with non hodgkins lymphoma back in 1995 and is still going strong.

She also had surgery for a spot on her lung that turned out to be cancer as well.

A friend of mine from high school died of colon cancer and I’ve talked to and have known many people in my life that have had terminal diseases.

Why Do We Hate The Very Thing God Allows In Our Lives To Learn A Lesson?

When we think of tumors and cancer cells as some invading army that shouldn’t be in our body, it oftentimes stirs up emotions. It’s these very emotions that are (on an energetic and vibrational level) causing them to persist in the body.

Do we hate our teachers in school? Assuming we have good parents that love us, do we hate them for months or years on end because they won’t let us go do something we really want to do? If we did, that would be immature and childish wouldn’t it?

Why do we hate cancer or any other disease? Is it because we’re afraid? Are we afraid of death, dying and the possible physical separation that comes with it? Do we hate disease because we’re attached to our own story about how life *should* be? Is our ego involved with that story we tell ourselves?

What if God needs that person (or you for that matter!) that was just diagnosed with a rare illness? Should we deny God what he needs or wants? Should we hate God for teaching us a lesson the hard way because he tried to teach it to us all our lives and we were closed minded and prideful?

Think of disease like a toolbox. You’ve got a house to build. You’ve got a life to build and now here’s the tools that will help you effectively build that house. The problem is we want our old set of tools that were nothing but a bunch of rocks and stones.

Don’t hate cancer, any disease or God. That’s childish and immature. Think about it from every angle and look at what it is you’re supposed to learn by this.

Even if you’re terminal and you’re going to “die” from it, why not teach your family and friends how to pass on with grace so that they too, when they pass can celebrate life and look forward to what’s next?

At the very least perhaps your lesson is to teach people how to pass on with grace and do it with honor rather than being sad, fearful and angry.

At the very best perhaps your lesson is to overcome this disease and teach the world how they can do the same. I know it’s not easy but it’s essential we look at sickness as an opportunity to help others, no matter what stage we’re in with it.

Warring and Fighting Are Getting Us Nowhere

Our culture teaches us to compete, to fight and to win. We are constantly waging war against anything and everything. We fight disease. We march against Monstanto. We beat and win in sports. We compete to get good grades.

We’ve been taught from early childhood that we’re all separate. We need to stand out from the crowd and make a name for ourselves. We’ve been taught to look at life as a struggle and only the “fittest will survive.”

It’s no wonder that we apply this same cancerous mindset to the idea that cancer is somehow bad and we must fight this disease. How can we be at peace when we’re constantly waging war? How can true healing take place when we are resisting, destroying and fighting anything or anyone?

It doesn’t make sense.

I love the story of Kris Carr who in her late 20’s was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that was terminal and incurable. The doctors said she would only live a few years if not months after her diagnosis.

Over 10 years later how does she view her cancer that she still lives with?

She calls the tumors her “love spots” and loves them. They’re her teachers. They are what’s responsible for the incredible transformation in her life. They’re the reason she’s living her dream right now helping millions of people world wide with their “terminal” disease.

Jessica Ainscough has a very similar story. She would say cancer has been the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

You see, we cannot expect healing to occur if we constantly look at cancer, ALS, or any other chronic degenerative disease as something we need to fight, kill or destroy.

We need to love the tumors. They’re there as a teacher trying to wake you up to see what you’re really made of. Cancer and sickness is there as a wake up call. What we resist persists. The harder you fight against something, the more it remains because energetically on a quantum level, it must match the same vibrational frequencies that you give to it.

Once you love it, learn the lesson from it and then start assisting the body to gently and smoothly move it out, then that’s what it’ll do. It’s like somebody who comes into your life for a few months to simply teach you a lesson and once you’ve learned it, then they can move on. But you don’t have that person come into your house and pick a fist fight with them every night do you? You allow them into your home and learn the lesson then they know when to leave when the time is right.

I’m reminded of this quote from Mother Theresa when asked about whether or not she would attend an anti war rally. She said,

I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

Why Curing Is NOT Healing

In the West cure is a 4 letter word. Only drug companies can talk about cures. But in reality cures only apply to getting rid of symptoms. If you’ve got cancer and you’ve got rid of the symptom, ie, the tumor for 5 years then they can say they’ve cured you.

You can be cured of a disease and still die from it. You can also be cured from a disease and still have it growing and proliferating in your body at alarming rates.

Being cured doesn’t mean anything.

The word healing is much more holistic and deeper than cure. Healing applies to the mind, the spirit, the soul and how you live your life. You can be cured by taking drugs or chemotherapy and still live the very same toxic lifestyle that got your body the diagnosis in the first place.

If you are truly healed I believe your entire life changes. You change how you think, you change how you re-act, you change how you emotionally respond to situations that would normally trigger you, you change your stress levels, you change how you view the world.

In essence you become a different person.

Your whole life changes when you’re healed. This is why shamans and healers can affect your life much more than on the physical level.

When you’re healed from something you’ve put in the work. You’ve taken the time to learn whatever lesson God wanted you to learn. You’ve run the course with your disease and now there’s no more need for it.

What we want is healing not cures. We want to transform and change our lives on every fundamental level. There’s a reason for your disease. There’s a reason you’re sick. There’s a reason you’re not dead yet.

God or life is asking you, what is it going to take for you to learn this lesson? If you can learn it, you can change the world for the better by telling people your story.

If you keep fighting, you’re never going to learn the lesson because you’re closed. You’re not open and ready to receive true healing. Your mind is made up and you’ve convinced yourself you need to fight, to resist and conquer this disease.

Perhaps there’s a whole new world of possibilities of healing and where you can go with the diagnosis your body has received.

The trick is being open and able to look at your current condition in a brand new way.

Are you ready to receive the lesson and see what’s past it?

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