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Toxic Beauty, How We Can Generate Our Emotions Even When Outside Circumstances Are Not Good, Why We All Need To Be Heard, Listener Questions & Some Good Dancin!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:07:36 — 45.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSFirst I want to apologize for how long it has taken me to get this show published to you. As you can tell there are a lot of links here and we talked about a lot of different subjects and on top […]

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Learning To Stop Listening To The Lies of Others, The Fun In Being A Seeker of Truth, Kate’s Synchronicities, Meditation Ideas & Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:01:34 — 43.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSCan you believe it has been 2 whole weeks since we had our last FFAF show? Last week we had the honor of hosting Dr. John Bergman (our chiropractor) in our studio which was so much fun. We could have talked with […]

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How Purple Cabbages Helped Heal One Person’s Life, The Power of Knowing Your Archetype, Why Know-It-All’s Are Annoying, Gut Healing Protocols and More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:57:35 — 42.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSAs many of you know we don’t pretend to be an expert in anything. We are on the same healthy journey as you are. We’re doing our best to get healthier and healthier each and every day. When we’re optimally healthy, it […]

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Kate’s Journey From Living in Fear, The Dangers of Media, Tattoos & Breast Cancer, Why You Should Consider The Ayervedic Diet, The Benefits of Float Tanks!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:57:04 — 41.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSWe had once again another fun time speaking with each other and hanging out with people listening live in the chat room. We talked a lot about Kate’s journey of overcoming fear in her life. It’s been a spiritual, emotional and nutritional […]

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How To Make Changes In Your Life Even When You Don’t Want To, The Power of Green Juices, Eating Slower & Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:52:45 — 40.3MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSKate and I had a great time on this particular show. It’s so interesting because although we have an idea of topics we’d like to discuss, along with sometimes listener questions we rarely have an agenda. We like to keep it conversational […]

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Using Language For Empowerment, Benefits of Urine Therapy, Changing Your Gut Biome, Quitting Sugar, How Strange The Rapture Is & Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:04:13 — 44.3MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSThese FFAF shows are truly the most enjoyable to record and produce for you guys. We hope you enjoy following along our journey to freedom and health in life. We starting talking about language and how our words affect not only our […]

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Why You Should Write Your Own Personal Manifesto, Why We Create Fears To Overcome, The Value of Gratitude Walks, Being a Minimalist & Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:27:55 — 31.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSKate and I had another fun show today. We talked about a wide range of subjects mostly to do with health. It’s interesting because health to me has so much more to do with all aspects of our lives and not just […]

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Is It Possible To Raise Kids In A Healthy Way But Not Go Overboard?, What Kind Of Water Is Best, Thoughts About New Media, Can Trapped Emotions Make Us Physically Stiff? And Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:03:49 — 44.1MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSDo you think it’s possible to raise a child in today’s world to be healthy, conscious, open minded and aware? It seems like the obvious answer is yes. But.. There’s always a but. How many children of pastors do you see that […]

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Are We Programmed to Die Because Of Our Thoughts? Is It Possible To Change Physical Reality With Our Beliefs? Are We Taking Environmentalism Too Far & Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:42:10 — 36.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSToday was a day where we had another guest scheduled but it didn’t work out like we had planned. These things happen. We actually started off the show talking to each other about what we do when our plans change. We talked […]

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Why We’re Not Accepting The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Kate’s Anti Sulfur Diet, Ebola, Robin Williams & Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:05:04 — 44.6MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSWhat a fun show Kate and I had today. We spoke about a number of issues in today’s show. We started off by talking about some of Kate’s daily “self care” disciplines. She and I both have these sort of “non negotiables” […]

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Thoughts About My Latest Visit To The Doctor, Making Your Word Law, Why We Don’t Keep Up To Date With The News, Not Letting People Rob Your Energy, Qigong & Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:59:05 — 42.5MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSToday was our 300th episode of our show. What a fun ride it has been and we’re barely getting started let me tell you. We have so many plans and ideas up our sleeves it almost makes me go nuts! I hope […]

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The 30 Day Complaining Fast, We’re Creating A New Product For You, Why It’s Important To Be Kind To Yourself & Why We Should Change The Stories We Tell Ourselves To Eliminate Drama & Stress

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:59:50 — 42.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSIt was funny because before this episode started Kate and I were wondering if there was going to be enough to talk about. Boy was I wrong! We ended up sharing stories and talking about all kinds of things. The first thing […]

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