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Why Iodine Is Essential For Health, Earthing, Cancer Tips, Cleaning Your Indoor Air, Listener Questions & More!


Tahoe-FacebookHopefully we took enough of your listener questions during this Free For All Friday show. Having the chat room on and open makes the shows so much more fun and entertaining let me tell you!

Our good friend Nar called in during today’s show to talk about all the amazing benefits he’s experiencing using the BioMat. He does aromatherapy and sacred touch with clients so having a BioMat to use on them has really been helping his practice.

We’ve become good friends with Nar for quite some time now through the show. He’s a great guy and he’s quite active on the forum and we like supporting his work.

We also discussed a couple articles about the dangers of sitting for long periods of time. You can find the link to that article in the show notes. Because sitting is so dangerous I’ve decided to get a standing desk. It’s actually a desk that can convert from standing to sitting which makes it very convenient when you get tired of doing one over the other.

We also talked about the concept of earthing (see links below) where you connect to the earth with bare skin. The supposed health benefits are quite astounding. I have not verified them yet with equipment but I’ve experienced them from personal use.

As much as I can I walk on the grass or sand with bare feet in order to get the free electrons from the earth directly into my feet. This helps to recalibrate your body (similar to re-tune a guitar or resetting a clock).

Then we talked about the cancer “industry” where there’s a concerted effort (in my humble opinion) to suppress natural cures and alternative treatments for cancer. If you get to the top of that food chain, it appears to be a pretty dark and dirty place. I for one don’t want anything to do with that.

We also took some great listener questions and discussed our previous weeks guests. Generally we always have a good time on our Free For All Friday shows. Let us know if you enjoy (or use) the show notes section of these pages. It takes us a significant amount of time to put them together so we’d like to know if you benefit from them.

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Show Date:

Friday 4/18/2014

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Free For All Friday

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Iodine, earthing, cleansing, detoxification, clean air, cancer tips

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