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Debunking Conspiracy Theories, Finding Your New Normal, Great Books, Kate’s Latest Health Updates, Listener Questions and more!

chemtrails-conspiracy-theoriesToday was an interesting day. There was not only a lot to talk about in terms of our show, our recent guests, our own health journies, listener questions but a lot has been going on out there “in the news” with alternative health and in the natural living community.

As always it makes it so much more fun when people are in the chat room. It does make it more challenging to hold a good conversation, remain reflective and keep a good flow in terms of audible dialogue but it’s also fun to help interact with all of you guys during the shows!

It’s how we connect live with everybody and it really makes all of our hard work worth it!

One of the first things we talked about was conspiracy theories. In the natural and alternative health world, just about everybody buys into the idea of conspiracy theories. Personally I love looking into them with no attachments.

I have no dogs in the fight or skin in the game as they say. Do I believe some of them? Yes. Do I think other conspiracy theories are a load of poppycock? Totally.

I’d like to bring a fresh perspective to this whole conspiracy theory landscape, especially with regards to how it plays out in the natural health communities.

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We also talked about what it means to be normal. Are we abnormal for having these types of thoughts? Is normal correct? What if “normal” is harmful or damaging? Just because everybody does something or believes something and it’s labeled “normal” that doesn’t mean you should live like them or think like they do.

I think people want cultural norms to be accepted as something that is the standard for our societies but there are many more questions we need to ask. Asking if something is normal isn’t the right question.

We also talked about many books we recommend and have been reading lately. If you are interested in keeping up to date with the books we’re reading you can follow us on Instagram as we’ll always post the books we’re reading on there. I’m a big reader as you probably know. In the future I’ll be creating a single page on our website that has all the books I’ve read, am currently reading along with books I want to read. Stay tuned for that.

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Show Date:

Monday 7/24/2015

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Free For All Friday

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Debunking conspiracy theories, finding what’s normal

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