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Ep #640 – FFAF – 4 Minerals That Can Change Your Life + Simple Tips To Radically Improve Your Health Without Changing Your Diet + Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:08:45 — 49.3MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS Quick Announcement for EHR listeners! For a limited time Matt Blackburn is giving Extreme Health Radio show listeners 25% off his line of products. Just enter code EHR25 at checkout while it lasts! Today we were scheduled to have Jane McLelland […]

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Ep #625 – Biohacking Light For Better Health, Where To Get Started On Your Health Journey Listener Questions & Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:26:08 — 55.2MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS FLASH SALE: Get 25% off for a limited time on all Mitolife products by entering the code EHR25 at checkout. Thanks Matt! 🙂 Originally we were supposed to have Angel Howerton to come on the show to talk about her journey […]

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Ep #619 – Kate Joins Me! What Really Causes Autism, Dangers of Glyphosate, The Power Of Language, Don’t Block The Sun & More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:50:09 — 42.9MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS Today’s show was fun. It was a show we were supposed to have Dr. Frank Shallenberger on the show to talk about the benefits of Ozone therapy but we were unable to get Dr. Shallenberger on so Kate stepped in last […]

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Ep #617 – My Health Journey, Your Body CAN Heal, The Root Cause Of Disease, The Power Of Big Pharma, Listener Questions & More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:33:05 — 37.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS During today’s show we unfortunately had to reschedule with Allison Huish to talk about her brain cancer journey. This is the beauty of doing live shows! Either the show must go on or you have to abandon ship live on the […]

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Ep #614 – 20 Drugs You Should Never Take, The REAL Cause Of Cancer, Sleep Tips, The Lack Of 1 Vitamin Is Causing All Diseases & Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:26:30 — 55.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS In today’s show we talked about quite a lot of interesting things going on behind the scenes with Extreme Health Radio along with what’s going on in my personal life a little bit. We also discussed some topics of the day […]

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Ep #600 – Celebrating 600 Shows, The Story Of How & Why We Started Our Show & Future Plans To Help Better Serve You!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:25:05 — 34.3MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS Today we celebrated 600 episodes and starting our show 6 years ago. Can you believe we’ve averaged 100 shows per year!? I can’t believe it either it’s quite amazing. We started the show by me quitting my well paying job and […]

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Ep #598 – Ask Me Anything, Heart Health, Grounding Ideas, Spiritual Growth & Light Tips

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:09:45 — 49.6MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS Today’s show wasn’t even supposed to happen. For some reason we had an issue with Dr. Kaayla Daniels. I believe this was the second time we had audio/visual issues with her and maybe it was for a reason. I realized I […]

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Ep #595 – FFAF With Kate – Why Schools Are Dangerous, The 3 Main Causes of Autism, Blocking Blue Light and Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:49:42 — 42.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS Today was an interesting show. Kate jumped in and saved the day. This show was supposed to be with Dr. Frank Shallenberger but for some reason we had a communication mishap and we were unable to connect. I decided to do […]

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Ep #593 – Blue Light & Cancer, Bone Health, Listener Questions & More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:49:24 — 42.6MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS Some of the most fun shows I do are the “Free For All Friday” shows which sometimes happen on days other than Friday. 😉 This is where I get to connect with you, the listener and talk about what’s going on […]

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Ep #575 – 15 Natural Immune Boosters and Viral-Killers!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:31:22 — 36.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS Note: If you’re looking for the show notes for the show with Nicolas Pineault about EMF click here! To get access to all the 15 substances I mentioned (and links to get them) click here. In the 7th or 8th email […]

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Ep #569 – Our Crazy & Unexpected Birth Story Part 1 – Learning To Let Go Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:26:41 — 34.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSATTN JACK KRUSE LISTENERS: Click there for the show notes for that episode. Sorry for the confusion! We had been teasing this birth story for a few days on social media. This was a crazy set of events that led to the […]

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Ep #568 – My Mom’s Cancer Diagnosis, Kate’s Pregnancy Update & Some Rants!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:34:23 — 32.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSToday’s episode was something I didn’t plan. In fact I had just walked in from an oncology appointment with a medical doctor. As many of you know I got into natural healing and alternative health as a result of my mom’s cancer […]

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