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Dr. Jack Kruse – The Overwhelming Dangers of 5G, Why Light Is The Only Thing You Should Be Concerned About & More!


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  • Dr. Jack Kruse joins us to talk about 5G and light. Somebody the other day asked me what guests have influenced me the most and I had to say after 574 episodes I’d have to say Dr. Jack Kruse and Dr. Richard Massey. There are probably two of the most unique people I have ever had conversations with. Atom Bergstrom is right there as well.

    I don’t agree with all of them but that’s not the point. All 3 of these great people bring something unique to the table that nobody else seems to bring.

    I highly encourage you to go back through our archives and listen to the shows with these folks. Just remember, Dr. Jack Kruse is not god, neither is Dr. Massey nor Atom Bergstrom.

    Everybody brings a unique part of the puzzle and we can’t fall into the trap of making anybody the health authority. Check all of their ideas, research, experiment and see what works for you.

    Nobody knows your body better than you do. I don’t care how eloquent these fine people are, only you can make decisions about your health that will make a difference.

    Please do not bow down to them, they’re just people and they’ll tell you that!

    In this episode Dr. Jack Kruse talks about non native EMF (NNEMF), blue light, 5G, wireless technology and how to mitigate it to the best of our ability.

    Here are some things we talked about..

    • Getting DHA directly from Algae, Acid Rain
    • Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation
    • Windows and UV Light
    • How does AM sun help take in more UVA?
    • Eating food locally while traveling?
    • Wearing sunglasses in the car or plane
    • Is mixing 4g with 5g like chemicals in a drug? Has it been studied?
    • What about grounding and Dr. Sam Milham?
    • Does light effect dogs just like it does humans?
    • Greenhouse and windows with light

    On Last Thing!

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    Thank you all!

    Justin 🙂

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    Dr. Jack Kruse

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    Dr. Jack Kruse is a respected neurosurgeon and CEO of Optimized Life, a health and wellness company dedicated to helping patients avoid the healthcare burdens we typically encounter as we age. He is a member of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the Congress of Neurologic Surgeons, and Age Management Medicine Group.

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