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Doug Kaufmann – The Fungus And Yeast Connection To Cancer & Other Diseases

Doug Kaufmann from Know The Cause joined us on today’s show to discuss his research into cancer. Specifically he’s researching fungus, mold, yeast and candida in relationship to not just cancer but all diseases.

Doug Kaufmann is the author of over 9 books some of which include The Fungus Link and The Germ that Causes Cancer.

He’s done extensive research for the past 40 years on fungus and cancer. He makes a pretty strong arguement that at the very least there’s a relationship between the two.

Whether or not fungus and mold are the cause of cancer, is still being investigated. My educated guess is that it’s highly probably and at the very least fungus could be contributing to the proliferation and growth of cancer cells or the actual cause for some people.

Relationship and cause are very different.

With that said, the work that Doug Kaufmann is doing in this field is revolutionary and groundbreaking. In over 400 shows we’ve done so far, only Kit Campbell has brought this issue up.

Nobody seems to be talking about it. Nobody wants to tackle the 4000 pound elephant in the room.

I think the answer is easy. If mold, yeast and fungus were the cause of cancers, could you imagine what that would do to the entire chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery industry?

Mold and fungus are substances that we can deal with. We know how to stop their growth, we know how to prevent them from growing in the first place and we know how to kill them.

If this were to be proved (that cancer is caused by mold and fungus) the medical industry would never admit it.

Remember as much as you don’t want to believe this, the Cancer industry does not want to cure cancer. They say they do but it’s much too profitable of a business.

I don’t know what the latest statistics are but I believe the cancer industry in the United States of America is in the hundreds of billions of dollars rage. From what I’ve researched each potential cancer patient is worth around $775,000 dollars worth of treatment.

A friend of our family’s 16 year old son just got diagnosed with hodgkin’s lymphoma and his conventional treatment is costing the family over 1 million dollars. After insurance pays, the family is left with paying over $300,000 dollars out of pocket.

Cancer is a racket and a moneymaker of an unbelievable magnitude.

Considering over 20,000 people every day die from “cancer” you can quickly realize why they don’t want to cure the biggest plague of our time.

President Nixon failed in his “War against cancer” speech back in 1971.

Imagine if all the people who die from “cancer” actually die from exposure to carcinogenic agents like chemotherapy and radiation (which as Doug states in this podcast interview).

What if we collectively all refused chemo. What would happen to the number of deaths attributed to cancer? We’ll never know but it’s interesting to think about.

Enjoy this interview with our new friend Doug Kaufmann. He’s a real gem and doing real work helping people understand the relationship between fungus and cancer.

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Show Date:

Friday April 22, 2016

Show Guest:

Doug Kaufmann

Guest Info:

Doug Kaufmann, the host of the popular TV show, Know The Cause, he became interested in the subject of fungus as it pertains to disease while working in the area of food allergy.

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Fungus, yeast, candida and cancer

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