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Our Experience At The Dayton Medical Center, Conquering Fears, Listener Questions & So Much More

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Once again today was another really fun show!Kate and I had been off from the show for about a week. We took a few days off and flew to south Florida to participate in some testing at the Dayton Medical Center before a health medical retreat that we’re taking soon.

It’s really quite amazing all the synchronistic experiences we had on this short 5 night trip.

We talked a lot about our experiences from our trip during the show. We got to meet some of the most amazing people while having this amazing experience. I wrote a general article about some of the things we experience in another blog post.

If you’d like to read that you can click here to read what I wrote about the Dayton Medical Center as well as you can watch some great promo videos about everything they’re up to.

It was such a wonderful experience I can’t even describe to you all that it entailed.

During the show Kate brought up the subject of her conquering her fear of needles and IV’s and how that translated to getting rid of other fears in her life. I mentioned on of my fears which is flying.

We’ve both been letting go of everything lately. We were talking on the plane ride home that the lesson for 2014 might be letting go. Letting go is a theme that’s been coming up a lot for us lately.

If you think about how much attachment we have it’s really quite amazing. We’re attached to ideas and stories we tell ourselves. We’re attached to them even though we know they’re not even true. So we willingly believe a lie just so that we can wrap our story into our own identity.

We’re attached to our bodies, we’re attached to good health, we’re attached to our things, our relationships and dreams. When we learn to let it all go, life can be an amazing adventure for us.

Only when we truly let go of everything can we be open to receiving the gift of infinite possibilities. But we’re so attached to our preconceived ideas about everything that we prevent ideas, concepts and even material things from coming in.

And all of this is happening on an energetic or vibrational level without even knowing it.

Crazy isn’t it?

So during the show we also took some listener questions which is always a fun thing to do.

Other items mentioned:

“Always pray to have eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith. “– ???

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Show Date:Sunday 12/8/2013

Topic:Dayton Medical Center, Blood tests, conquering fears

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Podcast Transcript:

Episode 187—Our Experience at the Dayton Medical Center, Conquering Fears, Listener Questions, & So Much More—12-8-2013

Broadcasting live four days a week worldwide, from the sunny beaches of Southern California, this is

David: This is David Avocado Wolfe of and you are listening to Justin and Kate on Extreme Health Radio.

Justin: Well, thank you so much, everybody, for joining us on another show, another episode. I feel like it’s been weeks and maybe months since we’ve been here.

Kate: I feel like that too, very much so. I’m very glad to be back.

Justin: I know. Doesn’t it feel like it’s been a long time?

Kate: Yeah. I missed this.

Justin: I know, right?

Kate: Time is weird.

Justin: Time is weird.

Kate: It feels like it’s either yesterday or it’s been years, you know? It doesn’t ever seem what it truly is to me.

Justin: How long does it feel like since we’ve been behind the mic?

Kate: Two weeks.

Justin: Two weeks?

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Justin: Yeah, it does, doesn’t it?

Kate: Yeah.

Justin: Yeah, for me, it feels like about two weeks. But it’s really just been about a week, right?

Kate: Yeah.

Justin: A lot has happened in our lives in a week. I’ll tell you that.

Kate: Yes, yes, very much so.

Justin: Yeah, so thank you, everybody, for joining us. This is Episode 187 and it’s a lot of fun to be back. We’re so glad to be back with you guys. This is Episode 187 and it is a day before my birthday.

Kate: That’s right.

Justin: That’s right.

Kate: That’s right.

Justin: That’s right.

Kate: Tomorrow we are going to go celebrate you and have a good grass-fed or wild dinner, whatever…

Justin: Celebrate my nativity.

Kate: Not divinity.

Justin: Yeah, my birth.

Kate: Yes.

Justin: And that should be fun. We’re going to get some… What are we going to do? Get some wild salmon or are we going to get…?

Kate: I’m going to let you make this choice.

Justin: I get to choose, huh?

Kate: Grass-fed burgers? Wherever you want to go tomorrow, it’s on me.

Justin: I love it. All right, that sounds good. And what else is going on? This is, for reference, December 8, 2013.

Kate: Correct.

Justin: One day before my birthday and this is Episode 187 and what else is going on? Oh, if you would like to join the show, lots of different ways to do that. I forgot how to do a show, actually.

Kate: I was like “Where are you going with this?”

Justin: Yeah. If you’d like to join the show, lots of different ways to do that. You can go and listen live at or you could email us,

Kate: Or

Justin: And you could also Skype in and call in if you like to use Skype. Our ID is Extreme Health Radio. We take live calls on our Free For All Friday shows. And if you’d like to call in, you can use your cell phone, although cell phones don’t produce the best quality calls, but you can do that, 949-505-9585, if you’d like to join the show.

Kate: You need to get back into the swing of things.

Justin: I know. I’m all screwed up.

Kate: I do too. I feel like I’m mellow-yellow.

Justin: I know, right? And if you would like to support us during the holiday season, we’d love to have you do that through Amazon. Lots of great products on that site if you’re going to do any Christmas shopping or anything really—it doesn’t matter what you buy—and you can do that on Amazon,

Kate: Yes, please keep in mind always, but especially the holiday season. It really keeps us going with the small commission we get from every purchase.

Justin: It does. It’s really good. And like I said, you don’t have to buy anything health related. You can buy anything you’d like. The trick is remembering to do it and go through our link every time you make a purchase because sometimes you’re off doing your thing and you forget. I had to remind a couple friends to do that recently. So yeah, that’s a great way to support us. A lot of people are doing that and we really appreciate you guys helping out and supporting us that way if you can’t donate or anything like that. So helps to keep the show free and it helps it so that other people don’t have to pay and all that so it’s a great way to support what we’re doing here. We had a lot go on this week, didn’t we?

Kate: We had a lot going on, but all I’m thinking about at this very moment is the new ice cream I’m obsessed with. To be honest, I can’t stop thinking about this coconut-based ice cream in our refrigerator right now.

Justin: Oh, isn’t it amazing?

Kate: Every break I’m going to go out and get a scoop of it.

Justin: There are only two breaks.

Kate: Oh shoot.

Justin: Looks like you’re going to have lots of scoops.

Kate: Looks like I’m going to have a brain freeze. What is it, Coconut Bliss?

Justin: Coconut Bliss, yeah.

Kate: Oh man. If you guys haven’t heard of them, check out Coconut Bliss ice cream. It’s based out of coconut products like the… I think there’s coconut meat and water in a couple of them. But you would swear there was dairy in it. It tastes just… Oh, it’s amazing.

Justin: It’s creamy and amazing.

Kate: Yes.

Justin: The only drawback is that it’s not raw.

Kate: Right.

Justin: I’d prefer it to be raw, but it’s organic and no dairy, no soy, no eggs, right?

Kate: It’s vegan. No eggs.

Justin: It’s incredible.

Kate: It’s incredible.

Justin: We just about went through a whole container last night, didn’t we?

Kate: Well, we bought one yesterday and we went through it by this morning, and then I thought, “I’m going to go get the Arctic Mint flavor,” and when I went there, there was of course three flavors that looked good, so I came home and stocked up the fridge. But they’re like a little tiny… what, a pint size, maybe?

Justin: Mm-hmm.

Kate: Holy cow though. Those are trouble.

Justin: Galactic Mint, isn’t it?

Kate: Oh, what did I call it, Arctic? Oh, Galactic.

Justin: A little different.

Kate: A little. It’s amazing. I just can’t stop thinking about it.

Justin: Yeah, it’s really cool because when you eat this way, there are options, especially in today’s world with the paleo and with the raw food and how that’s coming along and the vegan. It’s really cool because there are great options out there for people that want to eat healthy. And you would never know that…

Kate: It’s so not boring anymore. I think people thought it was so boring at the beginning or that things didn’t taste right. But you’re right. I mean you have a scoop of this… I don’t know many people that would be able to tell there wasn’t dairy in it. It tastes that creamy and that… The consistency is so right on. Same with some of those wraps we’ve been doing. I mean they’ve come leaps and bounds.

Justin: Oh yeah.

Kate: In how they taste and technology and the food is getting better, I think.

Justin: It is. Yeah, I love it. I love… Like there are some raw ice creams that are just phenomenal.

Kate: There are some raw phenomenal ice creams.

Justin: I’ve even seen people do raw, organic, vegan… What do you call those ice cream cones?

Kate: Ooh.

Justin: I have no idea what they make those out of.

Kate: I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Justin: A raw vegan ice cream on a raw cone like that. It’s all done in the dehydrator. And have you seen the video that Kombucha Mama has? I don’t know if I’ve sent it to you, where she does a root beer float?

Kate: No.

Justin: It’s done with, I guess, raw vegan ice cream and with all these superfoods in it and then she does it in this kombucha that’s got all this fizz, but she flavors it to be like root beer.

Kate: So she infuses it with root beer flavor?

Justin: Yeah, so actually she went to like an ice cream parlor that serves this stuff. It’s like a raw root beer float. Can you imagine?

Kate: You know, I feel like she mentioned it when we had her on the show. I think she talked about that. But yeah, ooh… We’ve got to hook up with her. That would be amazing to try that out and see what you can do.

Justin: And get your kombucha fizzing up and it’s another world!

Kate: I love food.

Justin: Oh man. So we had a pretty big week, didn’t we?

Kate: We had a huge week.

Justin: We got back from… For those of you who don’t know, we were gone for about a week. How long? Was it about six days?

Kate: Six days.

Justin: We flew and went to the Dayton Medical Center in Miami, Florida.

Kate: Sunny Isles Beach.

Justin: Incredible place. Incredible place. And we had a workup because we are going on a retreat with them and it’s going to be a cleansing retreat. That’s going to happen next month.

Kate: Yes, so excited!

Justin: It’s like a 12-day thing and so what happens is that they’re so thorough there, like they’re so particular and they want to know everything about you, so we went for three days and they have the…

Kate: Actually, I think we stayed an extra day. Yeah, four days.

Justin: Yeah, we stayed an extra day. And they do everything. They do blood tests. They too, what 17 vials of blood? I’m surprised we’re still alive.

Kate: I think the ice cream replenished my body after that.

Justin: Wasn’t that crazy?

Kate: Yeah, that made me a little nerve-wracked, but I got through that and I’ll talk about that in a minute, but yeah, they did the 17 vials of blood…

Justin: What else did they do? They have the far-infrared sauna there.

Kate: We had acupuncture and cupping.

Justin: Acupuncture and cupping. And then we had an interview or about an hour-long work-over with the doctor, the director there, Dr. Dayton. He’s been in the holistic alternative medicine field for 40 years and so he went over lots of different things. He did some crazy testing with us.

Kate: Biofeedback testing?

Justin: Yeah, some dermal biofeedback, I think it’s called, or something like that, where he puts these electrodes on your acupuncture points on your hands. That was crazy.

Kate: Yeah, and from that I think, I was gathering, he can tell what it is your body can assimilate too, as far as they personally cocktail an IV to give you with certain vitamins and minerals and I think they want to make sure that every person who is getting specific things, it really jives with their own make-up and their own body. And he also tested us that way for a lot of homeopathic remedies, which you had quite a story with your back.

Justin: Oh yeah. I’ll have to talk about that.

Kate: Yes, we had a… We’re going to be talking about this for many, many moons to come.

Justin: Yeah, so what is their website? So we had this meeting with the doctor and it was an individual, private meeting, and he does all kinds of bodywork on you and talks with you about your protocols and what your health history is and all this stuff. And then he tests you for certain homeopathic remedies to see if your body is compatible with these things. He asked me what was going on with me and I told him my back was still an issue and so he…

Kate: You hurt your back, what six or eight months ago at the gym?

Justin: I think February of 2013, yeah.

Kate: That was really bad.

Justin: It was really bad. I was doing bent over rows and my torso was not parallel to the ground so I was bent at like a 45-degree angle and I was lifting… I don’t know… 180 pounds or something like that and I just slipped a disc or something and my back has never been the same since. And so it was interesting. So the day before this, we had our acupuncture and cupping and I actually had electro-stimulation during the acupuncture, and you have a video of that.

Kate: Are you going to post the video?

Justin: I should post it.

Kate: That’d be great.

Justin: Yeah, so what happens is that they do all the acupuncture points in your back and you have all kinds of needles, right? You’re laying down.

Kate: Little porcupine style.

Justin: Little porcupine. And then he hooks up… I don’t even know what it was because I couldn’t see it.

Kate: I watched the whole thing. It was some sort of little electrode… little clips with wires on them that basically went from an electric current machine and then connected to different acupuncture needles.

Justin: The top of the needles, right?

Kate: I think he put them around the lower part of the pin, but yeah, either way. Yeah and then he turns it on and you were the one who could tell me how it feels because it looked pretty gnarly, but basically it stimulates those muscles to involuntarily contract and twitch. It looks… You’ve got to post the video because it looks funky. And it hurt, right?

Justin: It hurt, yeah, because it’s funny, when you have the needles in you, if you’re just doing traditional acupuncture, you can’t really feel them. I mean you feel little jolts when he taps it in, but they’re so thin and so small you can’t really feel them.

Kate: Exactly.

Justin: And so when he put them in, they were fine, and then he hooked the thing up, fine, and then he said, “Okay, you should feel a little bit of stimulation.” So what happens is that every couple seconds, every like second, it’ll send a little shockwave into the needle. And it gradually goes up. So he says, “Okay, just tell me when it starts hurting.” And he’s turning it up and so every time it’s twitching, it’s hurting. And so I’m just thinking to myself “Okay, well, I’m here, right?” I’m just that guy that more is better. I might as well… If I’m going to buy a blender, I’m not going to spend money on a cheapie. I’m going to go get a $500 Vitamix.

Kate: Yeah, you go big or go home.

Justin: Yeah, just you might as well… with some things.

Kate: With some things, yes.

Justin: And so he does this, so it starts… I feel it, okay, boom, boom, boom. It’s going and it’s starting to hurt, it’s starting to hurt. And I think, “Okay, I just take a deep breath.” I tried to detach from my body and just pretend I’m not in my body and boom, I let it go, I let go, let it go… And then it starts getting really painful. So I thought, “Okay, I probably should say something.” So I said something and he stopped it there. And it was just really painful. But you get used to. After a while it was almost like I hallucinated or like I…

Kate: You went into an altered state or something?

Justin: Yeah, I went into an altered state. I didn’t feel it after a while. And then…

Kate: Yeah, because that went on for about 40 minutes, I think.

Justin: Really? That long?

Kate: Yeah. No, honestly, half hour to 40 minutes.

Justin: I don’t even remember.

Kate: I do because I was like “Holy cow. How long are they going to keep him in this torture chamber?”

Justin: Yeah, for the first probably five minutes it was hurting a lot and then for the middle part, I kind of went into that altered state. I mean it wasn’t that bad, but…

Kate: No, but I know what you mean.

Justin: It’s like you kind of have to detach and pretend. You have to get into a mental thing to endure a little bit of pain. And that’s what happened then at the end. I was like “Okay, I’m done with that. I can’t go on like that anymore. This is starting to really hurt.” So we had that happen and that was interesting and I feel like that helped a lot. And prior to that he did the cupping and that was wild too. That was the second time I had that done.

Kate: That was the first time I had it, yeah.

Justin: We have some pictures of that.

Kate: Oh, we’ll post that. I looked like a Ninja Turtle.

Justin: You looked like a turtle, didn’t you?

Kate: I know, or a leopard. I don’t know what I looked like.

Justin: Did you like it?

Kate: Umm… Yeah. No, I did. Same thing, you have to mentally get to a place where you kind of just block out the little… I mean it’s not painful but you definitely did want to… Like Dr. Dandes, the doctor we worked with the most, who was saying how you kind of want to punch somebody at the beginning?

Justin: Yeah.

Kate: And then you are just somehow okay with it and you kind of get into it. Yeah. No, I’m really glad I did. I’m really glad I did it.

Justin: Yeah, it’s a pretty interesting thing to have happen to you. And then so I did that. I did the cupping and then the acupuncture and then the electro-dermal stimulation. And then I thought, “Okay, that’s going to really help my back,” right? And then the next day I was so sore.

Kate: Yeah, you were bumming.

Justin: I was so sore. I was moving around in bed and any time I would move my back, it just hurt. And so the next day is when we talked to Dr. Dayton. We had our consultation with him.

Kate: Oh, right. Right.

Justin: And so that’s when I told him what was going on with my back because prior to the acupuncture and the cupping, I wasn’t hurting… It was hurting a little bit, but it was more like an annoyance. It wasn’t that bad. And then after that, I told Dr. Dayton and he tested me for a bunch of different homeopathics and finally gave me one and I took it that night, went to bed, woke up the next morning, and my back was almost completely new. It was… I mean I still feel it a little bit, but…

Kate: No. Compared to… I mean I was the one who heard you… not complaining about it, but mentioning it a few times, you know? And then to have it go from that to “Oh my gosh, I wouldn’t even know I had a back problem” was pretty intense.

Justin: I know. It was incredible.

Kate: That is incredible. That’s just one of the miraculous stories that came out of that four days.

Justin: Homeopathy is really fascinating. We spoke to… Gosh, what is his name? Dr. Bruce Shelton. We’ll put a link to his show. He’s a homeopathic doctor and he talks all about how homeopathy works and many of you guys are familiar with how it works. But it’s really powerful and it doesn’t seem like it’s really that big of a deal. But it’s pretty amazing. Have you started yours yet?

Kate: Oh yeah. I’m talking two little pills three times a day to help with my uterine fibroid. So yeah, I mean it is cool. You put these little tiny… what tastes like little sugar pills underneath your tongue and they just dissolve, for people who haven’t done homeopathy. That was my second time. I did it a couple years ago when I was on a cleanse. But yeah.

Justin: Wasn’t it crazy too, the whole story of how we got there and the flights and…?

Kate: Oh my gosh.

Justin: Wasn’t that crazy? We took standby flights so we never knew if we were going to get on a plane or not.

Kate: Right. And we knew we had to be there for the start of the wellness retreat, so we couldn’t mess around with time. But we did. We made every single flight we were supposed to at the exact time we were supposed to and then we show up at the airport and the rental car… All we wanted to get was to a Whole Foods, to be able to stock up on some stuff for the kitchen in the hotel we had.

Justin: Right, because we were flying from California to Florida, so we’re losing three hours.

Kate: Right. So I asked the girls on the plane next to me “Hey, do you guys know where a Whole Foods is?” and they said, “Oh, there’s probably not one until Boca Raton.” I’m thinking, “No, there has to be one close.” So we get off. We look on our GPS on the phone and we Google “Whole Foods” and it looks like maybe like a 10-12 minute drive.

Justin: Remember, by the time we… Before we even got off the plane, remember there was this huge delay as soon as the plane… So we sat there…

Kate: We sat on the plane for 30 minutes? 20 minutes?

Justin: Yeah, for about 20 or 30 minutes and we were thinking, “Oh, man.”

Kate: By the time we get the rental car there’s going to be no way we’re going to make it to the Whole Foods. And we were starving.

Justin: We were starving because we only packed a little bit of food and we were just so ravenous. And we thought, “Oh man. We’re just going to have to go to bed hungry. That’s kind of the way it goes.”

Kate: And that wasn’t the way it went at all. We literally got to the rental car place in front of other people, so we were able to really get our car fast. We got in, we sat in the car, and then on the way out we’re like “Gosh, who should we ask,” you know? “Oh, let’s just go for it. We’ll go off the GPS,” sometimes even though it leads us wrong. So we get to the little gate where we hand the woman our ticket to get out of the parking garage in our rental car.

Justin: And at that point it was… What time was it?

Kate: It was 10:45. Whole Foods closes at… Or it was 9:45. Whole Foods closes at 10:00. And we just asked… She was the one person. We went to one line and we roll down the window and we said, “Hey, do you happen to know where there’s a Whole Foods?”

Justin: This was the lady in the parking garage at the airport where she takes her ticket and lets your through the…

Kate: Barrier.

Justin: Yeah.

Kate: Yeah, and she said, “Well, I think there’s one… Yeah, there’s one down here.” So she literally said, “Go straight out here, make a right, make a left, veer to the left, kind of hug the curve and it’ll be on your right.” And we’re like “Okay, we have 13 minutes. Let’s just go for it.”

Justin: One wrong turn.

Kate: One wrong turn at night in a foreign city.

Justin: In a city that you’ve never been in. One wrong turn and there goes your food for the night.

Kate: You’re toast, right. And what happened? We completely… With red lights, with being just totally disoriented, made it to the Whole Foods with… Was it two or three minutes to spare?

Justin: It was like three minutes to spare.

Kate: I’ve never done a faster parking job and we ran into the Whole Foods.

Justin: And then we got to shop for 20 minutes.

Kate: And we got to shop for 20 minutes after they closed and then we checked out. I mean it was just the grace of God, literally. I mean I sent up a few prayers like “We just have to make it to the Whole Foods.”

Justin: Yeah, because I mean we’re not going to go to McDonald’s or anything like that so… Yeah, wasn’t that crazy?

Kate: It was amazing. That happened, as well, when we returned our rental car the next day. The next day we woke up, we spent the night in Ft. Lauderdale, we woke up and we drove down to a place called the Coral Castle, which was pretty amazing. You know, you should put a link to a documentary on that.

Justin: Yeah, I should. Have you guys checked out the Coral Castle? Do you know anything about it? It’s a pretty fascinating structure. I don’t know if you guys are interested in things like the pyramids and things, but this Coral Castle… It’s my second time. I was there in 2001 and it’s a pretty phenomenal thing and I really wanted to show it to Kate because we had watched a documentary on it and…

Kate: And you had been talking about it since I’ve known you, for what 13 years now?

Justin: Yeah, and no one knows about this Coral Castle, but it’s fascinating because it’s a whole castle and compound built out of coral that one man who was about five feet tall, 120 pounds in 1940 quarried out of the ground and these stones are something like 30 to 50 to 70 tons. Some of them are 40 feet high. And he quarried these stones, cut them from the ground and put together this whole Coral Castle with sundials and planetary structures and movable doors. It’s got like this 20-ton door that rotates on this tiny little hinge that a baby could push. It’s just fascinating how this guy did it. And he claimed that he figured out how the Egyptians built the pyramids.

Kate: And he used that technology or that energy or whatever, right?

Justin: There are legends and stories of him moving these stones like balloons. And so anyway, it’s just an incredible place so I wanted to show you.

Kate: It was amazing.

Justin: Yeah, and so we drove down there, right?

Kate: So yeah, we drive down there and we take the tour and take some pictures. It was just amazing. And then we head home and we miss… I have to say Florida, your freeways are not very friendly. They all have like 15 names, numbers, Southwest, Northeast—they are so confusing.

Justin: Yeah, none of them have… Well, some of them have names, but they’re mostly numbers like NE…

Kate: Yeah, right. And there are all these numbers and letters and…

Justin: So I had the same thing happen to me in 2001 when I was there. I went to the Coral Castle. I had to rent a car. And I had one day left on the rental car and I wanted to go to the Florida Keys and I drove around…

Kate: And you never made it.

Justin: Never made it, yeah.

Kate: One day we’ll make it to the Keys.

Justin: Yeah. So we got done with the Coral Castle.

Kate: We miss a freeway. We didn’t understand the freeway, so we end up pulling off and at this point we’re getting closer and closer to our rental car turn-in time, which was 5:00 sharp, and they meant sharp. They lock you in the office.

Justin: They lock you in.

Kate: And we didn’t want to pay another $70 or whatever it was going to be just to have the car for the next…

Justin: Overnight.

Kate: In the morning, basically. We’re going to return it and pay that for nothing. So we’re hauling and we’re just going for it. We’re changing, recalculating on the GPS. It’s wrong every other time. We have no idea what it’s telling us, so we just rolled with it and…

Justin: We made a couple wrong turns.

Kate: A couple wrong turns, asked a couple people who didn’t know where the heck the rental car place was but just kept saying, “Maybe over this bridge, maybe over there,” and we ended up with… I think again it was like two minutes until 5:00 to spare.

Justin: Well, we had to stop at Whole Foods first because we had to get groceries for the next few days. It’s that eating, right? So we had to go there first because our hotel was a few hundred yards away from the Dayton Medical Center so we would have had to walk with all these groceries.

Kate: Or take a taxi.

Justin: And so we had to stop at Whole Foods first. So we did that. Craziest Whole Foods in the world, by the way.

Kate: I was going to say that was like Christmas Eve in New York City or something. It was wild.

Justin: That was amazing.

Kate: That was the craziest Whole Foods I’ve ever experienced.

Justin: So we did that and then we raced across town to try to get the car back before they closed.

Kate: With a couple wrong turns.

Justin: With a couple wrong turns and like you said…

Kate: I think it was two minutes until 5:00 when we hauled in there. We weren’t able to re-gas it. We just had to get it there. And they locked you in.

Justin: They locked me in.

Kate: I took all the luggage, was getting out of the car when I see this lady come over and just click! Totally locks you out… locks you in and me out. And I was like “Oh, that’s not comfortable.” But we got it in and praise God!

Justin: I know. It was crazy, wasn’t it?

Kate: The whole thing was just God’s hand on that trip. It was just phenomenal.

Justin: And doesn’t it feel like that? It feels like whenever you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, things just line up, don’t they?

Kate: They do.

Justin: This is the first time in my life that this has ever been such an exciting time in my life with the shows and with everything that’s going on.

Kate: The people we’re meeting.

Justin: The people we’re meeting, the opportunities we’re getting. And I feel like that’s the lesson is that when you’re doing something in your life that you know is your darma or your calling or whatever you’re supposed to be…

Kate: Your life’s purpose.

Justin: Your life’s purpose, it just works. It simply just works.

Kate: Yeah, I’m feeling that too for the first time in my life, like 120%, completely.

Justin: Are you?

Kate: Yeah. And it continues to excite me to get out of the bed in the morning and something… It’s like I don’t have to do anything. I just have to be where I’m supposed to be and that’s just the most peaceful… I don’t know.

Justin: It’s almost like dominoes or something, where they just fall down in front of you, before you even get to them kind of thing. You know what I mean? Like you’re walking in the same direction the domino chain is going, but all the dominoes are just falling over before you get there. It’s crazy.

Kate: That’s a good way to put it. Yeah, I keep picturing it too like that part on Indiana Jones. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I think it’s the last movie where he comes to the edge of a cliff and he knows he has to get to the other side but there’s no bridge and it doesn’t look like there is anything.

Justin: Oh yeah. I forgot about that part.

Kate: So he takes a handful of sand or whatever it is and skirts it out before him and it starts illuminating steps in the… and he sees that it’s there and that’s what I feel like. As I continue in faith just to take the next step, the next one appears. I don’t know where it’s going and sometimes it looks scary and sometimes it’s magical and all these things wrapped together, but it’s just such an amazing adventure that’s just opening up for me.

Justin: And you know what’s cool is that you have sort of dispelled a lot of your fears on…

Kate: Completely.

Justin: As far as some of the things you’re doing. Let’s talk about that after the break.

Kate: Yeah, I would love to talk a little bit more about my experience at the Dayton Medical. It is, by the way.

Justin: Okay, we’ll put a link to that on this show page, which is And during the… I’m not sure if you guys were able to check this out, but during the time that were gone, we had a lot of people purchase the Bellicon rebounder.

Kate: Oh, amazing.

Justin: They had a really great Black Friday sale. I forget what the discount was on that. But really cool. I wanted to let you guys know too, on the Bellicon rebounder that we’re going to run the ad for right now, really awesome—we have ours, but what I like about it is that you can get… If you buy it through PayPal, you have to sign up on PayPal through a service called BillMeLater. I think you can go to and you can sign up and they’ll approve you—they should—and if they approve you, then you’ll be able to get no interest and no charges, as long as it’s paid off in six months. Yeah, and…

Kate: It’s a great option.

Justin: It’s a great option because these are expensive. And if you also want to just purchase it not through PayPal, right on, what you can do is do a three pay service with them, I think. So what you want to do is click through our link and then you would call them and talk to John or Stan because they were on our show, and they’ll help you. They’ll probably crack some jokes while you’re on the phone.

Kate: I love those guys. Let’s put a link to that show too. If you haven’t heard John and Stan talking about the Bellicon, you’re missing out. They’re amazing.

Justin: They’re pretty good. So anyway, we’ll be right back, right after this break.


Justin: I have been a huge fan of rebounding for many, many years and if you want to get in great cardiovascular shape, tone your legs, back and butt and stomach, as well as cleanse your lymphatic system from toxins and chemicals, you just have to start rebounding. It’s imperative. And not only will it create endorphins that quickly become addictive to you, but it’s very low impact as well. It helps to prevent sicknesses and diseases, as well as increase bone density and it flushes toxins from your lymphatic system. It’s amazing. And not only that, but it’s a ton of fun also. I do it every single day for about 15 minutes. And we found the best rebounder on the market today in the world, bar none. It’s called the Bellicon rebounder. It’s the Roll’s Royce of rebounders, in my opinion. And let’s listen to some of what our guests have had to say about rebounding. Robert Von Sarbacher is a health researcher and creator of the Mini Beet Protocol and Robert, what’s your favorite exercise?

Robert: In general, probably one of the number one anti-aging exercises on the planet is rebounding. So 15 minutes a day is good for that. You can find people who have had thermography scans on cancers—giant tumors—and when they’re doing a rebounder it would start spewing out and shrinking right in front of your eyes, the tumor would, as they’re on the rebounder. So it’s really good for that sort of thing. It’s also very good for exercising internal organs. It’s the only internal organ exerciser that I know of, known to man.

Justin: Dr. Lindsey Duncan is the CEO and founder of Genesis Today and what’s the best way that you think of to stimulate the lymphatic system of the body?

Lindsey: Rebounding is incredible because it’s good for the lymphatic system and there’s more lymph fluid in the body than there is blood. And the quickest way and the most effective way to get the lymphatic system flowing is through rebounding itself.

Justin: Yeah, because the lymphatic system can’t really detox itself, can it? I think…

Lindsey: No, the heart… We have the heart, thank you, for pumping blood and we don’t have a heart to pump lymphatic fluid. The only thing that really can pump lymphatic fluid is cardiovascular exercise utilizing the thighs—the thigh muscles. And that’s why rebounding and getting a burn in that thigh muscle is so important for the flow and the stimulation of the lymphatic fluid.

Justin: Wow. And they even put cancer patients on rebounding, don’t they?

Lindsey: Nutritionists do.

Justin: Yeah.

Lindsey: Yeah, absolutely.

Justin: Yeah, but not a conventional doctor. But yeah, I’ve been learning about rebounding lately. It’s quite an amazing thing.

Lindsey: Yeah, rebounding is amazing.

Justin: Health researcher and author of Cancer: Step Outside The Box, Ty Bollinger, what do you do in your life to prevent cancer?

Ty: What do you do to treat cancer? What do you do to prevent it? Rebounding is something that I try to do on a daily basis, a little mini trampoline for those people that aren’t familiar with the term “rebounding.” But it’s basically just jumping up and down on that little mini tramp. What that does is it stimulates the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is one of our primary detoxification systems in our body and most folks don’t stimulate their lymph flow and so the toxicity in their body builds up because their lymph is not stimulated and the up-down motion on a rebounder stimulates the lymph flow better than just about any other exercise. So I do that almost on a daily… probably five days a week, I would say I average doing that.

Justin: And finally, author and speaker and creator of the Longevity Now program, David Wolfe, do you think the Bellicon is the best rebounder on the market today?

David: Absolutely. I was just with the crew in Europe that does the Bellicon rebounder, which is an incredible rebounder. My God, what a machine! And it doesn’t use metal springs. It uses like flexy ropes, so it’s very soft and fun and it’s just great to play with.

Justin: Well, there you have it, the up and down g-force actually stimulates every single cell in your body. It’s incredible. And as someone who works out in the gym a lot and does Qigong, I think that the best physical aerobic exercise, in my opinion, is rebounding. It’s just absolutely incredible for the human body. And the Bellicon is silent and it comes with a warranty and you can get them in several different sizes and colors and some of them have bars that you can hold onto in case you’re worried about balance. It’s a well worth it investment in your health and in your future. So check them out in our store if you’d like, or you can check out the videos on


100% listener supported. Extreme Health Radio, opening minds and transforming lives worldwide. Join the show now on Skype at Extreme Health Radio or call 949-505-9585.

Justin: I just got off the Bellicon myself, a couple minute bounce there.

Kate: Wow, my teeth are frozen from shoveling Coconut Bliss ice cream into my mouth.

Justin: I know. I had a scoop of that too.

Kate: Woo, it’s good!

Justin: Isn’t that good?

Kate: Now I need to Bellicon it off with my calories I just consumed.

Justin: That Bellicon is great because it’s such a soft bounce. You know what I like about it with the other rebounder that we had? I had to force myself to do it every day because it wasn’t fun.

Kate: No, this thing is like you’re floating on air. I love it.

Justin: Yeah, it’s such a springy, soft bounce.

Kate: Right.

Justin: You know? Really cool.

Kate: It is.

Justin: And you guys, if you want to purchase the Bellicon, please just let me know. If you have any questions about it, I can answer them and help you out. And also, if you want to join us on the live shows, you can go to or call, as the lady said, 949-505-9585 and we can take your calls that way. So we’d love to have you call in and join the show and ask us any questions and all of that stuff.

Kate: And I’ll be manning the chat room and taking notes. I’m just this little secretary person over here.

Justin: I know, right? So you wanted to talk a little bit about some more things with the Dayton Medical because that’s some incredible…

Kate: Yeah. I feel like when you tell people, like your family—at least our families—that “We’re going to go fly to Miami and do this wellness retreat and go to this clinic or medical building and get a bunch of tests done” and things like that, they tend to go “Gosh, well you don’t really know what it’s like. You don’t really know where you’re going. Are you guys sure you’re comfortable with that?” And you and I seem to, throughout the years, have… I feel like we’re a little bit more comfortable with taking risks and usually they really pay off for us, you know? And this was one of those times where I just felt like I absolutely had to go. And we went and it was a phenomenal experience. I think meeting Dr. Dandes… I hope I’m saying her name right. We call her Dr. Dandes. She is an incredible person. I feel like I connected with her on a level that you don’t really connect—most people don’t connect—to their doctor on that level. But also just my friend… She’s just my new friend and her husband, Mike, we had the pleasure of meeting and he is just an amazing guy too. I know he’s been listening to our show probably almost since the beginning and that’s super flattering. But it was just… They are just amazing, gracious, loving people and I felt like I was just in such good hands. The minute we walked in I felt completely comfortable.

Justin: And you know, it kind of reminded me… Did you ever see that movie with Robin Williams?

Kate: Oh, Patch Adams?

Justin: Patch Adams, you ever see that?

Kate: No, I haven’t, but I know. I need to watch that.

Justin: That was interesting because he was taking a whole different approach to healthcare and the medical side of things and the coldness that doctors have and he was using a sense of humor to help heal patients and he was getting results with people by bringing up their attitude and their laughter and their joy in their life. And he was starting to get some incredible results and of course, the medical association and establishment at the time—this is a true story, I think it’s based on a real guy—and they shut him down. He tried to open his own clinic, but… That’s how I felt like Dr. Dandes—not using the humor and the jokes and things like that—but she’s just such a caring person. And what I like about her too is that she is one of those doctors that you wish that all of your medical primary doctors would be.

Kate: Absolutely.

Justin: Because she… I mean she’s a biochemical… She’s got her biophysicist degree, she’s got two PhDs—incredible. But all you do is you see her and she’s hugging people and she’s…

Kate: And they’re just talking about how much they feel like she’s just “saved them” or changed their lives.

Justin: She’s laughing with people. She’s eating with people. And she’s spending… She barely spends any time in her office. She’s always office-less, right?

Kate: She’s office-less, yes. That was the joke, kind of. We’re following her around like “I don’t have an office right now because they’re doing something in there, so let’s go over here” and she just…

Justin: Yeah. And what I liked about her too is her approach—which is what most doctors should do—but her approach in using language and how she deals with people who have perhaps a certain condition or whatever

Kate: Or “diagnosis?”

Justin: Or diagnosis. She’ll never even say the word of what the condition is to people and she’ll say, “Okay, let’s just calm down. This is what you may or may not have and we need to understand that the Western side is going to freak out and they’re going to want to take you for testing and blah, blah, blah.” Just watching her in these circumstances talk to people and the way she goes about it on an energetic level… because she understands all of it. She understands how energy…

Kate: The mind-body connection.

Justin: The mind-body connection and how your outlook and approach and labeling things and she’s just an incredible person.

Kate: She’s lovely and she loves people and she loves life and I can’t say enough. I can’t say enough about her. And I also have to say…

Justin: She’s like a big sister/friend.

Kate: She is. She is. She’s a huge influence in my life already and I feel like our journey is just starting together.

Justin: I know.

Kate: I do also… I am so happy to say I had a lot of fears kind of put to rest or I came face-to-face with. As stupid as it sounds, I have never loved needles, and I’ve always had a story I “told myself” about needles and IVs and things every time I’d ever visited anyone in the hospital or that was getting some kind of treatment and seen an IV. It was always in the top of their hand. It always looked painful. It gave me the creeps looking at it, you know?

Justin: It’s in the bridge of their nose.

Kate: Ew! Sticking out of their eye.

Justin: It’s coming out of their gums.

Kate: Ew! But you know, that’s creepy. If you already aren’t a big fan of needles to begin with and then you see this IV sticking out of the top of someone’s hand in a hospital with all this craziness around you… So when I knew that we were going to be getting an IV treatment as part of our package, I was nervous about that. Honestly, going into it I thought, “I don’t want that thing in the top of my hand. That’s creepy. It’s scary. It’s whatever.”

Justin: And you knew that you might possibly be needing that IV for four hours, right?

Kate: Right. Well, I didn’t know it was going to be that long. But it turned out you and I hauled that bag around and sat there in some really nice recliner chairs in their comforting office for four hours having our IV slowly drip into our system, which was an amazing experience. But yeah, the guys there—the paramedics and phlebotomists, they do the whole thing, IV administration—they put me so much at ease. They explained what it was going to feel like. They showed me the size of the needle versus the one that draws the blood.

Justin: Frank and Edwin?

Kate: Frank and Edwin. Just amazing guys. Amazing guys.

Justin: Yeah, they’re so talented at what they do.

Kate: Oh yeah. You watched the thing go right into your vein and you didn’t feel it.

Justin: Yeah, I kind of have this sick fascination with that kind of stuff. I like to see that.

Kate: Yeah, you’re complete opposite from me.

Justin: I was just watching him stick the needle in. I like that. I don’t know.

Kate: Glad somebody does. But not only did I get over that fear, I had to do it a couple times and just when I thought, “I’m out of the woods,” you know, no more needles, I had a few other times where there was extra blood work and extra testing done. And I felt like God was saying, “Okay, you think you’re over it. Are you really over it? Are you going to just go with it? Are you going to trust me?” And I went for it and I have to say I came back going, “I’m not afraid of that kind of testing anymore or the needles.” I really… For me, it was a big hurdle, an obstacle to overcome mentally, and I’m very grateful for that alone.

Justin: It’s interesting too because not only does it take getting through it, but looking at your fear from another angle was what really took you over the edge, in terms of getting over your fear because you realized going into it that the fear is just a story you told yourself, right?

Kate: Right.

Justin: And when you realized that, you could choose to believe your own story or not and your story was one that was based on fear because of things you’d seen, and when you realized that “Hey, A, I am separate from my story. The story is separate from me and I am not my story.” And then B, you can say, “Do I choose to believe this story?” And it could be about anything. It could be about whatever your fear is. Like for me, it was a fear of flying because that really gets into attachment and I had this experience when I was coming back, I think in 1995. I had been flying my whole life and I had this feeling, or experience I should say, coming back from my brother’s wedding.

Kate: In Europe?

Justin: In Europe, yeah. We took a night flight. I was just by myself and I took a night flight from Hungary and you fly up over the…

Kate: Mountain range?

Justin: No, over the North Pole and all that, you know? Over the north of the US and all that. And in the middle of the night, we hit some sort of clear air turbulence, this air pocket, and we dropped a few hundred feet and I don’t know how long we dropped but it was crazy and the lights came on, in the middle of the night. The oxygen things all came down and everybody freaked out and I thankfully had my seatbelt on but it was as if I had this sinking feeling, like I was on free-fall on a ride, you know? And I was dozing off. And so ever since then I had the same kind of thing that you had with the IV in the top of the hand. I told myself “Well, I’m not a good flyer because I never know when I’m going to hit that clear air turbulence” and I told myself this story and it’s just crazy where you can go in your mind when you have these fears. But you understood that and just completely charged it.

Kate: I did charge it. You went away to go to the bathroom or something and came back and there I am with a needle sticking out of me.

Justin: I know. You had a needle coming out of your throat, you were taking an IV bag in your throat… But it was crazy, wasn’t it?

Kate: No, it was. And I know what you mean. I just told myself like “Not only am I going to not be afraid. I’m going to be grateful for the process that has been my teacher because I’m not fearing this unknown.” You know, “the only thing to fear is fear is fear itself” kind of thing? I thought, “Why I have spent any emotional energy and thought thinking about this for all these years? This was so easy. What was I even wasting my time and energy on all this time thinking, ‘Oh, I don’t want an IV’?” Really? And I didn’t know the facts. I told myself a story that wasn’t even true.

Justin: And you know what’s crazy is that you chose to believe your own lie to yourself. So what does that say about who you are at the core? You know what I mean? Isn’t that so weird? You probably subconsciously knew that story wasn’t true, like there could be some other ways to take IVs, but you chose to believe the lie. What does that say about who we are? We willingly choose to believe a lie just so that we can hold onto something where we feel safe, which is fear. It’s so weird, isn’t it?

Kate: And an uninformed lie. I thought an IV… I honestly am so naïve. I thought like a needle was in your arm that whole time.

Justin: Well, so did I.

Kate: You did too? It’s a little catheter that slips in and they take the needle out. You don’t even have any needle in your arm for the whole…

Justin: I hadn’t had an IV for years and so I just thought, “Yeah, that’s what it is.”

Kate: But isn’t that funny? Like not only am I stressed out about something that I thought… The whole thing didn’t even look like what I thought all these years. And the little tiny needle. I mean I just felt so silly and stupid. But it was… And you know what? I had to be careful how I… I’ve been very aware lately of my wording of things. When I sat down, at first I said to the paramedic—Frank, he was amazing—but I said, “Hey, I don’t really like needles. I’m bad with needles.” But then I realized…

Justin: And then you said, “Oh, I’m such a wuss” or something like that.

Kate: Yeah, I did. I was like “I’m a chicken. I’m a wuss.”

Justin: Making a joke about it.

Kate: Right. But then I realized I needed to step back and I’ve realized now I’m not a big fan of needles or in the past I haven’t really had a good experience with needles or I had a fear of needles, but I had to re…

Justin: Reprogram your mind how it…?

Kate: Reprogram my mind and then be careful what I let out of my mouth and the way that I said it so I still wasn’t buying into an old lie and an old set of…

Justin: Oh yeah.

Kate: So I mean the whole four days was really good for me. And you know, Dr. Dandes called me out on some things that I said. There were some certain things and she was like “What you just said, why would you say that?” or “What’s a better way you can say that?” I mean she was just…

Justin: She’s on top of it.

Kate: She’s on top of it. And she reads you like a book. I mean half the time she’s looking at people and I’m thinking, “What is she wondering about them?” Like the body language, she’s reading them and she’s wondering.

Justin: Yeah, because she reads body language.

Kate: She’s really amazing like that.

Justin: You probably couldn’t get away with lying to her.

Kate: Probably not. You’d have to be real good. I’m not going to try.

Justin: But it’s interesting too because that whole fear thing, all of us have fears and you’re listening to this and maybe you’re thinking, “Okay, well I don’t have a fear of needles. I don’t have a fear of flying.” But you do have a fear of something, you know? Everyone has a fear. And for me it was… I’m not really a fearful person. I don’t really fear much. Typically the bigger the issue, the less I’m afraid of it. It’s always smaller stuff with me. But for me recently, it’s just been the flying thing and really it comes back to just attachment, doesn’t it? We’re talking about everything that’s supposed to happen… Like one of my mantras is “All good things come to me” and so we knew that this retreat was something that…

Kate: Was going to add to our life.

Justin: It was going to add to our life and it was something that we knew that it was our destiny to do. And so if we got on a plane and it crashed, really so what? Right? I mean my biggest fear is always the 30 seconds during the time where something initially goes wrong and then you crash, right? But when it comes down to it, we’re just attached to things and we feel like we’re attached to our stories, we’re attached to our ego. And those attachments are what cause fear because we feel like we’re attached. Our fears make us feel safe, you know?

Kate: That’s a really good point and when you are able to kind of go inward and unattach yourself, which I feel like you and I both made huge strides in…

Justin: Let go.

Kate: Yeah, we really let go. It makes the journey of life so much freer.

Justin: Imagine your life if you didn’t have any attachments to things. So you didn’t have an attachment to your body. So if you died, then you’re moving on and you’re doing something better. If you didn’t have attachment to your house, you weren’t afraid to lose it. Then if you lost it, big deal. You’re still going to live. If you didn’t have attachment to your family, your friends, if some of them died, you know you’re still safe. And what is the mantra that Dr. Dandes gave you?

Kate: She told me… I feel like she gave it to me and it is my mantra—“You’re safe. You’re okay. Let go.”

Justin: So whenever you’re feeling afraid or you’re in the moment of feeling something fearful, you say this to yourself.

Kate: You’re safe. I’m safe. I’m okay. Let go. It got me through a whole bunch of times, just even in the last couple days, to be honest. And I have woken up a different person. I wake up different now. And I viewed the plane ride coming home that was a bit turbulent different. I felt like “I am exactly where I am supposed to be and I’m safe.” And that means I’m safe no matter what. I’m safe if we make it there. I’m safe if we don’t. I’m just safe in it.

Justin: You’re safe whether you live and you’re safe whether you die.

Kate: Yeah. It kind of was a pretty eye-opening experience for me.

Justin: It’s kind of like playing poker not to lose instead of to win or it’s kind of like playing with the house’s money, where you’ve got a few million dollars. You’re going to take some chances. You’re going to take some risks. And you’re going to have fun. Versus you playing with $20 and then you know that it’s the end of the world if you have to go home and tell your family and friends you lost money.

Kate: Like try to horde it and get it back and get more of it and…

Justin: Right. You’re stressed about losing $20 but when you’re playing with the house’s money and when you’re living life in that way, you have no fear. Isn’t that cool?

Kate: I feel like I just got a very little glimpse into a bigger story for myself.

Justin: I know. And we met some really interesting people. We met Tanya. She has a really cool website. It’s not even up yet. But it’s called and she’s an amazing person that lives down there in Florida and she’s attending this retreat and she’s a documentary filmmaker, right?

Kate: She is. It’s a series of… Did she say six different programs?

Justin: Seven because it’s one a month for seven months, which is the total duration of the Florida growing season.

Kate: That’s right. And how can we link up to her show?

Justin: We’ll just put a link on this show page.

Kate: She is amazing.

Justin: Yeah, she has an Episode 1 out and so she talks about juicing and growing your own garden and…

Kate: I can’t wait to follow her and to really get to know her deeper. I think what she is doing is a calling and she’s following it and she’s just a beautiful person. From the trailer I watched for her show, I mean it just looks… I want to journey with her. I want to get to know her not only on a personal level, but I want to see her interviews and her process she goes through and just her journey looks beautiful.

Justin: And then we met Gayle and she was really great. She’s been going to Dr. Dandes twice a week for five years.

Kate: I think that’s right—two or three times a week, yeah.

Justin: Yeah, and she’s… So her and I were talking in the lunchroom about detoxing and she was asking about the far-infrared sauna that we sell and she was asking about… because she had a sauna that looked very similar to ours but it was one of those ones on Amazon that you can get for $300-400 and she said it actually caught fire. Remember that?

Kate: That’s right.

Justin: Isn’t that crazy? So guys, it’s not worth it to buy the cheapies, you know? And so we were talking about… She asked do we do Zeolite, what brand do we use? And I said, “Yes, we do the Touchstone Essentials brand “and so she was all interested. And we were talking and she was asking where we lived and I told her Southern California and she talked about Fukushima and she said, “You know something really powerful that I’ve been doing for a few years now—what you should do—to pull heavy metals and toxins from your body…”

Kate: This is what she was telling you?

Justin: This is what she was telling me. And she said, “It’s to do a bath with Epsom salts and baking soda and that helps pull mercury and some of these heavy metals that are coming in from Fukushima out of your body.” And she said it’s just worked miracles for her.

Kate: Really?

Justin: And so I thought, “Okay, I’ve got to do this,” right? So last night I did Black Beauty, which is from Vitality Herbs and Clay. You guys should look into that— You can call them up and talk to Michael and he’ll give you a free two-week supply of Earthen Ormus if you tell him that we sent you.

Kate: Did you save me some of that Black Beauty?

Justin: Oh, I did.

Kate: Good, I want to try it.

Justin: You only use 1/8 of a cup.

Kate: Oh wow.

Justin: In your bath and you use 1/4 of a cup of Sacred Clay and so I did that. So I used 1/8 of a cup of Black Beauty, 1/4 cup of Sacred Clay, 1 cup of Epsom salts and a cup of the baking soda in my bath last night and I felt like… I hadn’t taken a bath since I was a kid. Actually, I took a bath—one bath—a few days ago, before my back problem, the night after the cupping.

Kate: In the hotel.

Justin: And it didn’t do much good. But this is incredible.

Kate: Yeah. What did you feel like afterward? I’m going to do mine tonight.

Justin: Your skin feels way different. It feels like really soft and clean and you feel heated up to your bones. A lot of people talk about how they feel detox effect if you use more of the stuff. So if you use a lot of it, you’ll feel a real heavy detox. But I sat there and I just felt like time—I sat there for 20 minutes—but I kind of went into a zone. Black Beauty is Ocean Magnesium, Epsom Salt from an earthen source, Sacred Clay, Himalayan Salt, Humic and Fulvic Substances, Activated Charcoal, Vitallite and Ormalite.

Kate: Is that all?

Justin: That’s what’s in here and it looks like this black… It looks like charcoal ground into a powder. It’s a black thing. And then the sea salt I used is incredible.

Kate: Yeah, that’s one of my favorites.

Justin: Yeah, it provides soothing natural temper relief from aches and pains, stress, muscle tension, dry skin, exfoliates and softens the skin, detoxifies, promotes circulation, soothes bites and itches and supports the immune system.

Kate: That one’s from the health food store. I’ve been using those for about a year or two now, from the Dead Sea Warehouse, right?

Justin: Dead Sea Magic Mineral Bath Salts.

Kate: They’re really good, in my opinion. I’ve just done those by themselves in the bath and I feel like… It gets your circulation going, your hands and feet get a little red. You’re supposed to rinse off a little bit afterward.

Justin: I took a shower afterwards.

Kate: Did you? Yeah.

Justin: It’s

Kate: And they’re really good. The story of their journey is on it. But yeah, it’s a little bit more expensive than just regular Epsom salts, but when you read the story and it really explains how it works and what it does for you, I think it’s really worth it.

Justin: It’s got magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium bromide, sulfates and numerous trace minerals. Pretty amazing.

Kate: Yeah. Well, I’m glad you’ve joined my world of the bath. I love baths.

Justin: I did that at 11:00 last night or 11:30.

Kate: Let me guess—best sleep ever?

Justin: Best sleep ever.

Kate: You were out.

Justin: Yeah, I know. I sleep for about seven hours a night.

Kate: You slept like ten.

Justin: Yeah.

Kate: Awesome.

Justin: I woke up this morning and just felt amazing. So I’m going to do those twice a week. If nothing else, if I don’t have the Vitality Herbs and Clay, the Black Beauty and the Sacred Clay, I can still do the bath salts and the baking soda.

Kate: Absolutely.

Justin: So I’m going to put that into my thing for twice a week.

Kate: Awesome. I’m going to be doing it twice a week too.

Justin: I mean living next to a power plant that’s shutting down…

Kate: Leaking.

Justin: And Fukushima.

Kate: Right. We have to be very proactive.

Justin: Yeah, I got inspired by Gayle.

Kate:Go Gayle!

Justin: She drove us all around and she was so great.

Kate: She took us places we needed to… She really… Talk about the kindness of strangers. I feel like these people I have known forever. I really connected with them. From the minute I started talking to them I thought, “This is exactly the group that we’re supposed to be in on this retreat.” But I know I’ve just made some lifelong friends. I know it. And their willingness to just help you and do anything they can to make you comfortable. And she was from the area so just her willingness to be able to throw us in her car and drive us around to places we had to go was just a blessing.

Justin: And Carolina?

Kate: Carolina and Gina. Gosh, we made some good friends.

Justin: Yeah, we made some great friends.

Kate: Who we can’t wait to go on the actual second part of this retreat with. I really know that we are going to have quite the experience with all these people that are absolutely… It’s not a coincidence that they’re in our lives and hopefully vice versa.

Justin: Gina was telling me that she has a son who has severe allergies to things and she was asking me if I’d ever heard of the ALCAT test. It’s and they test for hundreds of different foods, herbs, chemicals, molds, and toxins to find out what you react to.

Kate: And she was really saying that she believes it saved her son’s life because…

Justin: Yeah, she said it’s really expensive, about $1,000, but if you…

Kate: Right, but the best $1,000 spent.

Justin: Yeah, I mean you’re going to know what exactly you need to eat and what exactly you should avoid. Really powerful information to know because a lot of times you might have a sensitivity to something that you ate two weeks before. It’s crazy.

Kate: Right. It’s not popping up until later. Yeah, that ALCAT test sounds amazing.

Justin: It sounds amazing. We might look into doing that.

Kate: Mm-hmm.

Justin: So that was quite an experience, wasn’t it?

Kate: And we’ll keep you guys posted as we journey into the second part, the real retreat part, now that the blood work and things are out of the way. But this is the first retreat they’re actually offering and it sounds like it’s going to be planned to go down every four months, they’re going to be hopefully doing another retreat, so…

Justin: Are they really doing…?

Kate: That’s what I’ve heard.

Justin: And they only take about 10-15 people?

Kate: It’s a very intimate group, yeah. Yeah, 10-15 people. So we’ll talk about our journey with it and so far I would highly recommend even just the small experience that we’ve had at the medical center itself. It’s going to take me a while to process. It’s been pretty life changing.

Justin: I feel like that alone was enough. But you get this whole two-week retreat on top of that and it just sounds like it’s going to be incredible. I’m really excited about it.

Kate: Yes. So if anyone’s interested, you can go to and check out their wellness retreat package.

Justin: And so what you do is you go for three or four days of testing, IV treatments and just basically a medical work-up. Oh, and we didn’t even talk about the…

Kate: The ultrasound!

Justin: The ultrasound.

Kate: Oh my gosh.

Justin: So we get an ultrasound with this great guy named Jeff, this technician, and he spent probably…

Kate: Two hours.

Justin: Over two hours.

Kate: Apiece.

Justin: And normally, when you get an ultrasound, I mean you’re in and out of there, put the gel on you, and you’re in and out of there in probably five minutes?

Kate: Yeah. I’ve had a few of my uterus for my fibroid issue. I’m out of there in five minutes and it’s like an $800 thing. I can’t believe how much people… It’s so not thorough and it’s so… I felt like I was paid attention to. It was so thorough. I mean you can’t get a more thorough testing with what I experienced there. It was like a two… They took like 390 pictures of…

Justin: 390 pictures.

Kate: They show everything from your arteries in your neck to your thyroid to obviously all your huge organs.

Justin: They test every single organ—your pancreas, your uterus, your intestines, your colon, for me the prostate, they checked your heart, your lungs, your gallbladder, your liver, your kidneys. They test everything and they do it from multiple angles so he’ll spend 15 minutes checking every single angle for your liver and every part of your liver. So he did my heart. He spent… I was on my side for probably 20 minutes.

Kate: Yeah, just your heart.

Justin: On just my heart. And then he says, “Okay, lay on your back.” I lay on my back and then he’s checking out my heart and my lungs from the bottom of my ribcage, looking up at a different angle because he says a lot of times what happens is that you get a false reading because you look at something on one angle and it looks okay, but then you look at it from the opposite angle and you realize, “Oh, there’s a big problem there.” And so he looks at these things from every conceivable angle and he checks…

Kate: And he can slice and dice your body open. Like he can take a slice of an organ or a ventricle or… What’s that…?

Justin: Oh, aortic…

Kate: Why am I blanking on the name? Or an artery and he can take a slice of it and look into it and then he can slice it the other way and look at the length and look how open it is and how much plaque or lack of plaque is there. I mean this machine… And Dr. Dandes is so thorough. And he even said, “Dr. Dandes is… She won’t leave any stone unturned. She wants it 100% perfect,” which when it comes to your health, you know?

Justin: Yeah, if you’re looking to get just an overall tune-up and figure out where you are with your health, if your lungs are working properly, if you’re getting enough oxygen… He checks the velocity, the speed, the volume of the blood that’s flowing through your arteries and what direction it’s going and if there’s any inflammation and calcium deposits and fatty deposits and he’s calculating all these numbers and taking these pictures and recording these videos. And it’s just… And he’s telling you everything he’s doing at the time and he’s spending so much time—two hours or more. And if you’re looking to get like a comprehensive snapshot…

Kate: Yes, of where you stand in life right now with your health…

Justin: Yeah, it’s just incredible. It’s just incredible. So I would highly recommend it.

Kate: Yeah, I can’t say enough.

Justin: Yeah, so it turns out I’m relatively healthy.

Kate: Yes.

Justin: But there’s always room for improvement, isn’t there?

Kate: Yes, yes, for sure.

Justin: Okay, we’re going to run this break for our favorite Zeolite and we feel like this Zeolite is one of the best, if not the best. We did an interview with Eddie Stone. And we’ll put a link to that episode on this. But this Zeolite is incredible stuff and we take it three times a day and living in today’s modern world, it’s almost a necessity. So we’ll run this ad and we’ll be right back after this break.


Justin: It was really cool. A while back we had Debra Lynn Dadd on our show and that was Episode 45. She is kind of like the queen of detoxification and getting toxins and chemicals and poisons and drugs out of your body and out of your home. She has a really, really great website. Again, that was, her interview that we had. She turned us on to a really cool product. It’s a natural Zeolite, which is pretty amazing, actually. And if you’re interested in that kind of thing, you can check it out at That will redirect you to this really cool product that she turned us on to and I talked with her at length about it and I’ve been doing a lot of research about it. Zeolites are adsorptive, so they’re positively charged and they bind to anything that’s negatively charged, which is like toxins and poisons and chemicals and all these things that we’re exposed to. And what they do is they just pull them out of your blood stream. The size of the Zeolite molecule is really important too, so the smaller the size, the more powerful and the more toxins it’s going to grab onto and flush out of your body. This one, I think, is.03 microns, which is really, really small. I think it’s the smallest in the industry, from what I’ve learned and from what I’ve researched. So it’s really, really a cool product and if you’re living in the modern world and want to get these heavy metals and toxins and poisons out of your blood stream, check it out at It’s about $24 per month for a bottle and it’s really a great way to get rid of these toxins and poisons out of your blood stream and capillaries and out of the cells and all that kind of stuff and we really, really like the product and spoke with the company and trust Debra. She’s done a lot of great work. So if you’re interested in that kind of thing, check it out at or you can read about it more on our store as well. Thanks for listening and let’s get back to the show.


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Justin: I feel like we’ve just been rapping and talking about our experiences. We need to get some listener questions, don’t we?

Kate: I know. I guess when you get so excited about stuff, time flies. I just can’t stop talking.

Justin: I know.

Kate: But I will be posting some pictures and blogging about my journey too, so…

Justin: Oh nice.

Kate: I’ve really got to do that tonight and tomorrow and the next few days, so stay tuned.

Justin: Yes. I’m going to be adding to our blog too. I’m going to be blogging every single day, so if you guys are interested in some of the things that I am writing about, you can look on the home page, under Justin’s Blog, and you can see a lot of the different things that I am writing and different things. I did one before we left about Black Friday and that was a fun thing to do. I am not really a big fan of commercialism and making people feel like they have to have these products in order to be healthy, but a lot of the really amazing companies that we promote were doing Black Friday sales and I know a lot of you guys like these products. They’re great products. So I wanted to put together something so in case you wanted to get a lot of these discounts in one place for people, in case you wanted a discount. So I did that and then I just wrote one yesterday called “Learning How to Love Your Disease When You Don’t Think You Should” and that was a fun one to write and it was all about the way we look at our disease and how we, in our culture, have been bred to fight…

Kate: And attack it.

Justin: …and to compete and to attack and learning how to love the disease, sort of like Jessica Ainscough,, and she had some kind of terminal cancer that they told her she wouldn’t live through and then Kris Carr.

Kate: I was going to say her name too.

Justin: She calls her cancer spots her “love spots.” We don’t want to hate these things.

Kate: Well, because they’re our teachers. That’s how I am starting to view disease and I’ve never once… Who in an average conversation would not call it a “problem” or a “You have to fight it” kind of a thing? When you start to just change the whole way you think about things, then I think you honestly just aren’t telling yourself; you’re actually creating a new story that you actually believe because it’s true.

Justin: Right. Yeah, I know it’s true. Yeah, it’s going to be a lot of fun blogging, so make sure to check out our blogs and share them if you can on Facebook and things like that. We’ve got a couple listener questions—actually a few. Let’s play this one by Gary. He called up and left an actual voicemail.

Kate: Wow.

Justin: So we’ll play this.

Kate: Finally, people using the voicemail!

Justin: I know. It’s cool. We love it. So here’s Gary.

Gary: Hi, Justin and Kate. I wonder if this is recording. Yesterday I listened to your program with Dr. Rowen from Santa Rosa and that was the first time and I am totally in love with you guys. I live in Santa Cruz. I’m on my third day of a cleanse—a detox. And I didn’t eat anything hardly yesterday and practically nothing for Thanksgiving Day. It was a major victory for me and I feel pretty good now. I’ve had very little food. I feel great. I went to the gym a couple days and had a mild workout on my bicycle. I’m 69. I just want to say how much I love your program and I plan to be in touch with Dr. Rowen in Santa Rosa. So I’m going to just keep you right at the top of my list and I love you, guys! Hang in there! Bye-bye. This is Gary, by the way, Gary in So-Cal, near Santa Cruz. Bye-bye.

Justin: Isn’t that cool? You know? Gary, what a great… That’s just so cool.

Kate: That makes me want to cry. Tearing up a little bit here.

Justin: Yeah, really, really cool. So he said he’s doing a little detox there. That’s awesome.

Kate: I wonder what kind he is doing.

Justin: Yeah, it looks like he did a three day detox and…

Kate: Good for him. Good for him.

Justin: Yeah, you can do this at any age, you know?

Kate: He doesn’t sound 69. I love how age is just a number, right? It doesn’t mean anything. It’s a story we tell ourselves.

Justin: I know, right? It’s another story.

Kate: Yeah, we buy into it.

Justin: Thank you, Gary. That means so much to us and listeners like you are… It was just so great and so we’re so humbled.

Kate: So encouraging. This is why we do it. I’m so grateful for the feedback. Thank you so much, Gary.

Justin: And let us know how you do with Dr. Rowen.

Kate: I would love to get updated on your journey.

Justin: I might see him for my back if this homeopathy thing… I shouldn’t even say…

Kate: No.

Justin: It’s going to work.

Kate: Right.

Justin: It’s already working.

Kate: But for any future conditions that you might develop, which we hope not, Dr. Rowen will be your man.

Justin: I could go see Dr. Rowen for my knee.

Kate: Yes, you can, actually.

Justin: So that would be something to do. But yeah, Gary, let us know how it goes with Dr. Rowen and if you have some good results.

Kate: I would love to know.

Justin: He was quite the cutting-edge doctor, I thought.

Kate: Very much so. Very much so.

Justin: Yeah, interesting, huh?

Kate: Yes.

Justin: And now we have another one from Nancy. Let’s play this one.

Nancy: Hello, there. I was just wondering… I’m from Delway and I need a root canal and I know how dangerous they are. I was wondering if there were any local doctors that do anything naturally. I know I had got one way down south in Miami and one up by Bradenton, but none close to here.

Justin: Hi, Nancy. That’s awesome. So you’re looking to get a root canal. What I would do is… Here’s what I would do. This is personally what I would do. I would go see Dr. Stuart Nunnally. He is amazing and we’re going to be seeing him soon, as well. I have a root canal that I’m going to get worked on and Kate…

Kate: I do as well.

Justin: Yeah, you do as well. And Dr. Nunnally, we interviewed him on Episode 180, so you can go to and you can listen to his interview. If you resonate with him you could go see him. And you could also go to our dental section. If you go to the top of our website, under Radio Show, under the Health column, you’ll see a link that says “Dentistry.” So you may want to look at that. I would go into Amazon. If you want to go through our link we would get a commission, but either way, I would go to Amazon and get a book called Cure Tooth Decay from Ramiel Nagel. We interviewed him on Episode 22, I think. It’s either 22 or 23. Really incredible guy. I would look at his work and if you’re going to look for a biological dentist, Dr. Stuart Nunnally is amazing.

Kate: We have been to the office and you’ve had some excellent work done.

Justin: And his website is If taking a flight to Texas is outside of the realm of something you can do, I would go onto and maybe look for a biological dentist in your area.

Kate: That’s so great that there is a compiled list of trustworthy dentists.

Justin: Or

Kate: Oh, that’s right.

Justin: Will Revak, we interviewed him and he’s got a list of biological dentists on his website as well. I’m not sure where it is on his website, but it’s So that’s what I would do. I would go to a high quality biological dentist.

Kate: Yes.

Justin: We have a couple other questions. So thank you, guys, for…

Kate: For using the phone feature.

Justin: Yeah, the phone feature. We love it. And by the way, if you guys are interested in using that feature, you can do it and you don’t have to send a message that you don’t like, so you can re-record if you cough or you stumble or your kids come in the room or something. You can just re-record it right from your computer. So we’d love to have you guys do that. So thanks, Gary and thank you, Nancy for that.

Kate: Yes, very much so.

Justin: And we have a bunch of other questions. You want to read a couple?

Kate: Sure. Here’s one from Audrey. “Hi, Justin. My health issue is extremely dry skin with reoccurring extremely itchy scalp and skin, tiny bumps. Been to two dermatologists, topical skin steroids. It helps but it still comes back. Thanks.”

Justin: Hmm… Any of you guys have any ideas on topical skin issues? If you do, please go to this page, and post your comment. But I would look into the book that we have in our store called Heal Your Face.

Kate: Oh, right.

Justin: You want to avoid things that are going to be damaging to your skin and as well you want to keep good colon health and good liver health. So you might want to look at detoxifying, doing like an Ejuva Cleanse or you might want to look at doing some sort of colon hydrotherapy or enemas.

Kate: Right, because there are just internal terrain issues coming out in skin situation, I think.

Justin: Right. If you want to look at the Heal Your Face book, it’s and you can look at that. But itchy scalp and skin, yeah, these are all going to be… Probably it’s going to take a long time to fix, I would say, but you want to get off any inflammatory foods like gluten and foods that are going to disrupt your digestive…

Kate: Or any allergen type—dairy—I mean there are so many things—eggs. Oh, the list goes on and on. But you could be tested for those individually as well. It might not be such a dermatologist problem or issue as it is maybe a holistic practitioner of sorts or a… I’m not sure.

Justin: Yeah. But at the same time too, you don’t want to be showering in water that has fluoride and chemicals in it, so you might want to make sure that you get a filter. There is a good filter, if you want to look at one that we have, it’s Friends of Water. Yeah, we have that in our store as well. But just get a good water filter and…

Kate: And this might be beyond the point where you’re at, but I have a lot of clients in the hair salon who have patches of really bad eczema and skin problems and to be honest, the pure coconut oil slathered on those areas has really helped, at least on the scalp.

Justin: Oh really?

Kate: And usually if it’s a very treatable, mild case of this stuff, it does help a great amount. But I’m not sure exactly what’s going on with your particular condition, but it’s worth a shot.

Justin: Yeah. So then you also want to take that a step further and really take a look at the chemicals you’re putting on your face and your skin. So you want to make sure that you don’t use any toxic chemicals on your skin, on your face, so we like the Vintage Tradition. Just go to our store and there is a whole skincare part of our store, the Morrocco Method. We haven’t tried those ones out yet so we don’t know from experience if those are good, but from everything we’ve learned about, there’s some good stuff there. And Living Libations has some good stuff. So you want to make sure that everything you put on your skin topically is going to agree with you and not be filled with chemicals.

Kate: You’re right.

Justin: And then you want to avoid foods that are causing problems and then start cleaning your gut, cleaning your liver, things like that.

Kate: Yeah, a lot of the times it is a big gut issue in play there, with skin disorders and irritations. I think so.

Justin: Yeah, I think so too. A lot of times it’s gut and liver—good liver health. So what else? That’s probably about it. If you are looking for the Morrocco Method, you can go to and that will take you there too. So thanks, Audrey. Appreciate that.

Kate: Yeah, that’s awesome.

Justin: And I’ve got one from Essley Peters. “Hi. I was listening again to Episode 88 and I was interested in checking out two of the products that Stephen mentioned that he was taking. #1 was AvinoCort. It was the fertilized, nine-day incubated egg that was freeze-dried. What’s the actual name of the product and where is it sold? And #2, the peat moss that he used to remove his mercury toxin. Although he mentioned them, they are not in the episode write-up. Can you help?” Wow. I do remember him talking about that. I’m going to go onto his website. I just went to and I’m going to look at some of their products because I know he’s got a ton of products, not just the whey protein that we promote, but products by category. Let’s do products by alphabetization. AvioCort, ah, there it is, AvinoCort 60 caps.

Kate: You found it. Do you have a link to that too?

Justin: Yeah, I’ll put a link to it. And the other one was the peat moss, right? Let’s do a search for peat moss. Yeah, I’m not sure if they sell the peat moss. Okay, yeah, I don’t see that on his website. Man, he has a lot of products.

Kate: Can we get to the bottom of that?

Justin: Yeah. AvinoCort, we’ll put a link to this one. Yeah, sorry about that. I wish I knew what product that was.

Kate: Is there a place to send an email to him and ask about the peat moss?

Justin: Yeah, you could go to his site,, and then you can call their phone number. They’ve got an 888 number on there that you can call and I’m sure he sells the peat moss, so we’ll check that out. And then you have another one, right? Another email?

Kate: I do here. “Hey, Justin. Thanks for your email. I have been diagnosed with hepatitis B with signs of swollen face and weakness sometimes. So it is my desire to seek full recovery through a health guide. Thanks, Wisdom.”

Justin: Hmm… Signs of swollen face and sometimes… Hepatitis B, wow. I am at a loss for this one. Are you?

Kate: Ooh, that might be a send it out to our people and ask for some help there.

Justin: Yes, maybe we’ll post this on Facebook or something.

Kate: Gosh, that’s a hard one.

Justin: Yeah, hepatitis B, signs of a swollen face and weakness sometimes. Yeah, if you guys have any ideas about this question, please post it as a comment on this page and if you’re listening live, do it in our chat room and hopefully we can get some help for Wisdom. Okay, we have Stella writes in “Justin, I heard this show with un-schooling your child and is it true you guys don’t want to send your child to school?”

Kate: I love Stella.

Justin: “It’s so true with the bullying of kids and kids get bullied now. It’s so scary. I hated junior high and high school. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. My graduation was the happiest day of my life. Now college is much more peaceful. Are you guys planning to homeschool? That would be such a nice and interesting comparison between a school child and a non-school child and all those children much be vaccinated. So sad what is going on. I really like how you do these shows. You are very mellow.” Well, we try to be mellow. Well, that’s awesome. Thank you, Stella. It is true. When we have a child, they’re not going to school. We’re pretty sure about it, right?

Kate: We just had a conversation with one of our good friends the other night on the way home from the airport, actually, talking about school and yeah, kind of putting your money where your mouth is. The subject came up and we explained to him some reasons probably why that was going to be the case in the future.

Justin: Although if the kids wants to go to school…

Kate: Sure, that’s a whole different issue.

Justin:That’s a whole different issue. We’ll let them do school if they want to do that. But in my opinion, school is a complete waste of time. Completely a waste of time unless you know you want to be a heart surgeon or you know you want to go to the Air Force or you know you want to do…

Kate: Be a mechanical engineer or certain things.

Justin: Yeah, certain specific things. But what you learn in school from kindergarten through being a senior in high school you could learn relatively quickly and actually pursue your passions. I think the whole idea of school is completely crazy.

Kate: Yeah.

Justin: That’s my opinion. Do you, or no?

Kate: No, I do. We’ve talked about this a few times and it seems even crazier when you realize the people who built our schools are the same people that put into place the prison system—built our prisons and they built our schools. There sometimes doesn’t seem like a big difference between the two.

Justin: Yeah, you walk by a high school and you see all the chain link fences and you see the…

Kate: The bell rung and everybody comes running.

Justin: The barbed wires, you know? Forcing kids to stay inside so they don’t escape. I mean it’s…

Kate: Well, now some schools have metal detectors, some high schools, inner city stuff. I mean it’s just getting crazy.

Justin: It’s getting crazy. And to send them… It would be one thing if that’s the way it was and then they went and actually learned things that A, they were going to use and B, were true. But when they are learning lies and they’re learning things that they’re not going to be able to use and they’re purposely keeping from these kids information of what’s really going on in the world, what’s really going on with money, what’s really going on with energetics, how you make money, how you balance your life, how you set goals for yourself—all these things…

Kate: What’s going on with your health, what’s going on with the healthcare…

Justin: How to take care of yourself.

Kate: Right.

Justin: All of these things are just not even part of the curriculum. And on top of that, there is all this bullying going on so your kids are interacting with other school kids who are coming from messed up families. I mean it’s just the whole thing. It’s not…

Kate: It’s not the way we want to do it. I’m not judging anyone who… I mean everyone is in charge of making their own decisions, but we’re not going to choose that route unless our child decides that they would like to go, and then they… I forget—was it Dana Martin or somebody who was saying nine times out of ten the kids that want to go to school, the parents say, “Okay, sure, go” and within like two weeks they’re like “What did I do? I want to be back. Forget this.”

Justin: “What did I get myself into?”

Kate: Right.

Justin: So yeah. That’s our opinion about school. I guess we could talk about that. We might do a whole show on that or something.

Kate: Right. I have another one here from Stella too.

Justin: Sweet.

Kate: “I heard a Free For All Friday where you talk how you like coconut water and I tried it for the first time and I am in love”—about 13 exclamation points—“WOW. It is so refreshing and nice. I felt so mellow. I then made a smoothie with the coconut meat. I was wondering does the water and coconut meat have the same benefit as coconut oil with the MCT and lauric acid? Thanks, Stella.”

Justin: Yeah, we are big fans of coconut products, but a lot of people don’t do them. Like people like Daniel Vitalis who are in cold, winter environments because really, coconuts are made for people to eat who live in the Polynesian countries and Hawaii and tropical locations. But because of the way the world works these days, you can get coconut oil and coconuts anywhere—in New York and everywhere. So that’s something to consider. But we love coconut products.

Kate: What? My Coconut Bliss ice cream?

Justin: I know.

Kate: Oh, Stella, watch out for that.

Justin: Yeah, watch out for that one, Stella.

Kate: It’s a new addiction waiting to happen.

Justin: I know, right?

Kate: Oh my goodness.

Justin: Does the coconut water and the coconut meat have the same benefits as coconut oil with MCT…? I’m going to guess no. I have no idea, actually. If you are listening and you know the answer to this, you might want to chime in and let me know, the comments or the chat room. But you know who would know this is Dr. Mary Newport. We did a show with her and she’s like the coconut oil queen and she’s been doing some great work with people, bringing them back from mental diseases like Alzheimer’s and things.

Kate: Oh, that’s right.

Justin: But those are very concentrated so I think it’s like extremely, extremely concentrated forms of the coconut oil and things. That’s my guess.

Kate: The MCT?

Justin: Yeah. Medium Chain Triglyceride oil. But that’s my guess. I’m guessing that an ounce or two of that’s going to be like 30 coconuts’ worth or something, you know? It’s pretty crazy. But yeah, we have another email here from Isabelle. “Hi, Justin and Kate. I recently found your amazing Extreme Health Radio show and I love listening to you and your guests. Doris Rapp mentions glutathione, you can’t take it as a supplement, it doesn’t work, but you can take risotrein” and she gives a link—, “which is great and helps in the production of glutathione.” You know who did the glutathione was Dr. Christopher Shade.

Kate: Oh, did he?

Justin: Yeah, he sells the glutathione that you can take and he is like the queen… or the king of glutathione and detoxification. He is really fascinating.

Kate: Glutathione is also the hormone that’s stimulated the production during a coffee enema, correct?

Justin: Right. And so does the One World Whey. It stimulates the production of glutathione, which helps the detox. “I also take Astaxanthin from Nutrex from Hawaii.” Great product. We take that.

Kate: We love that.

Justin: Yeah, that’s great. “By the way, one of your guests suggested we all need sulfur. Was it Dr. Wong? An amazing guy.” Let’s see here… “I ordered some and it is the best. None of the other MSMs I have tried have even come close. My nails grow at the speed of light and are hard as steel.” Sounds like a Superman movie. “It has to be good for bones too. The Astaxanthin is good for that too and kept me from breaking my left front ribs this summer when I tripped and fell really hard on a sidewalk and fell flat on my two hands and left ribs and nothing broke. I was a bit stunned. I have not made a donation yet but that is coming soon. I will look at your product line to see if there is anything there that I can order. Oh, one last thing. You said Kate has a fibroid the size of a golf ball. Two things will help her get rid of it. #1, castor oil packs over the pelvis area and Serrapeptase. I take that every day too, Love you both. Perhaps we will meet at a Longevity conference. We have a lot in common. You and Kate are on the right track with your radio show. Great shows. Keep it up. Big hug, Isabelle. P.S. I found you through the interview you did with Dr. Mark Sircus about the BioMat and I ordered one.”

Kate: What?

Justin: Wow. How do you like the BioMat, Isabelle? I’m sure you love it.

Kate: Maggie is laying on it right now, as we speak.

Justin: I know she loves that thing.

Kate: She is out. I’ve fallen asleep on that so many times in the last couple weeks. Oh my gosh.

Justin: Oh, it’s so great.

Kate: Wow, Isabelle, thank you.

Justin: Yeah, so a few things about these things. If you were interested in this BioMat, you can go to, an incredible, incredible machine. Please take a look at that. And you can also go to our store, and you can listen to our commercial there or you can look at pictures of us with it. You can look at a bunch of other pictures of the BioMat and you can watch a documentary on it that’s about 20 minutes long and you learn a lot about the BioMat there. So take a look at that.

Kate: And thank you for your suggestion to me. I’ve heard about the castor oil packs. That’s one thing I have not delved into yet. I think that will be my 2014 experiment because I’m just saying yes to everything right now, so I’m going to say yes to actually making the time and effort to make the castor oil pack happen.

Justin: Serrapeptase as well. I have heard of that. I have never taken it, but I’ve heard about it for many, many years now. We should look into that.

Kate: Great. Thank you so much, Isabelle.

Justin: is where she mentions getting the Serrapeptase.

Kate: I wrote that down.

Justin: And if you are interested in the Astaxanthin that we sell—we don’t actually sell it, Amazon sells it—you go to, and you’ll be able to be redirected to Amazon and check out the Nutrex Hawaii Astaxanthin.

Kate: Let’s make fun of your mom for a minute.

Justin: Ah.

Kate: Your Australian mother who has a slight accent to this day cannot say certain words and one of them is Astaxanthin.

Justin: What does she say?

Kate: Aztec-sta-thin.

Justin: No, I think she says Ax-tec-sta-thin.

Kate: Astaxanthin. And we’ll say, “Repeat after us. Astaxanthin.” “Aztec-sta-thin.”

Justin: Isn’t that funny?

Kate: Oh, you’re mother. I love her.

Justin: And we try to get her to say marijuana too.

Kate: It’s Mary-ah-wana.

Justin: She can’t say it—Mary-ah-wana.

Kate: “Hey, say Tijuana.” “Tia-jew… I can’t.” And then she stops. She can’t do it. It’s so funny. Oh, we give her a hard time but we love her.

Justin: Hilarious. She’s actually the reason I got into health.

Kate: Yeah, she is.

Justin: With her lymphoma cancer in 1995.

Kate: You are so right.

Justin: Okay, here. We’ve got another email, last one, from Lynn. “Dear, Justin. Thank you for your good work and great interviews. I like the Bellicon guys. I have an older rebounder and have recently gotten back to it about 15 minutes a day. I wish you could address a problem that I never heard you talk about. I know that many women have a problem with leaking urine while rebounding. Could you address sometime how common this is and if there is anything you can do to help minimize this? Thanks, Lynn.” I’ve never heard of that. Have you?

Kate: No.

Justin: Leaking urine. Maybe…

Kate: But it kind of makes sense, to be honest.

Justin: I know that it strengthens your pelvic floor, which are the muscles that sit at the very bottom of your pelvis that holds all of your lungs and your whole innards in there and I know that strengthens those muscles to prevent that from happening. But if you already have weak muscles there…

Kate: Interesting.

Justin: Have you had it happen?

Kate: I have not personally had it happen but I could easily see it, to be honest, how that could happen because there are times when I do feel like a urine release a little when you are doing a sport or… I don’t know. I just wasn’t sure if it was my fibroid pressing on my bladder or if just a bunch of women are a little bit looser that way. So I’m not sure. But I know where she’s coming from so that is a really good question.

Justin: You know what you could do is you could get the bars. They sell the Bellicon with the bars you can hold onto, which are really handy if you need to worry about balance and what you can do is just the health bounce.

Kate: Right. Yeah. Just not a full jump. The smaller bounce, I agree. Plus, to be honest, I mean when I’m really jumping on that thing, sometimes… That’s the one time where I do wear a bra, the one that lets my lymphatic system still work.

Justin: Oh, from Organics.

Kate: From Organics, but it does seem a little bit… not harsh, but a little bit more like everything’s really moving. So I could see how that could definitely make your bladder an issue if… So the health bounce, I don’t have that as much when I’m just keeping it mellow, really slow.

Justin: Yeah, the health bounce is really, really good because there are two different ways you can use a rebounder. There are actually a ton of different ways, but if you’re just going to jump, you can jump where your feet leave the mat and what that does is it… I mean all of this stuff works, is happening all at the same time, no matter how high you leave the mat, but when you leave the mat, it helps to build bone density more than it does cleanse the lymphatic system. So it pulls every muscle of your body and stretches them and pulls it actually off the bone a little bit. And so this strengthens the bone because it helps to pull the muscles off the bone a little bit.

Kate: That’s a weird concept.

Justin: Yeah. NASA used it for rebuilding bone density when the astronauts went to space. But if you do the health bounce, which is primarily focused on cleansing the lymphatic system, you do a really soft bounce and your feet don’t even leave the mat and you just go up and down very slowly and gently.

Kate: And you’re still getting the same results or effect, I guess.

Justin: Well, you’re not getting as much of the bone building or the muscle toning or the circulation and the ability for your lungs to carry oxygen and the aerobic workout, but you’re getting your lymphatic system stimulated. And so that would probably allow people that, like she said, leak a little bit of urine, it would be a lot softer. And so when you use a Bellicon, you can have a really soft bounce. It’s kind of like bouncing on air kind of thing, you know?

Kate: I love it.

Justin: It’s good. It’s crazy. So those are some things to consider. I think it’s time for Fun Facts With Kate.

Kate: Okay, please don’t play that laugh.

Justin: What laugh? You mean this one?

Kate: Oh gosh.


And now join us for Fun Facts With Kate—oh, man—where you never know what the heck is on her mind or going to come out of her mouth.

Kate: Yep, that one.

Justin: That one.

Kate: You’ve got to get rid of that.

Justin: I’ll work on it.

Kate: All right. Here are some fun facts about a liver detox. Your liver is like the maid of your body, cleaning up all the toxins you put into it. The liver keeps all internal organs and systems running smoothly. The modern diet, environmental pollutants and our increasing dependence on toxic personal care products have put our livers in serious overtime. Here are some things we can do for our livers—love our livers. Lemon water, a great way to detox your liver every single morning since it is believed that the liver produces more enzymes in response to water with lemon than any other food. And from my research, I believe that warm water or room temp versus cold water is the better way to go in the morning.

Justin: Yeah, especially coming from Chinese medicine, where I believe that your body has to produce a certain amount of heat when you drink cold water and so it actually does something with the calories and there’s some sort of Chinese medicine tie-in with drinking cold water versus room temperature water, I’ve heard.

Kate: I really like it warm too, like just above… not hot, but warm with lemon squeezed in.

Justin: Isn’t it good?

Kate: Mm, so good. Cilantro, this versatile herb can be added to just about any dish. Cilantro helps remove heavy metals from the body, something your liver could be struggling with right now.

Justin: Oh, okay.

Kate: I personally don’t think cilantro can be added to just about any dish, but when you are going to have a dish where it goes well with it, it’s just an amazing flavor, plus you can take cilantro supplements and things like that.

Justin: Hey, what was that…?

Kate: Chelex?

Justin: Yeah, let’s put a link to that.

Kate: Dr. Dandes mentioned a product called Chelex, which is a cilantro-garlic type product.

Justin: Okay, we’ll put a link to that. Yeah, I want to look into that.

Kate: Speaking of that, there is garlic. Add some garlic to your cooking or your salad. Garlic contains sulfur compounds that help activate enzymes in the liver and contains allicin and selenium, which are both good for liver protection.

Justin: Nice.

Kate: And of course there are beets, which we all know. Beets are one of the most common foods to cleanse the liver, high in antioxidants. Beets have a high number of healthful substances that contain dietary fiber that helps absorb toxins and flush them out of the body. Avocado, do you know that one?

Justin: I love me some avocados.

Kate: I did too, but I didn’t know this about the liver connection. A study found that avocados contain compounds that protect the liver from galactosamine, a powerful toxin. And then turmeric, a powerful spice with a long list of benefits, turmeric is said to protect the liver from damage, encourage the regeneration of liver cells and also increases natural bile production and aids in keeping the body toxin-free.

Justin: Funny it doesn’t talk about coffee enemas on there, one of the best things you could do for your liver.

Kate: Well, you know how you and I feel about that.

Justin: And you know, another great thing you can do for your liver is you could take about half a lemon, squeeze half a lemon or maybe just a tablespoon or two of lemon, and a tablespoon of pure olive oil, and you mix that together and drink that before bed each night.

Kate: A little shot. A liver shot, we call them.

Justin: We call them liver shots.

Kate: We do love those.

Justin: Yeah, we actually haven’t been doing those and we need to get back because…

Kate: Yes, starting now.

Justin:Starting right now.

Kate: Yeah, right now. Right after this.

Justin: So those are pretty cool. And wow. Good stuff on the liver. And Kate, I just want to let you know we just got an email from Dwight and he just purchased a sauna.

Kate: What?

Justin: Yeah.

Kate: No way!

Justin: Isn’t that great?

Kate: Thank you, Dwight.

Justin: Yeah, you’re going to love the sauna.

Kate: Oh, this time of year especially. It’s been freezing here. People say we don’t have any seasons and I know Daniel Vitalis doesn’t feel too sorry for us, but we have had a cold snap like no other since we got back from Miami.

Justin: I know. Yesterday I sat in the sauna for 30 minutes. I watched some documentaries and felt amazing.

Kate: Were you watching “What The Bleep Do We Know?”

Justin: No, I was watching… I think “Living Matrix” or something like that.

Kate: Oh, there’s some good stuff out there.

Justin: Yeah. So thank you, Dwight, for your purchase of the sauna. That just came in about five minutes ago.

Kate: Thank you.

Justin: I really appreciate your support. That means so much to us.

Kate: And you will love your sauna.

Justin: You’re going to love the sauna. Yes.

Kate: Maggie Brown loves it. We had to get her out of it the other day. She was sitting in there.

Justin: We had to kick her out, didn’t we?

Kate: We kicked you out, Maggie. Maggie just jumped up on my lap here.

Justin: What’s the other Fun Facts With Kate?

Kate: Ten Commandments of mental health.

Justin: Get your mental straight.

Kate: Get your mental straight. That’s what we tell Maggie when she starts acting up. One, think positively. It’s actually easier. Did you know that? It’s kind of like smiling is actually easier than frowning; it takes more muscles in your face.

Justin: Oh wow. Cool.

Kate: Two, cherish the ones you love. Three, continue learning as long as you live. That’s a good one.

Justin: I like that.

Kate: Four, learn from your mistakes. Five, exercise daily. It enhances your well being.

Justin: Okay.

Kate: Six, do not complicate your life unnecessarily. Ooh, that’s a big one for me.

Justin: Drama. Yes.

Kate: I try to stay away from that and I’m learning.

Justin: Yes.

Kate: Seven, try to understand and encourage those around you. Eight, do not give up. Success in life is a marathon. Nine, discover and nurture your talents. Ten, set goals for yourself and pursue your dreams.

Justin: I like it.

Kate: So there you go.

Justin: Pursue your dreams and unnecessary drama, get rid of it.

Kate: Amen.

Justin: Love that.

Kate: Yep.

Justin: Okay. Well, we’re just about done with the show, so I want to thank everybody and we’ll do the final quote at the very, very end. I want to thank you so much for being on this show. This is, so if you have any thoughts or questions, post them in the comments on that page and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook if you want to stay up to date with all of our shows and our guests and our upcoming schedule and inspirational information. You can go to We’d love to have you part of the community there and also don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter series because we are giving away an incredible e-book by Jon Barron and I don’t know if you know who Jon Barron is, but he’s been in the health and alternative health world over 30 years and he’s written a book called Lessons From the Miracle Doctors. It sells for $20 on Amazon. We were fortunate enough to get a copy of that and we can send it to you for free if you go to our website and there should be an opt-in box where you can put your name and email address and you can put that in there and we’ll send it to you free and you can read that on your Kindle, your iPad, you can read it on your phone and all that kind of stuff. It’s 177 pages, filled with incredible information about how to detox your body, how to live healthy, how to do these protocols like using oxygen and doing coffee enemas and how you use baking soda and all of these incredible protocols and he tells you how to do them all in Lessons From the Miracle Doctors.

Kate: Literally that seemed like miraculous options for people.

Justin: Yeah. If you want to just go to, there is a video on that page where you can do that and it’d be a great thing to do. And when you do that, we’ll send you an email once a week or so with updates to our show and you get tons of great stuff, so don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter. And if you enjoyed this show, would you do us a favor and send it to your friends on Facebook?

Kate: Give it the old thumbs up?

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Kate: Give it a “like.”

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Kate: Order products you’ve been looking at and it just helps us, helps you, helps everybody.

Justin: Yeah, all of this stuff basically just enables us to move forward in our lives and producing better shows for you guys and helping you guys more. So that’s the real goal of all this is providing you guys cutting-edge information and products to achieve your goals while at the same time continuing to put together great information that you guys can learn from. So that is our goal and any support you want to give to us, we are just so humbled and grateful.

Kate: Very.

Justin: Very, very much so. So yeah, that’s what we’re doing and I want to thank you, Dwight, for your purchase of the sauna.

Kate: Oh, it’s a blessing. Thank you.

Justin: You’re going to love it. You’re going to love, love, love the sauna. So we’ll ship that out to you on Monday. And I want to thank you guys for joining us and Kate, I think it’s time for the quote.

Kate: It’s a great quote. You found it, actually.

Justin: You ready for the quote? Okay, here we go.


Before we will say goodbye, let’s leave you with something to ponder throughout your day. Here is the inspirational quote for this episode.

Justin: For this episode. Here we go.

Kate: It’s a good one.

Justin: This is a good one?

Kate: Oh, you found it and I connected with it.

Justin: I like it.

Kate: “Always pray to have eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith.” How good is that?

Justin: It is good.

Kate: “Always pray to have eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith.”

Justin: Thank you, everybody, for joining us. We’ll catch you on the next episode.


Thank you for listening to this episode. It’s time to go for now, but our mission does not end with this show. Justin and Kate will be back with another interview, packed full of ideas, discoveries and unique ways to regain your health. Head on over to and instantly download our free gift to you that contains cutting edge strategies to start making healthy lifestyle changes today.


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