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Our Trip To The Dayton Medical Center


For those of you who do not know, we had (and are still having) the amazing opportunity to be a part of the Dayton Medical Center health and wellness retreat.

Obviously we knew a lot about what it entails before we embarked on our cross country flight to Florida but we still didn’t know what we were in for. If you’d like to hear us talk about our entire experience with Dayton Medical please listen to our latest Free For All Friday show where we talk about the experience at length.

You can listen to that show by clicking here.

If you’re not sure about what the Dayton Medical Center is here’s a brief video about the types of natural and holistic therapies they’re doing at their clinic.

Watch the video below.

We feel like everything happens for a reason and there are no coincidences in life. This is the perfect time in our lives to experience this type of diagnostic testing, along with this kind of amazing medical care associated with this wonderful clinic.

You see Kate and I have been doing quite a lot of cleansing and detoxification in recent months in preparation for getting pregnant. I’ve known for many years how important it is to cleanse your body of heavy metals before getting pregnant but it wasn’t until I went through The Healthy Baby Code by Chris Kresser as well as The Healthy Baby Summit by Matt Monarch that I knew it was something we had to take more seriously.

As many of you know Kate has been a hair stylist for the last 15 years full time. Being around toxic hair dyes, chemicals and many other toxic compounds we knew that in order to have a healthy baby we wanted to start doing some detoxification.

As a result we’ve done juice fasting, coffee enemas, rebounding, sweating in our Relax FAR Infrared Sauna, we take zeolite, Sacred Clay and a lot of other protocols as well. But we wanted to take it a step further and find out what was really going on with our organs and our body.

The health and wellness retreat offered by Dayton Medical is a 12 day retreat but before we go on that, it’s necessary to have consultations, blood work, ultra sounds, IV therapy, acupuncture, muscle testing and much more to see where you stand.

They’re very thorough and the health retreat is going to be taylored specifically for each person that attends because each of us are different people with different health challenges.

We got to meet Dr. Ariadna Dandes as well as Dr. Martin Dayton and the other doctors there as well. If you’re looking for a doctor who could fill in as your primary care physician that you could visit a few times a year, I would HIGHLY recommend Dayton Medical Center and what they have to offer there.

There’s much more to come and I could have gone into many more words about our experience with IV therapies, the blood work, the ultra sounds and how amazing it all was. In this article I wanted to touch briefly on the type of work they’re doing over at Dayton Medical and how it might benefit you.

I’m serious when I say that the people are warm, compassionate and caring people. I can’t say enough about how much I love each and every person we met there and hope that you too will go visit the Dayton Medical Center. Please tell Dr. Dandes we said hello and that Justin and Kate from Extreme Health Radio sent you!

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