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Evan Folds – How To Grow The Healthiest Food Possible In Your Home Garden Through Soil Mineralization

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Evan Folds joined us today for the second time! He is the man behind Microbe Makers. To be honest he’s such an interesting guy that I could have him on multiple times.

He really is passionate about and understands growing food from a holistic perspective. Anybody that follows the work of Rudolf Steiner and Viktor Schauberger really knows what they’re talking about. Evan is deep into this work. We talked about vortex energy, implosion vs explosion technology as well as more practical subject matter like soil ph and more.

We specifically talked about soil microbes and how these microbes need to be in the soil (which is also true of our gut considering that we are basically infolded gardens that can ambulate) in order for other substances like rock dust and ocean minerals to really work correctly.

If we can pick fresh foods from our gardens (that are grown with manure, composting, ocean minerals, rock dust and soil microbes) and eat them, juice them or blend them right before eating them, than that is where the magic is on a physical level.

Imagine picking all your fruits and vegetables from your garden that are grown this way and making a fresh vegetable juice with it? Can you imagine the amount of minerals, electricity and ormus that could be in a drink like that?

I simply cannot imagine a food or supplement any more powerful than that.

Since we are “extreme” we want to offer you the most cutting edge technology for growing your own food. Heck if you get even more into it you could add something like Sonic Bloom to the mix! 🙂

We hope you enjoy this show with Mr. Evan Folds and if you do please pass it on to your friends and family who want to take their health to the next level.

Since our current soils in America our depleted in vitamins and minerals, it would be in our best interest to start growing our own food with love.

We appreciate each and every one of you and thanks for listening and sharing!


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Show Date:

Friday 2/29/2016

Show Guest:

Evan Folds

Guest Info:

Progressive Gardens is a retail gardening store specializing in hydroponic and organic gardening techniques. They offer year-round gardening with a natural approach, including hydroponic equipment, indoor lighting, organic seeds/soils/fertilizers, rain barrels, composting, science projects and much more. Their goal is to help people integrate sustainable practice into their daily lives.

Show Topic:

Gardening, soil remineralization, growing organic fruits and vegetables

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http://progressearth.com/ (wholesale)
http://www.progressivegardens.com/ (retail)

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