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What To Do If Your Child or Loved One Is Going To Get Vaccinated + Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:06:37 — 48.5MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS FLASH SALE: Get 25% off for a limited time on all Mitolife products by entering the code EHR25 at checkout. Thanks Matt! 🙂 With everything that’s happening not just in California but in other states about vaccines, I thought it was […]

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Dr. J.E. Williams – Building The Immune System For Life Long Immunity, The Measles Outbreak, Vaccines & Much More! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:51:26 — 39.9MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSDr. J.E. Williams joined us today to talk about building the immune system naturally. I first wanted to tell you that last week we created a Patreon account so now you’re able to donate to the show on a per podcast basis. […]

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Dr. John Bergman: (In Studio) – Let’s Rethink The Measles “Out Break” & Look At The History Of Vaccines Plus Listener Questions!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:05:42 — 44.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSWhat an honor it was to have our chiropractor Dr. John Bergman in studio with us! This was the 3rd time we’ve had him on the show. We’ve been seeing him regularly (3 times per week actually) for upper cervical adjustments for […]

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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – Vaccines Are NOT Safe, A Little Poison Is Still Poison

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:15:38 — 31.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS Dr. Sherri Tenpenny joined us to talk about vaccines and whether or not they are safe. If you’re reading this and if you’re a regular listener to Extreme Health Radio or Dr. Sherri Tenpenny for that matter you already know the […]

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Dr. John Bergman: (In Studio) – How To Eat Healthy & Have A Healthy Lifestyle, Vaccines & Much More! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:57:08 — 45.3MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS Dr. John Bergman joined us in this awesome podcast to talk about how to eat healthy as well as having a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle seem to go hand in hand but they’re not the same. […]

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Ty Bollinger – Flu Shot Side Effects & Do Vaccines Cause Cancer? + Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:18:08 — 31.9MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSTy Bollinger is the man behind the world changing docu-series called The Truth About Cancer as well as the book Cancer Step Outside The Box. He’s also the man behind The Truth About Vaccines which we talked about during this show. Our […]

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TMatthew Phillips – (Warning Controversial) The Vaxxed Movie Controversy, Suing The State Of California, The Dangers of Vaccines & Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (44.6MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS TMatthew Phillips is an attorney out of the state of California who is suing the state over SB277 which requires mandatory vaccinations for any child that wants to attend public school. For what it’s worth, I would do whatever you can to get your […]

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April Renee – Why Vaccines Are So Dangerous & How They Are The Cause Of All Disease

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:09:27 — 65.2MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS [include file=get-in-itunes.html] April Renee joined us from the Vaccine Information Coalition. She’s the keynote speaker for the organization and has a very touching story. She lost her 5 year old daughter in 1999 as a result of multiple chemical issues related […]

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Dr. Renee Tocco Hunter – Bringing Children Back From Autism, ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome

Shares Play in new window | Download (54.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS [include file=get-in-itunes.html] If you have a child with autism or know somebody that does, this interview will help you tremendously. Dr. Renee Tocco has been working for many years helping children overcome autism, asperger’s syndrome, adhd, add and more. She had so much to […]

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