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The Dangers of Fish Oils


Here are a list of links that should get you started researching whether or not you should consume fish oil.

  1. Dr. Kaayla Daniels’s report on Cod Liver Oil
  2. Morley Robbins & Atom Bergstrom on Cod Live Oil
  3. Atom Bergstrom – Fish Oil & Omega 3s Are Poisons That Cause Disease!
  4. Atom Bergstrom – Cod Liver Oil, Fish Oil & Omega 3’s Are Toxic & Deadly!
  5. Atom Bergstrom – The Dangers of DHA, Healing Fibrosis, Eating On Time, Yellow Fat Disease, Taking Too Much Iodine and More!
  6. Brian Peskin – Why Taking Fish Oil Causes Cancer & Heart Disease & What To Take Instead
  7. Atom Bergstrom’s 12 Books on Yellow Fat Disease
  8. Dr. Ray Peat – The Great Fish Oil Experiment
  9. Dr. Ray Peat – Fats and degeneration
  10. Dr. Ray Peat – Unsaturated Vegetable Oils: Toxic
  11. Matt Blackburn – Why Fish Oil & Omega 3 Suffocates The Cell, Ages You & What You Focus On Instead!
  12. Matt Blackburn – The Hidden Dangers of Lipofuscin & What You Can Do About It!

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