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Atom Bergstrom – The Dangers of DHA, Healing Fibrosis, Eating On Time, Yellow Fat Disease, Taking Too Much Iodine and More!

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  • Atom Bergstrom is the author of Yes No Maybe, Chronobiotic Nutrition.

    Atom always has information to share that is contrarian to the contrarians. The information he shares even opposes most alternative health practitioners.

    In this show we talked about DHA and the dangers of DHA. Could he be right? I have no idea, so I’ll let you decide.

    Most people only hear that DHA is the best thing ever for a person’s health and all the reasons why they should start taking it. Atom talks in this show about why we shouldn’t consume DHA and has even written an entire book about it called Yellow Fat Disease.

    We also talked about the one disease the eventually breaks down all mammals, fibrosis. David Wolfe has done a lot of work in this field with his work called The Longevity Now Program which I suggest you take a look at.

    When we first started the show years ago we spoke to a great guy named Dr. William Wong all about fibrosis and how it breaks down and calcifies our internal organs.

    According to Dr. Wong, when our organs start to calcify, they get less blood flow. When they get less blood they get less oxygen. If they don’t get enough oxygen and nutrients it’s almost like they get choked off.

    Since these organs aren’t functioning properly they cannot do their job and other diseases manifest as a result. Dr. Wong said when he used to examine organs from young kids vs 80 year olds there would be a vast difference between the two.

    The organs from the kids would be fat, supple and big. The organs from the older people would be significantly smaller, more dense and much harder.

    This is the result of fibrosis or calcification as David Wolfe calls it.

    As always Atom had some fascinating takes on what fibrosis is, what’s causing it, how to prevent it as well as how to reverse it.

    And we also talked about the benefits of eating at the right time (chronobiotic nutrition) and how it’s possible to be taking too much iodine.

    All we hear from people like Dr. David Brownstein and others is how woefully deficient we all are on iodine, then you have Atom Bergstrom talk about the dangers of taking too much iodine.

    All thoughts to consider.

    Atom is always a wealth of undiscovered and untouched information with regards to health, wealth, spirituality and much more.

    I hope you enjoy the show.

    If you did, consider sharing it! 🙂

    Thanks for listening.

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    Atom Bergstrom

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    Atom has been teaching workshops and seminars across the U.S.A. since 1977. With over 50 years experience in health and nutrition, Atom has been counseling people with various diseases and ailments since the 70’s. His expertise is on nutrition, chronobiology, reflexology, slit-lamp iridology, meditation, Sufi, and I Ching and other holistic modalities. He graduated from Adano Ley’s Texas Institute of Reflex Sciences in 1979.

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