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John Schott – Rewilding K0N\/ID – How To Build Immunity During These CRAZY Times We’re Living In


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Today we had John Schott on the show to talk about his new book called Rewilding Covid.

As you know with the “crisis” (I’m having to make sure I use these words carefully to avoid the C word and get deplatformed) going on right now people are locked down in their homes. They’re not out in the sun, moving their bodies and doing the normal things they used to do in life.

Simply being inside is a HUGE stressor to the body as we’re exposed to nnEMF like blue light, wifi and dirty electrical and magnetic fields. Combine that with NOT getting full spectrum sun and toxic air and chemicals indoors, it’s very harmful to our health.

Because of these things and the state of the world today, people are unhealthy, stressed out and depressed. A lack of work and money is partly to blame.

During these times we need to make sure we’re doing all the right things to maintain our health and vitality.

How do we remove the stressors on the immune system? What do we need to cut out of our lives? What do we replace it with? What should we be eating? What can we do to strengthen our immune system?

We talk about simple “biohacks” lifestyle changes and environmental upgrades you can make that are cheap that can really move the needle in a big time way for your health.

Please enjoy this show with John Schott!

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Show Guest:

John Schott

Guest Info:

Author of Rewilding Covid
Host of the Rewild Humanity Podcast
Founder, SchottHealth

Schott Health is born and pieced together from the mind, heart & soul of wellness entrepreneur, coach & modern day renaissance man John Schott.

Establishing himself as one of South Florida’s most groundbreaking and pioneering leaders in the health field, John set himself aside from the pack with the opening of his restaurant and retail space, Lifefood Gourmet, South Florida’s first gourmet raw food restaurant. His food and health services have touched the lives of high profile celebrities, athletes, and executives. He is also very mindful of the value of giving his time and service for greater causes by volunteering his time to various charitable causes, implementing nutritional youth outreach programs and to teaching underprivileged children about healthy cooking and lifestyles. John leads workshops and detox retreats in Florida, New York City, and South America.

John Schott

Founder, SchottHealth

He has attained certifications such as Iridologist from NY Center for Iridology based on Bernard Jensen Iridology, Lifefood Culinary Chef & Phoenix Fastician from Jubb’s Longevity Live Food Culinary Chef from NYC. John has studied closely with the top pioneering authors & practitioners for the last 10 years in the alternative health field. His knowledge of and experience with detoxification, nutritional cleansing, wellness & lifestyle coaching has led him to create a model evolving from a decade of apprenticeship, self study, and hands-on application with hundreds of clients. He has in-depth insights into areas of health pertained to nutritional timing (or “ time conscious” eating), Gerson Therapy, and other alternative healing modalities & longevity strategies. John has created health and performance programs for some of the world’s highest performance professionals.

Show Topic:

Building immunity!

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