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I Never Thought I Could Love What I Do…Until This Happened



Feel Good Project day 110

Day FIVE has come and gone:)


You know what really helped me through today? Was knowing a friend is going through this 21 day fast right before me.

Remember me mentioning ‘Easy World’ from an earlier post? It’s author Julia Rogers Hamrick from iliveineasyworld.com that has I am trailing in this fast!

It’s been awesome to connect up with her on facebook and hear about her journey as well. Makes me not feel so ALONE in this challenge at this very specific point in time.

In fact, I KNOW there are probably thousand of people worldwide doing a fast right now, but really cool to actually connect up with one of them personally. She is on day 11 so she’s got a few more days under her belt than I! Inspiring me to keep going!

I will talk on my video more about my recap with the fasting experience today in further detail, but I’d like to touch on something more deeply…which is the AMAZING flow I got into today creatively.

Seriously-I made the intention to set aside time completely and fully just to work a project that I have embarked on behind the scenes that I am REALLY excited about! This is the project I mentioned in a January blog post, where I truly felt like my PURPOSE truly hit me for the first time in my entire life.

With this project, I have a bit of it down on paper but mostly in my brain, and I was looking to off load much of these nebulous thoughts and connect on a deeper level with my creative flow.

And CONNECT with it I did!


I couldn’t get away of the excitement, passion and drive that was coming out of my head, that I literally had to pull the car over FIVE times while driving up the road to the market tonight for juicing supplies, which is less than 3 miles..that shows just HOW fired up and in flow I truly was today.

Quite miraculous. It just continued to stalk me until I surrendered to it,

THAT is a feeling that I am beginning to love more than anything. This is just such a new and fascinating concept to me: that one could actually LOVE what they do! I have never ever before truly fallen in love with what I do. Hearing about folks who have felt this way about their purposes and ways of bringing in money always made me secretly jealous. And here I am!

Following my passion right now regardless of my financial situation (which by the way-THANK you to those who made my week look brighter this week with donations!!!) is the direction I have committed to, and I have faith that I am exactly on the path I should be on at the exact moment in time that was written for me.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Another fortune cookie message on the street:) They just keep comin’!

Image: etsy.com/market/do_what_you_love

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