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My Name Is Kate & I Live In Easy World, Where Do You Live?


Feel Good Project day 67


The lovely Amy Schuber was in my head all day.

And I mean ALL day.

Following our time together yesterday where we were interviewed for her podcast Inspired Conversations, both Justin and myself walked away with SUCH inspiration on many levels. Her podcast is justly named in my opinion. That girl is a walking inspiration bomb if you ask me!!!

Something we three discussed off the air after the show was how Amy has decided to live in ‘easy world’ lately. Easy world is a land where ‘everything is easy’, and this concept was brought about by a woman named Julia Rogers Hamrick who actually has a website called

This makes me smile, laugh and even feel a bit silly, but after a heartfelt chat with Amy, I decided to give it a try today.

I decided to go through my day assuring myself that ‘I live in EASY WORLD, where EVERYTHING is easy.‘ I found myself saying it out loud in the car while driving and searching for a parking spot. I found myself thinking about this concept all morning, and then at about noon it HIT me.

Easy World opened it’s ever loving arms and pulled me in for a full embrace.

No joke.

Today was hands down the easiest day I have ever had in what is literally months.

Doors opened, things went smooth, life was, well, EASY.

This is something I have not been used to in a long while, as I am sure most can relate to. It might sound like little things but they were huge to me.

Having exactly the amount of money in my wallet for my purchases today. Great parking spots, Zero traffic. Got my list done today that’s been lingering for weeks.

We’ve been needing a file cabinet for about a year now and every time I looked, I always ended up frustrated and never found what it was I was looking for, and also they have always been out of my budget for the nice kind of one I really wanted. Well today-you guessed it! I walked into the same second hand store I had been stalking all last year and the FIRST piece of furniture to greet me at the door was a gently used BEAUTIFUL mahogany 4 drawer filing cabinet (which I had always only found 3 drawers and didn’t want to settle as we need 4!)


I proceeded to the health food store for these crackers they are always sold out of only to find ONE lonely container sitting all by itself just waiting for me.


I have been stalking that store as well for the chicken bone broth we like to have on hand in our freezer in case we get in a bind and don’t have time to make our own. They have been out of stock for almost a whole month now.

Well, you know what happened of course.

The main guy who does the ordering just ‘happened’ to be in the store today and I was able to get direct access to more broth (and without paying shipping!) which will be delivered Friday.


Now if you are someone who thrives on small miracles the I KNOW you can relate to just how GREAT that makes you feel when things like that happen.

To me it was huge.

The more the day progressed, the more easy life got. I will take it!!!

It’s strange how it kind of started out as a joke just trying to tempt fate to see if it could really show up in this way for me, and it totally did.

I find it interesting how all day long both Justin and I have noticed the double number thing again as well. We ahve caught them here and there throughout the past six months, but today was a return to old times where seeing the double numbers just flowed all the day long!

Call it strange, say I am nuts-but there was positively amazing things working on my behalf today.

This year is starting out with a bang and this feeling good thing is showing up in unexpected ways.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Getting more crossed off of my to do list than planned. This is the very first time in my entire life where I am actually getting and feeling on top of my life in so many ways. As I get cleaner and healthier, I notice my values also bleed into other areas of my life and well being, which include organization, cleanliness and simplifying. Also,it is embarrassing to say, but I have been making a VERY conscious effort to pay my bills on time for the first time in a long time feels REALLY superb. 🙂


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