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I Never Thought This Would Happen After I Quit My Career



Feel Good Project day 94

Today was one of those “bag of mixed emotions” days.

I had a feeling one might be around the corner, as one cannot fly high continually forever right? Well, maybe they can!?

However, I have never if rarely heard of anyone taking a giant leap of faith with something like walking away from their job without facing a few struggles or road blocks along the way.

This morning was one of the best mornings I have ever had as far as receiving so much clarity about projects and things I am creating to be revealed in the future. I mean, I was on FIRE with passion for my projects, and Justin helped stoke the flame with his input and vision toward it as well.

INCREDIBLE breakthroughs with direction.

Then a few hours later the excitement of a possible office space opened up to us, and we went even so far as going to look at the space as well as take an application to possibly rent it. The DREAMS we had for our life and envisioning all we could accomplish while in it were unparalleled to any other space we had stumbled across before.

Then came immediate stress of wondering how we could even pull this off with no funds.

Of course then I felt like my flying balloon of hope and miracles deflated bit by bit and now by tonight I feel exhausted, weary and honestly a bit stressed about where the next rent money is going to come from.

Rarely do I get down, but I think I am overly tired from having a terrible sleep last night, as well as it’s that good ‘ol time of the month (probably too much info-sorry!), which leaves me a tad crankier than normal due to feeling bloated and also anemic feeling.

So, all in all a strangely inspiring and challenging day all rolled into one.

Part of me feels disappointed as I really thought my recent positivity could see me through this time of leaping from my cliff, and I was hoping to never hit any snags with doubt or frustration.

But-I am only human.

I am so thankful however for the major positive state I have been living in up until this evening, as it has been such a beautiful and wondrous place to reside. I am sure I will be back there tomorrow. Nothing a good night’s sleep can’t help:)

In starting the Feel Good Project, I vowed to be as candid and honest with myself as possible, so as much as I didn’t want this entry to have a negative vibe attached to it, I have to stay true to myself and let myself BE okay with where I am at.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Ran into a neighbor this late afternoon while walking Maggie. About a month ago, Justin and I had run into him and his two little white dogs and chatted for a bit about the dog trainer we have been using. Which has REALLY made a difference with Maggie by the way! He had asked for the name and number of our trainer so he could hire him to help with his dogs as well. We were out of his business cards, so I ran upstairs to grab pen and paper to jot it down for him. LONG story short, today while we ran into him on our walk, after we had said hello in passing and started to part ways, he literally yelled up the street to me, “Oh! By the way-you seriously have THE coolest hand writing!!! The way you wrote that name and number was so artistically cool and you don’t really get to see anybody’s handwriting much these days as everyone shares contacts from their phones! Your writing really stuck out to me! It’s so cool!” Well, THAT was an amazing compliment. I have no idea how it looked or why it stood out to him but all the same, I thought that was such a lovely compliment. Made me smile the rest of the walk!

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