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How I’m Using Colloidal Silver To Prevent The Flu, Cancer & Get Rid Of A Lung Infection Naturally



Recently I’ve had a bit of an upper throat or lung infection I’ve been dealing with. I’m not sure if that genetic weakness runs in my family or not. My dad always seems to have a little cough or tickle in his throat that he can never really clear out.

Even going back to when I was a kid I remember him clearing out his lungs and throat by coughing somewhat regularly. It was almost as if there was some mucus that was in his upper respiratory tract or something that he couldn’t get rid of.

Recently in our last interview with Daniel Vitalis about Air he mentioned something about how if the air is dirty and polluted with all manner of toxins, chemicals and dust particles then your lungs can react by creating mucous in order for your body to expel these poisons.

That got me thinking….perhaps my lung issue has to do with having polluted air inside our house. Perhaps I should listen to my own advice and get some plants to help clean up the air in our home.

What a novel idea!

I always like to get at the real cause of the problem instead of just dealing with symptoms.

But until I figure out what the cause of my own lung infection is I went ahead and purchased some meso silver along with an omron micro air nebulizer.

I first heard about nebulizers and the Omron in particular from David Wolfe.

He talked about taking silver into the lungs via an air vaporizer or mister as they’re sometimes called.

Colloidal silver is a natural killer of anaerobic bacteria, microbes, viruses, parasites and over 6500 known pathogens to the human body. The stuff is nothing short of miraculous.

Nebulizers are typically used with pharmaceutical medication in liquid form and it turns them into a finely particulated smoke or mist that you can breath into your lungs.

But we’ve hijacked the entire nebulizer concept by using them with natural antibiotics like MMS, colloidal silver and even garlic. There are many other substances (like the juice from raw cannabis leaves I’m sure) you can nebulize also that are good for the body.

The silver is God’s gift to humanity. I believe this because it’s so medicinal and powerful at killing infections not only in the lungs but everywhere else in the body.

When you breathe in the mist from the nebulizer not only does it kill pathogens living in your throat, and lungs but also this natural medicine goes into your blood stream as well and continues to kill bacteria and other viruses in your blood.

I can’t think of a better tool to have around the house to get this kind of incredible medicine into hard to reach places in the human body than this. If you think about how amazing this would be at the first sign of a cold or a flu, it just blows you away.

If I had any kind of asthma, lung infection, fluid buildup in my lungs like pulmonary edema, pneumonia, lung cancer or anything like that I’d nebulizing colloidal silver 3 times per day.

Today is my first day of nebulizing colloidal silver so we’ll see how it does my little lung infection. I’ve included some videos below in case you want to learn more about how to nebulize pure raw garlic along with colloidal silver.

So far I’ve had some pretty intense headaches. I’m not sure if that is a result of the detoxification or cleansing process associated with nebulizing or if it’s a lack of drinking enough water. We’ll see how it plays out.

The only herxheimer reaction I’ve had (if it can be associated to nebulizing) is a small headache. Not a bad price to pay for cleaning out lung infections naturally!

Also I highly recommend Steve Barwick’s website where you can actually buy your own colloidal silver generator and make it yourself. The bottles of pure colloidal silver (we recommend Meso Silver) can be costly if you continually buy them.

Either way whether you buy it already made for you or make it yourself I highly recommend getting some colloidal silver along with a nebulizer and try this treatment out for yourself.

I think you’ll really like the way you feel afterwards!

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