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Dr. Christopher Shade – The Dangers of Mercury Poisoning & Powerful Methods To Get Rid Of It

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Today we talked about all things detoxification with Dr. Christopher Shade from Quicksilver Scientific. He’s an amazing man offering product that really seem to help people get rid of these heavy metals from their bodies.

I don’t know if you know but we’re exposed to heavy metals in so many areas of our lives. The paints in our homes, the air from coal fire plants and chem trails raining down on us as well as jet fuel and car exhaust, mercury almalgum (silver) fillings, fish and many other places. Then if you consider other toxins like plastics, off gassing from framaldahyde in carpets and bed mattreses, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides in non organic foods, flu shots, vaccinations along with fluoride and pharmecutical medications these chemicals and toxins are wreaking havoc on our health.

I wrote an article a while back called 19 Ways To Detoxify the Body that list many of the daily practices Kate and I have been doing to prepare for having a child.

Many of you listeners may not think there’s a big problem here but just becasue you can’t feel it doesn’t mean the underlying health challenges you may face later in life aren’t beginning to fester right now.

The rates of autism, dimentia, and Alzheimer’s disease are constantly rising and it’s no wonder. Heavy metals and most notably mercury are building up in our bodies with no way to get out.

Our organs are gummed up from calcification, fibrosis and a poor diet that’s causing them not to work properly. As a result these toxins keep increasing to a level where we get a diagnosis of a very scary disease.

The other notable thing was how the blood brain barrier in our brains that are supposed to protect our brains from these chemicals, are beginning to weaken from electromagnetic field radiation from cell phones. As a result these chemicals are ending up in our brains causing all manner of neurological diseases in our society.

Think of how many people you know nowadays that are being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. The rate of autism has gone up by an incredible percent since the early 90’s.

Something else to note from this show also was that when one is exposed to two heavy metals in their body, the affect isn’t always that they have exposures to two substances. In other words one and one don’t make two. One and one can sometimes make ten or twenty.

It’s similar to how pharmecutical medications react to each other inside the body. They can end up being deadly and actually do kill hundreds of thousands of people per year.

Dr. Shade talked about how this is almost a form of chemical soup that’s happening inside our bodies. We really need to get rid of these poisons and he’s got some very unique heavy metal cleanses to help do that. We talked about chelation therapy and how his use of substances like glutithione play a critical role in helping to assist these toxins to get out.

After you listen, comment below and tell us what you think!

We discuss the following and so much more:

  • Why vitamin C, cilantro, chlorella, zeolite and clay should be a part of any detox protocol
  • Whether sulfur is good to help detox the body
  • How sweating using the sauna help to clean toxins out of fat cells
  • The role of Tai Chi and Qigong in detoxification
  • How the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system help to detox the body
  • How raw vegetables and juicing factor into detoxification
  • And so much more!

Is Mercury Poisoning Causing Autism, Dementia & Alzheimers Disease? Learn how to get it out & detoxify. Click to tweet this!

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Show Date: Wednesday 10/2/2013
Show Guest: Dr. Christopher Shade
Guest Info: Quicksilver Scientific, LLC was founded in Lafayette, Colorado (between Boulder and Denver) by Christopher W. Shade, Ph.D. Dr. Shade has a diverse spectrum of interests and experience ranging from traditional Scottish stone masonry to geology and from open-ocean sailing to marine chemistry. This diversity is the key to harmonizing theoretical development and practical application.


Journal of Environmental Quality (Reviewer)
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (Reviewer)


1993 B.S. in Environmental Sciences and Resources Management with Geology concentration from Lehigh University
1998 M.S. in Environmental Sciences from Lehigh University
characterization and modeling of nutrient transport from agricultural catchments

2005 Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
environmental metals chemistry, aqueous metals speciation, mercury analytical chemistry development

2005 Post-doctoral work at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign assessing impacts of mercury release from natural gas drilling in southeast Asia.

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Topic: Mercury toxicicty, heavy metals and detoxification
Guest Website(s): http://quicksilverscientific.com/

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