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The Dangers of PUFAs

Here are a list of links that should get you started researching whether or not you should consume fish oil.

  1. Dr. Kaayla Daniels’s report on Cod Liver Oil
  2. Morley Robbins & Atom Bergstrom on Cod Live Oil
  3. How to deplete yourself of PUFAs Safely and Quickly
  4. Atom Bergstrom – Fish Oil & Omega 3s Are Poisons That Cause Disease!
  5. Atom Bergstrom – Cod Liver Oil, Fish Oil & Omega 3’s Are Toxic & Deadly!
  6. Atom Bergstrom – The Dangers of DHA, Healing Fibrosis, Eating On Time, Yellow Fat Disease, Taking Too Much Iodine and More!
  7. Brian Peskin – Why Taking Fish Oil Causes Cancer & Heart Disease & What To Take Instead
  8. Atom Bergstrom’s 12 Books on Yellow Fat Disease
  9. Dr. Ray Peat – The Great Fish Oil Experiment
  10. Dr. Ray Peat – Fats and degeneration
  11. Dr. Ray Peat – Unsaturated Vegetable Oils: Toxic
  12. Matt Blackburn – Why Fish Oil & Omega 3 Suffocates The Cell, Ages You & What You Focus On Instead!
  13. Matt Blackburn – The Hidden Dangers of Lipofuscin & What You Can Do About It!



I made a IG Highlight about PUFAs where I shared a few screenshots of studies and videos.

I would highly encourage you and others to listen to the multiple radio shows we’ve done on Omega 3 fatty acids along with the work of Dr. Ray Peat, Dr. Kaayla Daniels, Professor Brian PeskinDanny Roddy,  Georgi Dinkov, Dr. Lita Lee, Loren De La CruzJosh RubinAtom Bergstrom (he’s written over 12 books on Omega 3 fatty acids alone….he spends his life researching this), Dan McakesKourtney Simmang, Kate Deering, Jessica Ash , Kitty Blomfield and the list goes on and on.

My goal isn’t to change anybody’s mind, it’s to inspire them to do more research and dig a little deeper. So instead of Googling, “Omega 3 fats” instead search for “lipid peroxidation” or “yellow fat disease“.

I think that we need to have a humbleness about these issues and not act as if any one person has it all figured out. This is the #1 problem I have had doing my radio show for the past 10 years….people wanting a guru w/o doing their own research or experimenting and going within to access our intuition.

Vitamin D

As for vitamin D It DOES matter how you get it. There is a HUGE difference between making hormone d via your skin through sunlight than taking 1 isolated chemical called vitamin d3. They are miles apart.

More information can be found in the SecoSteroid Hormone D group on Facebook. There’s also a 24 page PDF called The Truth about Vitamin D that’s worth looking at.

I invite everybody reading this, to click on every link I shared, and watch the videos below and then decide for themselves. I know it will take some time and probably really anger some folks but the idea is to grow, to learn and to get healthy so we can infect other people with that health.

So in closing….

What I’m saying is that there are other sides to Omega 3’s and Vitamin D that most people have never heard before and I think it would benefit everybody to examine both sides and make a decision that is best for them.


And finally the video below is one of the reasons why I don’t take or recommend vitamin D supplements and focus soley on getting it via the opsins and photoreceptors in our skin and eye.

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