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Ep #616 – Aaron & Geneva Bigelow From Ampcoil – Combining PEMF Therapy With Rife Frequency To Help Deal With Chronic Health Issues

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:09:03 — 49.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS Aaron and Geneva Bigelow joined us from Ampcoil which is a unique new device that combines PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) with Rife frequencies. It’s a powerful combo of using two different frequencies in harmony with the human body in order to […]

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Ep #70 – Rick Simpson – Is Hemp Oil The Cure For All Diseases?

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:08:32 — 64.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS [include file=get-in-itunes.html] Rick Simpson from Phoenix Tears joined our show to discuss how hemp oil can (I don’t want to use the word cure) assist the body to reverse late stage diseases. Remember your body and God do all the heavy […]

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EP# 414 – Dr. John DeWitt: (In Studio) – How To Get Rid Of Your Glasses & Restore Your Eyesight Naturally!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:23:53 — 33.9MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSDr. John DeWitt is our chiropractor and the man behind Relax To Clarity which is a website he’s setup to help people improve their eyesight. He has done a number of talks at his clinic about improving eyesight without glasses so I […]

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Ep #176 – Dr. Emil DeToffol – How Cell Phones, iPads, Computers & EMF’s Are Changing Our Biology & Creative Ways To Protect Ourselves

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:20:34 — 29.3MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS [include file=get-in-itunes.html] Dr. Emil DeToffol joined us today in yet another fascinating show. Do you own a cell phone or mobile phone? Do you have a laptop computer or a tablet like an iPad or Kindle? Do you work on or […]

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Ep #335 – Alicia Diaz – How To Improve Digestion & Take Care Of Ourselves In All The Cycles Of Life Using Ancient Ayurvedic Principles

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:24:07 — 30.5MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSAlicia Diaz joined us today all the way from sunny San Diego! Perhaps next time we can do a show with her in studio and get more in depth into the principles of Ayurveda. We have been heavily into studying Ayurvedic medicine […]

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Ep #260 – Dr. Norman Robillard – How To Improve Digestion Using Low Fermentation Potential Foods & Much More!

Share Play in new window | Download (32.6MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSToday we got to a lot of digestive issues with Dr. Norman Robillard founder of The Digestive Health Institute. He works with patients all over the world helping them to overcome digestive issues like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Crohn’s Disease, colitis, leaky gut, bloating, gas, […]

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Ep # 370 – Dr. Dan Engle – Using Psychedelic Plant Medicines To Rid The Body of Physical Addictions, Spiritual Blockages & Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:07:34 — 45.4MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSI am super pumped to share with you a new side to healing that you may have never heard before. Dr. Dan Engle joined us today on his way back from Mexico. During the conversation he actually had to go through customs […]

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Ep #615 – Morley Robbins Iron Toxicity, The Root Cause Protocol And How To STOP IT!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 2:19:50 — 80.0MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS Morley Robbins (aka. “Magnesium Man”) is the founder of the MAGNESIUM ADVOCACY GROUP, and the creator of The Root Cause Protocol. Morley had been a hospital executive and consultant for 32 years when, several years ago, he developed a condition called […]

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EP# 180 – Dr. Stuart Nunnally – Our Dentist Talks About The Dangers of Mercury Fillings, How To Treat Root Canals, Fix Cavitations, & Prevent Tooth Decay Naturally – 11-18-2013

Shares Play in new window | Download (25.8MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS [include file=get-in-itunes.html] Today we had an amazing discussion with our dentist Dr. Stuart Nunnally. If you haven’t had a chance to visit him in Marble Falls Texas you can read about my experience being at his office in 2010 and visit his website to […]

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Ep# 443 – Phil Wilson – The Benefits Of Sweating, Near vs FAR Infrared Light, EMF & Creative Ways To Detox Using Sauna Therapy Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:30:36 — 31.1MB)Subscribe: Android | RSS At the last minute we had a cancellation so we called up our friend Phil Wilson to talk about sweating and sauna therapy for health and detoxification. I can’t tell you how many questions we’ve had about this Relax FAR Infrared […]

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Ep #196 – Anthony Morrocco – Are Your Hair Care Products Killing You? Learn Why Organic, Raw, Vegan, Wild Crafted Is The Way To Go! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:21:54 — 29.7MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSToday we had an amazing discussion with Anthony Morrocco from The Morrocco Method at where they sell raw, vegan, organic, wild crafted hair care products. I first learned about what Anthony Morrocco was doing a few months ago. It’s amazing the […]

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Ep # 372 – Carol Vander Stoep – Addressing The Cause of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, The Dangers Of Mouth Breathing, Why Biomimetic Dentistry Is Critical To Your Health, Fillings & Much More!

Shares Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:41:37 — 36.5MB)Subscribe: Android | RSSCarol Vander Stoep is a orofacial myofunctional therapist clinical dental hygienist and has written a book called Mouth Matters; Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body: How Your Mouth Ages Your Body and What YOU Can do About It. Carol Vander Stoep joined us from […]

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