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Kate’s New Venture Is Now Live & I’m So Proud Of Her!


ewc-banner-imageThere was a character in the 1980’s TV show The A-Team called Hannibal played by George Peppard. They used to be the renegade group of vigilantes rescuing people from the hands of tyranny. In any event when Hannibal’s elaborate schemes would finally work, he’d always say with a half lit cigar hanging out of his mouth and a wide grin, “I love it when a plan comes together!

This is exactly how I feel now. Kate recently launched a brand new website with her friend and business partner Bo Wong from Australia after about 9 months of working day and night.

The entire way it happened was completely fortuitous. Kate knew she no longer wanted to work at her toxic salon. She definitely didn’t want to be pregnant while being exposed to all of those harmful hair dyes and chemicals in that salon.

She also knew that she absolutely hated working there. Her clients would stress her out and the work was really hard. Being a hair stylist is one of the hardest jobs on the planet and here’s why:

  • You have to be a shoulder to cry on
  • You have to stand all day
  • You have to actually do a good job
  • Your clients can be demanding and not flexible
  • The environment is toxic with chemicals
  • The emotional environment is shallow with a lack of substance

There are many more reasons why the job is less than great. People don’t realize that when they visit a hair stylist they don’t want to know all the drama and hardships of their life, ESPECIALLY when they don’t ask to see how the hairstylists life is going. Conversations are a two way street people!

Not only that but clients will talk about controversial subjects like politics and religion. Sometimes they’ll get upset and really angry about their the topic of conversation. As a person who’s performing a service in order to receive payment, what is Kate supposed to do? Disagree and cause a fight? I don’t think people understand how hard it is to be a hairstylist.

I know we all have jobs we may not like but Kate has been doing this job for 15 years and now she’s finally started a project designed to empower women and help people while doing something she loves.

It’s amazing to see unfold.

Bo Wong contacted us out of the blue while on a yoga retreat in Thailand and Kate said something about her email stuck out immediately. After going back and forth with Bo via email they decided to talk on Skype.

The relationship built and because they were in similar places (Bo was working doing graphic design and marketing online) where they didn’t like their jobs and wanted to find an outlet for this new passion of theirs, they decided to start Empowered Women’s Channel together.

The site is nothing short of amazing. Over the past 9 months they’ve worked by building relationships with people all over the world in the health field. Through some of our connections via Extreme Health Radio and Bo’s incredible ability to network and connect with people, the site has some incredible contributing writers.

They launched with almost 45 articles designed to empower women and they have roughly another 45 articles in the can ready to released over time. The have plans to start doing how to videos and even a podcast!

Be ready for some silliness, beards and inspiration!

Their weekly podcast is going to be amazing and I think women are really going to love it. They are really wanting to help inspire women in a fun and unique way that brings a little bit of “coolness” to being an empowered women. It’s going to be hip, sexy and fun but most of all motivating and inspiring.

Through articles, podcasts and videos Bo and Kate are going to be helping women become the fullest expression of themselves. The site which has lots of recipes and health tips, isn’t exclusive going to be designed to target health and nutrition. It’s going to cover mindset, motivation, emotional well being, fitness, and everything related to food and the home.

I really hope that Empowered Women’s Channel takes off and gains millions of readers and listeners world wide and helps to change the world. I think it’s an amazing site and if you’re a woman reading this, head on over there, subscribe to their newsletter (trust me you won’t be sorry!) and say hello for me!

Go gettem girls!

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