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I’ve Hit A New Low & I’m Just Flat Out Tired & Frustrated!



Feel Good Project day 120

So, I will admit I have knowingly bailed on blog writing a few different times within the past week.

This space is for me to be quite honest, open and candid, and sometimes I will admit it’s just about needing a break from commitment. In all honesty, I am just plain tired.

  • Tired of my body hurting no matter what dietary protocol I follow.
  • Tired of living in a crappy apartment which seems to be adding to the slow progress of my health challenges.
  • Tired of not being able to actually eat my healthy food and enjoy it, because I know that digestive problems will undoubtedly follow.
  • I am also very, very tired of the struggle of following a life calling that is so up and down, leaving me more frustrated than ever, and completely leveling my motivation to move forward.

This is just me being honest. I am not proud of my attitude and that I have been wallowing in my self pity. But here I am and it’s a very dark night of the soul for me. I have not had a season this low or dark in probably over two years and I forgot how horrible this can feel.

I am ready to be better on many levels.

I desire nothing more but peace and health to fill my body. Desire to replace my pain and discomfort is driving me forward even though I have no idea what more to do or what the next step is. At least there is that.

I am in that place again where I rarely find myself: where God seems almost silent.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Warm sun on my face when walking Maggie in this beautiful, warm, balmy weather we are experiencing. Spring seems to have sprung early!

Image: stylebizarre.com

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