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I Was Brought To Tears During Meditation After Seeing This Vision



Feel Good Project day 114

Something interesting happened today.

I committed to half an hour of meditation in a quiet and dimly lit room even though I really didn’t have the time (or so I told myself).

My intention was to hear clearly and not judge any thoughts or feelings that might arise, and to be thankful for what did show up.

It was interesting, as I feel like my brain never really turned off entirely and I was quite fidgety in the beginning. Something happened maybe 10 minutes in to my half hour, where all became very quiet and still inside myself, and instantly a vision popped up, a story almost in the way it unfolded.

I saw myself as a young girl running through an almond tree orchard, FREE and easy as one could ever be. There wasn’t much more to the vision/dream that running freely through the rows of perfectly planted trees while looking up to the big blur sky and breathing in the wild air.

It was beautiful.

Don’t know why almond trees. The feeling of true freedom this represented to me I have never felt on this earth yet-it was SUCH a powerful experience and so real that before I knew it, tears were just pouring down my cheeks and I couldn’t stop them from coming.

Remembering the no judgement aim, I let myself BE in that space for awhile. I wasn’t crying out of sadness, rather my soul felt like it got an overwhelming sense of what TRUE peace looks like, and I was so grateful, as well as I wanted to remain in that place forever.

Couldn’t help but rush to my laptop after to look up the almond tree meaning, as it was interesting to me out of all trees, this is what came up…

Almonds/trees have many meanings, many of which originate from the Bible and are very powerful reminders of God’s watchfulness and promises, as well as His swift movements on our behalf.

I also stumbled across this while reading which stuck out to me:

The tree’s early flowering and its Hebrew name “shakeid” — to “wake” or “watch” — make it a potent symbol of new beginnings and God’s watchfulness, but it has meaning in other ancient cultures as well.

So, whatever it might mean, I will take it as a true gift. That peace I felt was absolutely incredible.

FEEL GOOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: I honestly don’t think it can get much better than the story above. Hands down.

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