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How Finding My Life’s Purpose Today Has Caused Me To Smile From Ear To Ear All Day Long!


Feel Good Project day 68


In the last 12 hours I believe I found my life’s purpose.

Loaded statement I know.

Seriously though-and I can only describe it like Justin talked about JK Rowling and her story literally finding her.

I had THAT kind of an experience today.

Everything that flowed yesterday living in easy world just continued. Floodgates of creativity and inspiration burst forth and I cannot contain my excitement about where this is all headed.

I know it’s like a big tease to build it up and then not reveal anything, however this is more for ME, as I don’t want to forget this day.

Started out like most other days-ordinary but hopeful of magical things. Very soon into the morning I realized it was shaping up to be much more than an ordinary day though, as the conversations Justin and I continued to have in our car ride to our chiropractic appointment at Dr. Bergman got so inspired I felt a fire of new sorts ignite in my soul.

THAT is the kind of day this was. 🙂

Continuing to clear out our home this week I believe is making way for new dreams, fresh ideas, and flowing creativity.

You hear stories about people getting serious about telling God they are ready for MORE to be handed them by the action steps and commitment level they show, but I never thought it would look like this.

My INTENTION recently has gone beyond short lived attempts, as I have for ONCE really began making lasting and permanent CHANGES. I believe my efforts are being acknowledged.

What brought about the new inspiration was a few things. Two days ago when Amy Schuber was in our studio, the ball got rolling. While she, Justin and I chatted a long while after our show, upon my mentioning my upcoming retirement, she encouraged me to REALLY celebrate the ending of this era on the exact date I walk out the salon door for the very last day of work.

By celebrate, she mentioned that it could be ANYTHING at all that symbolized an end and a fresh start. My mind was racing as to what this would look like to me and I continued to marinate on it throughout the day.

Justin and I walked Maggie as the sun was setting tonight and he brought up the subject again and asked what it is that would symbolize the end of this season to me.

It got me thinking as he suggested that maybe I even take a few days and really celebrate in a way that really meant something. He just wanted to make sure that I had a definite END date in mind, and that this decision wouldn’t linger and meld into me staying longer than planned etc.

He even dared me to do something courageous if that’s what I desired, in whatever way that looked like to me personally.

Little did I know my whole world would come rushing at me in the next few hours that followed. It was as if one tiny spark started a fore in my heart that could not be extinguished.

It’s as if my life and purpose, coupled with my talents and desires completely aligned tonight to reveal to me my path.

It was a CLEAR message and my mind cannot keep up, but I attempting at jotting things down as they are revealed to me.

I will share more when it makes sense.

All I can say is that I am so happy I went on a walk tonight. I am also beyond thrilled to have friends like Amy show up and speak truth to my life.

FEEL GOD MOMENT OF THE DAY: Pulling the car over tonight three times to write inspired ideas down on the back of my checkbook, the only paper I had handy. When I returned home, I continued to write as I turned on Pandora to a random station for meditative music and first song that came on was called New Life by Paul Cardall. It’s as if everything was pointing me toward my new journey this evening. Even MORE special was getting the call from my best friend that she is in labor with her first little boy! New birth literally on more than one front. It was a day I will never forget. 🙂


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