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How Phytic Acid In Food Can Cause Weight Gain, Bloating, Cramps, Digestive Problems & Much More!

Free-For-All-Friday-Show-Kate[include file=get-in-itunes.html]
We had our first Free For All Friday show with my wife Kate behind the mic joining me in our palatial studios.

I have to say at first it felt a little awkward doing the show intro with somebody sitting right next to you but it was so much fun. I really loved how well the show went with both of us talking about health.

Let me know if you like it too by using the comments below!

Items we talked about during the show:

  • The thyroid shake (see recipe below)
  • How a diet high in phytic acid causes poor mineral absorption, bloating, cramps and digestive distress
  • Foods high in phytica acid
  • The benefits of short intense exercise & my current weekly cardio schedule
  • A product for getting rid of gall stones and kidney stones
  • And much more@

Items mentioned in the show:

Thyroid Shake Recipe:

1 TBS cow brain
1 TBS cow thyroid
1 TBS Adrenal gland
1 TBS testicle (ovary if you’re a woman)
1 TBS lung
2 TBS liver
8 oz raw goat milk
2 TBS raw honey

Inspirational Quote:
We completely forgot about that this week!

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Show Date: Friday 3/17/2013
Topic: phytic acid, digestive issue, emotional healing!
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